Saturday, February 25, 2012

Discussion #17: Lessons learned from Edsa Revolution

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What lessons have we learned from Edsa Revolution? Have we, as Filipinos, stood by with these ideals and lessons?

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Yve said...
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Brittle said...

I learned that a goal or even the most impossible thing can be achieved if we'll put extra efforts on it or if everyone involved will work together as one to attain such goal. Also, people united will always prevail..Good intentions are never enough, good people around us can be easily corrupted..

Marivic P. Esplana said...

Marivic Esplana

I have learned that, we can all be united in times of troubles. That filipinos have their hearts not only for the country, but for their countrymen as well.

If the question is whether the Filipinos stood for the lessons or not? the answer is No! Filipinos' concern nowadays is THEIR wellbeing.

Yve said...
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JOeMarie s. cruZ said...

Joemarie S. Cruz

We have been Celebrating people power revolution since it had made history and change to the Philippine constitution. Yes, it was a big leap of faith and step for Filipinos, that I am proud of. The power of mass versus dictatorship. It was a big bang end. But still, many lives have been gone before the assumed victory, for me, they --those who gave up their lives-- became the fuel of the revolution making everyone so furious, so wanting for the victory(a change in administration).

Change is gonna happen when everyone is at it..when everybody is in it to win it..just like the movie "finding nemo", on the last part of the movie, where they were caugth in the fish net with other tuna fishes, Nemo told his father that everyone should swim down for their lives, every fish listened and everyone swam down until the force is strong enough to break the net and they were set free from it. It was like defying nature, it was a dauntless act, they abnegate and put first others and the next generation. It was a self-less act for the country which everyone should have.


jeezel cacnio said...


"Walang imposible basta nagkakaisa "

Jezza said...
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Jezza said...

Jezza J. Victorino

For me,,, EDSA is not just the name of an avenue but also it did a great impact in our history.... It shows the unity of the Filipino people towards each other that makes us more union... I think that's all I can say because I don't exist yet in that date...

cris said...


The lesson that I have learned from Edsa Revolution is that as a Filipino you have the freedom to express your opinions but in such a nice way..

Being a Filipino, the thing is that this revolution inculcated in our history made us proud as a Filipino citizen..

cris said...

Kim Karla C. Razonable

The lessons I've learned in Edsa Revolution I see that Filipino learn to unite to exercise their freedom and love for the country. it is true that once the country learned to unite by themselves it can be turned to a good result. Edsa Revolution is a sign of freedom and uniting force of the Filipino people

aris cunanan said...

Aris R. Cunanan

EDSA is not just the name of an avenue but also it did a great impact in our history.

Dahil sa Edsa, nagkaisa ang lahat ng Sambayang Filipino para sa Ating Kalayaan! Pagkakaisa NG Buong Sambayanan tungo sa pagiging malaya ng bawat Filipino!