Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Play VIEWING: Activity

After watching the play, kindly chose which of the following you would like to do:

a. Poster Making
b. Poem

For (a) Poster making: you will have to come up with a poster (something that looks like a movie poster), with the image/s or caricature based from the play you will see this Thursday. You may use pencil or any medium that you prefer to use. Kindly use short bond paper or oslo paper. Be sure to add a punchline or a single sentence that would encapsulate the whole idea of the play. You may place the caption/ punchline either at the bottom of the poster or center (pleas see a movie poster and how the caption is placed). At the back of your paper, kindly give your explanation about the poster you would make.

For (b) Poem, write a poem either in English or Filipino.Maximum number of stanzas is 10, minimum is 5. You may opt to write it in free verse or standard, uniform rhythmic style. Place your poem on short bond paper, either hand written or typed written. You may create your own title for the poem or stick with the title of the play. Deadline of submission will be a week after viewing the play.


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