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Discussion #14: CHED on bagyo

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It's that time of the year when Philippines are frequented by typhoons. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has its bases on suspending classes. Do you think these are effective? Also, should CHED use facebook, twitter or other social networking sites for announcements ? (e.g. class suspensions). If not, what do you think must be done?

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maine said...

Jermaine Noel,BSA 1-21
Some basis of their suspension is unacceptable, especially the suspension during Typhoon #3 only. It could be very dangerous and hard for the students because most streets in Manila are prone to flood. They keep on reasoning that other school is saying that they are not affected by the typhoon or they don't afford to miss classes. CHED should be very considerate and aware of the students because I think that are not doing anything but rather schools are having troubles on suspending on their own and announcing it. I think schools should have an agreement with CHED when it comes to suspension and other matters.
In terms of social networking sites it is strongly recommended for them to have social networking accounts because that is the easiest way possible right now to reach the students.
We should not blame others for the natural calamities occurring but rather cooperate for our own safety.

d'mys_05 said...

ssedsIt's an amazing question. With this thing I'm quite interested when someone is talking about it. A two words that makes me mad at all times when it is about the suspension of classes is that they are not that good in cancelling it because they are so late to announce. I wonder if why they don't try to cancel it a day before if they already know that there will be a heavy rain in succeeding hours so that they can assure us about what would happen next. On the other hand, talking about if Commission on Higher Education should use the so called "social-networking sites" particularly "facebook" won't help everyone because as we can see in this type of society not all of us can afford to surf through net and we are all not knowledgeable with this matter. If I were given a chance to decide what should be done by this agency is that they should cancel the classes a day before as I mentioned earlier so it would not cause hassle to each and everyone.

d'mys_05 said...

Gilbert T. Martirez Jr., BSA 1-24D

It's an amazing question. With this thing I'm quite interested when someone is talking about it. A two words that makes me mad at all times when it is about the suspension of classes is that they are not that good in cancelling it because they are so late to announce. I wonder if why they don't try to cancel it a day before if they already know that there will be a heavy rain in succeeding hours so that they can assure us about what would happen next. On the other hand, talking about if Commission on Higher Education should use the so called "social-networking sites" particularly "facebook" won't help everyone because as we can see in this type of society not all of us can afford to surf through net and we are all not knowledgeable with this matter. If I were given a chance to decide what should be done by this agency is that they should cancel the classes a day before as I mentioned earlier so it would not cause hassle to each and everyone.

aze james omoso said...

aze james omoso, bsa 1-24
para sakin ma'am ang batayan ng CHED sa pagsuspend ng klase sa mga colleges ay masyadong mataas. Kailangan pang mag signal #3 bago nila i-suspend ang klase. tao din naman po kami na pwedeng mabasa, mastranded at maaksidente dahil sa di pag suspend ng klase sa kalakasan ng ulan. Marami rin pong school dito sa Manila na bahain kaya hirap pumasok ang mga estudyante sa pagpasok. Sana naman po ay isabay kami sa High school sa pagsuspend ng klase. Di kasi nararanasan ng mga taga-CHED ang nararanasan naming mga estudyante kaya ayaw nilang mag suspend at kung magsu-suspend naman po huli na ang lahat nasa school na ang mga estudyante at basang basa na. Sana naman po marealize nila ito at maranasan din nila ang nararanasan naming mga estudyante.

Sumasang-ayon naman po ako sa pag gamit ng CHED ng social networking site para makipagugnayan sa tao. Magiging madali na po para samin malaman kung na suspend na po ang klase pero sana naman po agahan po nila ang pag announce at pag post ng suspension ng klase sa mga accounts nila kasi po mababalewala lang din itong mga accounts na ito kung late sila mag announce kasi nakapasok na ang mga estudyante.

Yan lang po at sana po maintindihan ng CHED ang saloobin naming mga estudyante

Christian said...

Jan Christian Tan, BSA 1-21.
Ched has its bases wrong. Because It differs the college students from the high school and elementary students in the suspension of classes. As everybody says that we college students are much older and tougher, I'll prove it wrong. If older students are tougher, then why do adults get affected too? Are they not tougher than High School and elementary Students? NO. Everyone is affected by typhoons. It is not based on whether you are old or what, but it is based on how the situation is. CHED also reason out that we college students cannot afford to miss classes. WHY NOT MAKE-UP CLASSES? The high school and elementary people cannot afford to miss classes too, you know. It will totally mess up the lesson plan of the teachers.. They should base on what the college students will feel if their bags, shoes or clothes will get wet. I'm not saying that If they see a college student that has a wet bag they should suspend it immediately, but they should look at that circumstances. If their things are wet, will they be able to focus on their classes? NO.

In the case of using Social networking sites to spread the news, I THINK IT'S A VERY GOOD IDEA. How many people you know who doesn't have a facebook account? In fact, I don't know anybody who doesn't have one. By using Facebook or other networking sites, the news get spread faster. CHED SHOULD COOPERATE WITH COLLEGE STUDENTS. Not on the missing of classes, but on our safety. IF WE DIE, WOULD IT MATTER IF WHE PASS OUR HOMEWORKS TO THE PROFESSORS? NO. BECAUSE WE'RE ALREADY DEAD.

