Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BSA 2-15 HS110 RIZAL- REPORT: Home Coming and Women of Malolos

Was the order of the Governor-general on the conflicts between the owners and the tenants of the hacienda (calamba) justified? Why?
Explain the significance of the recommendation of Rizal (hacienda calamba)
What was admirable in the way Rizal prepared the report? Manifesto 1888
Give your opinion on the action taken by the acting governor-general in assigning a representative of the accused to report on the findings of the report prepared by Rizal.
Why is justice the foundation of society? of government?
Explain the comment of Rizal on the military men in carrying out the martial laws?
Why do you think there was oppositiion to the introduction of reforms in the Philippines?
Why did Rizal insist that the reforms to be introduced by Spain must be good reforms?

Why do you think Rizal was glad whn he learned that the women of Malolos requested for the opening of a night school for teaching Spanish?
Give the significance of each of the pieces of advice given by Rizal on the duties of women.
Explain an individual's responsibility in exercising the freedom of the press.

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