Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Attention ABH 2-1 and REM 2-1! Questions for (activity equivalent to) recitation

The following questions are for AB HISTORY 2-1: Answer in Filipino. No copy and paste otherwise, it will drastically affect your over all grade! Heed my warning lest you fail the class!

Select only ONE (1) question and send your answer to my email using this format:

Subject (of your compose mail): Surname, name, course yr. & sec, activity equivalent to recitation.

- Explain the concept of jihad in relation to the so - called "Five Pillars of Islam
- Examine the role and status of women in Islam
- What are the most important religious themes common to Judaism, Christianity and Islam? Justify your answer with specific examples
- Are Islam and Terrorism connected? Explain.
- How were the modern nation- states of the Middle East created?
- What role have natural resources played in the politics and economy of the Middle East? South Asia?
- What are some typical misconceptions and stereotypes Westerners hold about Islam and the Middle East? or South Asia? vice versa?

All answers must be in no later than October 23, 2009, 9:00 A.M.


Photos of your presentation:

ABH 2-1 and REM 2-1: Post your link of photos at Mga Larawan ng Propesora. Thanks!

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