Friday, October 8, 2010

Attention: BSCS, BSIT 4-3 and BBF 2-3 (History and Rizal Classes)

BSCS, BBF 2-3 and BSIT

Final Requirement: Submission of History Books.

As for your final requirement in my class, individually you will be submitting a history book (either about Europe (or individual countries of the continent), or Africa (or individual countries of that continent). The book must be:

1. In a very good condition. No writings, no folds, no torn edges.
2. Must be in English.
3. Not a high school book or elementary for that matter.
4. Not an autobiography or diary.

You may avail the books in any book sale stores or shops along Recto. The choice is yours.

Note: Slip a piece of paper in the book with the following information:
a. Name
b. Course, yr. and section
c. Title of the book
d. Author
e. date
f. Name of Professor.

Deadline of Submission: October 12.
Place of submission: E603

Note: All books per class should put in a box with my name, your course, yr. and section of top of the lid.

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