Monday, March 10, 2008

BSA 2-15 HS110 RIZAL- REPORTS: Noli and El Fili

With regards to your report- you've got 2 options: either you do it your own way or include the following questions to your presentation:
Note: Some questions will be in Filipino.

Noli Me Tangere:

How did Rizal liken the Philippines to Capitan Tiago's house?

Why did Ibarra say that his country has forgotten him?

How did Rizal show appreciation for the heritage of every country that he visited?

Why were there many Filipinos who were not educated by their parents during the Spanish occupation?

What were the different types of people in society?

What did Teniente Guevarra mean by "one cannot be honest in thePhilippines and not go to jail?
Why is Capitan Tiago considered to be in good terms with God?

Why does Rizal say that Capitan Tiago realizes that in the calendar, there are a lot of saints who are probably doing nothing in heaven?

What is the meaning of the statement that Capitan Tiago realizes that in order to become a saint, one either cuts or is cut?
Who is one-eared Malchus, according to the Catholic encyclopedia?

Why is Capitan Tiago on good terms with the government?

Did Capitan Tiago and Don Rafael consult with Maria Clara and Crisostomo Ibarra regarding the arranged wedding plans as agreed by the two fathers?

Who are the Kapitan Tiago in modern Philippines - persons who has everything and is able to buy even the very soul of the common people? Is there a solution this kind of illness in the society?

Is Maria Clara a Paragon or a Parody?


El Filibusterismo:

Ilarawan ang mga sakay ng Bapor Tabo.

Bakit sinimulan ni Rizal sa paglalayag sa Ilog Pasig ang El Fili?

Paano ipinaghambing ni Rizal ang Bapor Tabo at ang Pamahalaan?

Anu- ano ang ibubuti ng malalim na kanal na mag-uugnay sa lawa ng Laguna at look ng Maynila ayon kay Simoun? (ibigay ang 4 na ideya ni Simoun)

Bakit nangingilay/nangingilag ang mga prayle at sina Don Custodio kay Simoun?

Ilarawan sina Bassilio, Isagani, Kapitan Basilio, Padre Florentino, at Paulita Gomez.

Bakit kalakaran sa matatanda, tulad ni kap. Basilio na nakatatagpo ng balakid sa lahat ng dako samantalang ang kabataan ay masigasig sa mga balak, tulad ni Isagani?


Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo Combined:

What are Rizal's Revolutionary ideas?

Explain how national heritage drives nations to greatness?

Explain why Rizal's revolutionary ideas are valid.

Why do you think Spain did not heed the suggestion for a re-examination of Spanish-Filipino relations on the basis of peaceful evolution?

What is nation-building according to Jose Rizal? Explain the significance of the publication of the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo in relation to Rizal's efforts in building the Filipino nation.

What do the following (quotes) mean?

From Noli:
- Any work that is done in disgust and shame is a kind of martyrdom. (The school teacher to Crisostomo Ibarra)
- Enmity is the law of life (Elias to Crisostomo Ibarra)
- What would say to the members of a family that dwell in peace only through the intervention of outsiders? (Elias to Crisostomo Ibarra)
-Gold is powerful (Tasio to C. Ibarra)

From Fili:
- The worst and cowardliest of men is always somethng more than a plant because he has a soul and an intelligence, which however vitiated and brutalized they may be can be redeemed.
- To make a people criminal, there is nothing more needed than to doubt its virtue. (Father Fernandez to Isagani)
- Distinguishing yourselves sufferings compared to moral tortures? What is the death of a man in the presence of the death of society? (Simoun to Bsdilio)
-Liberty is to man what education is to the intelligence. (Isagani to Father Fernandez)

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