Friday, July 3, 2009



Instructions: Chose only one activity out of three. You may place your answers on either bond paper short or yellow paper. Answers should all be written in English. Deadline of submission will be on July 18, 2009.

A. Find a painting you like (the larger and more original, the better) and then imagine it is like a body of water. Try "diving" into it by giving yourself over to it, focusing on it totally, the whole of the painting all at once, and letting it come into you. Describe what happened, if anything. Next, try this with a painting you don't like as well.

B. Choose a piece of music you like. Try listening to the cutting edge as if it were an ocean wave and you were concentrating on the front edge only, ignoring what has already gone past. Listen to the texture of the different instruments or voices. Then describe what happened, and next, try it with a piece of music you like less.

C. Find a piece of sculpture, a carving, or an architextural or craft form that you like. Touch it. Rub your hands over its shapes and angles. Let the physical sensation of it take over your senses. Close your eyes and let the physical sensations create fantasies of other objects, times, or places. Then describe what happened, and try it with some sculptural form or shape you don't like as much.

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