Sunday, September 11, 2011

Schedule of Exams: First Sem. 2010-11

For BA History 4-1:

September 15. Coverage is from the first lesson up to Atlantic Slave Trade.

The following individuals will receive one step up in their Midterm and Final Exam. Their unceasing support and effort paid very well (at least in my class).

1. Erica Ordono
2. Lowella Ibarrola
3. Felix Albos
4. Kenneth Mariposque
5. Juan Carlo Domingo
6. Kenneth Cruz
7. Sherenne De Amboy
8. Jerome Permejo
9. Eula Marayan
10. Rogelyn Palmero
11. Gregorio Caliguia (Gio)

Meanwhile, those who were barely there (in every single event of the Department) will receive great grade deductions.


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