Saturday, October 10, 2009

REMINDER: No attachments! and others

When you send your emails (assignments, activities equivalent to recitation, etc. except power point presentations) to my addresses, just write them directly or post them directly to the compose mail. NO ATTACHMENTS please! I am rather weary and dubious of downloading documents. I hope everyone understands. Thanks!


All class secretaries of the class will have to provide me copies of class record (print and e-mail) to my mail address. Also, classes that do not belong to SIS system will have to furnish me 4 to 5 copies of grade sheets complete with the following details:
- students' numbers
- students' names
- grades (if possible)
- write the word "pass" on the remark column if the student has grades in all terms (1st grading- midterm, 2nd grading- final term, Final rating).

Please note that the name should be put on the signature of the Department head (found at the bottom part of the grade sheet) is Prof. Angel Duque.

Pahabol: I will be modifying the design of my blog pretty soon. Stay tuned!

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