Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BSA 2-15 HS110 RIZAL- REPORT: Essays

The Indolence of the Filipinos:

Why must we study the question of indolence among the Filipinos?
Who do you think the word indolence is much misused?
Why do you think indolence among Filipinos should not be considered the cause of their backwardness?
Why is it good to study the causes of indolence before proposing remedy for it?
How does climate affect individuals?
Explain the object of man in living.
Why is meant by "indolence is fostered and magnified"?
Do you agree with Rizal that the problem of indolence must be thoroughly studied? Why?
What was indolence among the Filipinos not a hereditary one?
Why should we be interested in knowing the forces which contribute to indolence?
How did wars, piratical attacks, and attitude of the friars contribute to indolence among the Filipinos?
Explain how trading with China was harmful to the people,
How did gambling, fiestas, curtailment of individual freedom, apathy of the government, and lack of moral support foster indolence among the Filipinos?
Explain why god education and liberty can bring progress to the Filipinos.


Philippines A century hence:
Can you give a reason why we need to know the past history of a country before we can tell its future?
How were the Filipinos affected by supporting the imperialistic ambition of Spain?
Was it justifiable for the Filipinos to be ashamed of their own culture? Why?
Why did the lethargic spirit of the Filipinos become alive again?
Why should we be interested in the question about the future of the Philippines?
Why was it easy to answer the question about the future of the Philippines if the question was asked three centuries ago?
Why was it important to know the political condition or situation of the Philippines 3 centuries ago and the condition in 1889 (when the article was written by Rizal)?
Describe the political condition of the Phils. 3 centuries ago.
Why was the situation of the Philippines rosy at the time Rizal wrote the article?
Do you believe that sensitiveness play an important role in life?
Why did the early insurrections fail?
According to Rizal, what should have been done by Spain in order to prevent a revolution against the government?
Explain ehy poverty cannot prevernt the progressof the Filipinos.
How can reforms succeed in the Philippines?
Can you explain why Filipinos cannot be prevented in seeking their independence?
What does history show about the rule of one nation over another country?
Explain why the Filipinos will seek their independence?.
Why do you think United States might be interested in acquiring the Philippines?
Do you agree with Rizal's arguments on why Spain must grant the wishes of the Filipinos? Why?

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