Thursday, October 14, 2010

Attention: All of Prof. Hull's classes S.Y. 2010-11

Class Secretaries:

You will be assisting me for the computation of grades. I will be uploading several recorded grades at Ang Propesora Grade System as well as format of grade computation, grade sheet etc.


For those who have not presented their report in my class will be obliged to submit their analysis at my email address. Kindly take note the format before sending it to my ad:

Indicate the name, course, yr and section, report at the subject part of the mail
List the names of reporters (if it's group, otherwise, you do not have to write it anymore if it's an individual report)
You may attach a .ppt document if the report is in such format otherwise, you may just simply type your report at the compose mail.

Excluded in using this format are ABH 2-1 and ABH 4-1. I will keep you posted as to how you will submit your report.


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