Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Announcement!! Please Read

ABH 2-1 (Middle East and South Asia):
Meeting of Leaders, July 14
Group 2 Presentation, July 17
Kindly submit your 2-3 Boxes.

Monday / Thursday
BSA 2-19, submission of your museum projects as well as boxes will be on July 9

Tuesday / Friday Class

BTE 4-1 and BHRM : Submission of your museum projects July 14. Also, first group please be ready for your presentation and kindly submit your boxes.

BSA 1-18: Deadline for the submission of your museum, July 14

REM 2-1, deadline foe the museum projects, July 8. First group for Philippine history and Rizal, be ready for your reports.

BSA 1-21, deadline for the museum, July 9.

BSA 1-22, we will have a class this coming Friday. Please do an advance reading for there will be a crash course discussion on Philippine History (from definitions of terms - kindly ask the president of BSA 1-21 for the words to define and the course outline as well- to the origin of the Filipinos.)

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