Angelie said...

Angelie Estrella
BSA 1-24D

I agree to the previous comments here, yes, some basis is really unacceptable and wrong. It is really dangerous for students to travel to school when it has typhoon especially for those who are living far from their school. But then I think CHED also have a good reason on why they will only suspend classes in Signal#3. Remember, WE ARE ALREADY COLLEGE STUDENTS, we should be prepared for the next phase or stage of our life. After college, we'll gonna start working and WORK DOESN'T GET SUSPENDED. We are responsible enough, we already know what to do, if we think it's really dangerous and might risk our safety then we can be absent. Typhoon is an excuse.

About the social networking sites, well, CHED really have to use these. Nowadays, a large number of Filipinos which is mostly college students is using social networking sites like Twitter and facebook. So, it will be very useful. It is also the best and the fastest way to connect and to deliver important informations to public.

shara :) said...

Shara Alana M. Tagalog BSA1-24D

para po sa akin hindi effective ang pagsususpende ng klase ang CHED. Madalas po kasing huli n sila sa pagsususpende kaya yung mga estudyante ay nakakapasok na, nahihirapan lang kami at minsan nsastranded na lang dahil sa mga bahang lugar na aming dinadaanan pagpasok. At madami pang estudyante ng ating unibersidad galing pa sa malalayo lugar. Sana din po mas maaga nila nasasabi kung may magaganap mang suspension.

Sang ayon naman po ako sa pag gamit ng CHED ng facebook at kung ano pa social networking sites. Alam naman natin ngayon na halos lahat gumagamit ng mga ito lalo na ang mga estudyante. Mas mapapadali ang komunikasyon ng CHED sa mga magaaral at malalaman ng maaga kung may magaganap mang suspensions. Salamat po :)

ms.madellaura said...

Madel Laura P. Ayco, BSA 1-21D

Those past few days we've experienced heavy rain falls even though NCR is not really affected by TYPHOON. PAGASA have their knowledge in those matters and they should advise CHED in their decisions. We experience heavy rain falls that causes floods not only when it is already warning signal number 3. So it's not really good to only suspend classes when it is already signal number number 3. It's hard for us students to know the suspensions if the announcement comes from the university, especially when it is late. CHED should be considerate for the students who comes from different areas of NCR. There are students living far from their schools. Even if their school is not affected they find it hard to get through the rain and floods in their way. CHED should have their rules in suspending classes that is very convenient for the students. For example they should have exact time in announcing suspension which is early enough for the students to be informed. Social networking sites would help a lot because it's the easiest way to be updated.

ziane said...

Ziane Sahibul,BSA I-21 D

As a general rule, classes at all levels
are suspended if PAGASA determines that
the typhoon signal is at No. 3.However,
it will be recalled that Typhoon Ondoy was
officially a Signal No. 1 Typhoon,but then
leaving office workers, students, staff and
faculty stranded in different areas.In that
case,they should not be so complacent that even
if a typhoon is at Signal No.1,we must
secure safety.And with regards the suspension of
classes,I think CHED's basis of suspension is
unreliable.Do they think that we are not prone
to danger as High School Students are?
What if something happened to us?They are the
one to blame and responsible for it
because of late suspension.
If CHED keeps on leaving the suspension
to the universities,it might as well not
have the authority to make a decision at all.
Situations become more complicated and getting
hard for the universities to suspend classes
because they are waiting for the announcement.
About the use of facebook, twitter or other
social networking sites for announcements is
not sufficient or enough for us students to be
informed because not all of us has a computer at
home.It would be better to announce
suspension through television or radio so that
even parents will be informed.
That,s All..:)

Anonymous said...

Antonio S. Ecleo Jr, BSA 1-21D
Its okay that CHED has it's own basis regarding the suspension of classes during a natural calamity, (for example, the typhoon "Kabayan") as long as it is favorable for all students, BUT IT'S NOT.They should not wait for typhoon signal #3. I'm a bit disappointed about last Tuesday (the landfall of typhoon "Kabayan") - the announcement for the suspension of classes was late(specifically Colleges and Universities because High School and Elementary Levels were the only one announced to have suspension of classes early in the morning).I was already at the gate of PUP when I encountered one of my classmates saying "Pre, wala na daw pasok! yan kasi akala nila water-proof ang college students". :D
I think the best thing CHED can do is have a discussion/forum with Colleges and Universities all over the country with what to do during cases like this(early announcement for suspension of classes during typhoons, etc.), specially that I've heard the news this morning with CHED saying that they are leaving the decision for the suspension of classes to the Colleges and Universities, which I disagree on.
On that other matter,I agree about using facebook, twitter or other social networking sites for announcements, because these are the easiest, fastest way to inform students. Most especially that almost all students nowadays use this social networking sites, they should be considerable for the majority, because they might say that other students don't have accounts in these social networking sites. Well, this might be the case, but at least majority of the students know and may be able to inform their classmates about the news through SMS/text messages.
Let's always remember this quote from an Unknown Author "There is no hope for a civilization which starts each day to the sound of an alarm clock". :)

Camille Fay Portento said...

