Friday, September 16, 2011

Attention: ALL classes, first sem 2011-12

Please be advised that the last payment for the play (Ang Pasyon ni Rizal) is until September 19. The class treasurer can turnover the payment either to me or Prof. Mc Donald Pascual at E605.

Reaction paper: POSTER format
Based from the play, select a theme as the main subject for your poster. Use short bond paper. As for the colors, any medium will do (e.g. colored pencil, crayon, pastel etc.) Place the title of your piece at the front lower right of your paper while your name, course, year and section on the lower left.

Deadline of submission:
M/Th classes: September 26
T/F classes: September 27
W classes: September 28
F class: September 30

Note: late submission of poster will result to deduction of grades.


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