Monday, August 20, 2012

Participants for History Month

Please refer to PUPSMK blogspot for the schedule and venue of the event.

Food Festival Participants 

*HM 3-1 and 3-4 (Tuesday classes)
*BSA 1-20 (otherwise, the president should send me a text message re: Food Festival category)
The dishes you are to prepare should be good for 30 persons. Half of the dish (good for 15) should be brought to PUP Board Library, 2nd floor and the other half at S605 or 606, before 11am. Please put the dishes in a presentable container / food holder.
*BSED 1-2

Participants for the Convocation. Be at the venue (Bulwagang Balagtas) on time, 8AM. Wear Filipiniana. Your attendance will be checked.

BSA 1-9
BA History 4-1
BSA 1-8

Thank you.


Jherinz Resurrecion said...

Good pm po mam, ang klase po namin ng 7:30 am, accounting po. wala po kaming excuse letter? pano po yun??thanks po

-Jherinz Resurreccion, BSA1-9

Maryann Angelica Baracena said...

Hello Ma'am. On behalf of BSHRM 3-4D, I would like to apologize for not being able to comply with the requirements regarding the Food Fest. It was completely a misunderstanding on our side for we thought that it was just an invitation of joining the contest since it is related to our course/field. I am very sorry and I hope that we can make it up to you. Thank you, Ma'am.

- Baracena, Maryann Angelica A.
Philippine History with Politics and Governance (HIST 1033)