Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Attention BA History 4-1: Great leap of chapters

In preparation for the special lecture to be given by Mr. Jeffrey Hull, I am going to require everyone to do an advance reading on the history of the US. Research on the biography of Ronald Reagan. Take notes about his policies from the time he was the president and what happened to USA after he stepped down from his office.

Also, please note the following changes on the schedule of your reports:

February 8

1. Socio-cultural developments in Colonial America (life)

2. The Great Awakening (and the Age of Enlightenment)

3. The Great War

4. The American Revolution (cause, results and impact)

5. The National Government and the end of war

6. The Constitution

February 15 - Special lecture

February 22 - Midterm Examination

February 29

1. From George Washington - Hamilton – John Adam – Thomas Jefferson (Republican- Liberalism)

2. A comparison of French and American Revolutions

3. The War of 1812

4. The “American System” (economic effects of the war of 1812)

5. The Second Great Awakening

Make up class: March 3
(from 9:00 am - 12:00nn)
1. The Industrial Revolution 13th

2. The American Romanticism

3. The Age of Reform

4. Slavery and serfdom in Southern Society

5. Manifest Destiny

6. The Mexican War and Territories

7. Westward expansionism (causes, effects and impact)

March 7

1. Theodore Roosevelt

2. WW I

3. 1920s in America

4. The Great Depression

5. The New Deal

6. WW2

7. The Cold War

8. Korean War and Mc Carthy

March 14

1. Vietnam War

2. Nixon and Watergate scandal

3. Religion in 20th century America

4. From carter to Reagan

5. The New World Order

6. Clinton to Obama

Schedule of Final Examination - to be announced.

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