Friday, October 1, 2010

Attention: BBRC World Literature class


Kindly read Homer's Iliad and Odyssey. Select a theme from any of Homer's pieces and write an 8 stanza poem complete with a title. This will placed on bond paper short, typed written.

We will be holding a discussion on these pieces on Oct. 4. Attendance will be checked.

Final Project: By pair project (2 members per group)

The final requirement in my class is writing and submitting a review together with the documentary discs. The documentary could any be of the following: Discovery, National Geographic or History dvds discussing either the culture, tradition, literature of a group of people or nation. Titles must be submitted to me first for approval.

Deadline of Submission: October 8

Guide Questions for the review:
1. Introduction
2. What is the quality of the evidence-- convincing? adequate? are the sources recognized by others in the field?
3. Are there other works on the same or a similar topic?
4. Recommendation:
- Were any previous ideas you had on this subject changed or abandoned due to this book? were they reinforced?
-Would you recommend this documentary to others? Why?

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