Camille Fay M. Portento BSA 1-24D

For me the bases of CHED on suspension classes is not very effective. Let's take a look at the current situations regarding to these typhoons, because of global warming these particular typhoons are possessing large amount of rain that can cause floods to the streets not only in Metro Manila but also to other provinces here in the Philippines. So in that case, CHED should not only base the suspension of classes if a place is in Signal no. 3, instead they should think about the situation of us students who were going to school. Not all students have good immunity to diseases and aside from that some of the students were staying very far from the university campuses. Imagine us students were going to school with this heavy rain and these floody streets, and we were actually risking our safety. And most especially our parents are really worried about us. Then aside from that, if ever they would suspend classes, Oh gosh!! It's really to late! Maybe some students were on their way to school and maybe others were already at the school. The money are wasted and the safety of the students are already at risk. So CHED should base their decision in suspending classes not acoording to the typhoon signal but according to the situation that the students were going to face.
And regarding to using of social networking sites, it is really highly recommended for them to use these. Almost all students have their own facebook accounts so it would be a really big help for CHED to communicate with the students especially when it comes to suspension of classes.

Maybe it is time for CHED to be open to these issues because the students safety are at stake when they were going to school in the middle of a typhoon. They should change these bases in class suspension they should be more innovative. CHED was made for the student's sake so they should do their job well.

Dennis said...
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jerric said...


For me it is an interesting question ma'am,because this news has a big effect on us as a COLLEGE student..CHED (COMMISSION ON HIGHER EDUCATION)is one of the government department that responsible to the tertiary were we are belong..So as a college student we based on this department whether we will going to school or not especially in rainy days like nowadays.But this department has unacceptable work like announcing the suspension of classes too late..This doings is not in favor for me and in more than a half of total numbers of college students specially those who travel far away from their universities and student lives in cavite,rizal and other provinces outside NCR..And also it could be very dangerous to students because as we know most of the streets in manila where there are many universities and colleges is prone to flood.
In terms of "SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES" This DEPARTMENT should have their account that gives information and announcement that can help college student..
Those networking sites that usually use by many students nowadays can help to know whether they go to school or not..Cause all of us should know what are happening in their environment or in their way to school to avoid different accident..

THAT'S ALL MA'AM...thank you..:))

ralphlionel said...

Ralph Lionel S. Legaspi, BSA 1-21D

In the past few days, several schools, particularly in areas prone to storms, have their suspension of classes because of heavy rains and floods. Regarding about the Suspension of Classes, CHED (Commission on Higher Education) should be the one in posting the announcements. Several parents and students are complaining of the late announcement of class suspension. They must give college students timely announcements on suspensions and establish their social media presence. They should either change the schedule of classes or make the announcements earlier so that students won't have to waste their money and time going to school. It would have been more convenient and much safer if they ordered the suspension of classes as early as last night so that the students just stayed at home. Some had to wake up early just for CHED’s announcement only to know that there will be suspension/no suspension of classes. Also, they should implement firm and informed decisions without having to pass its authority to schools. They should incapable to decide for the safety and welfare of students especially during weather disturbances such as typhoons. But I think the final decision to let the student go to school or not is left with the parents. Local suspension and parental decision are allowed since parents and officials on the ground have a better idea about the situation in their areas.

alyssa said...

Alyssa M. Blas, BSA 1-21
In this past few days, the Philippines are experiencing a heavy rains. In this cases, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) are the one who is responsible for the college students for the suspension of classes. And the announcement of CHED in some cases are always late. Like last Tuesday, the CHED suspended the classes in a time that many students are already in the school and other is in their way to school. Is is unacceptable for many students to waste their money in their transportation just because of late announcements of CHED. The CHED should also consider the safety of the students during typhoons. I think CHED should do the networking announcement because it is very helpful for students to easily know their announcement. It is because posting on a networking sites are easily spread. And it wil help a lot for many students.

Venus Noriega said...

Venus Noriega BSA I-21

The policy and protocol observed by CHED is: automatic suspension of classes in higher education with storm signal number 3. Otherwise the decision is left to school heads or local governments.
It is alright for me to go to school even it's raining hard, but what makes us think of not going to school during rainy days is the flood everywhere that makes us feel bad of going to school.
It is an effective policy for their part. It's just that the DPWH seems that they're not doing their job well. They say that their functions include supervising flood control and water resources. For almost 100 years of existence, floods become worst.
Going back to the topic, it is said to be that CHED does not suspend classes but schools can, but students and parents prefer an announcement coming from a government agency. Patricia Licuanan, the CHED Chairwoman admits that the weakness of the devolved system is communications.
Good thing our school is equipped to this, by subscribing to PUP alerts in our mobile phone we will know if there will be classes but this is only available to smart subscribers. Most of students doesn't have smart SIMs.

Not only they should use networking sites to stay connected to students, but they must create an account to prevent untrue messages.

kimkarlocastro said...


Ang basehan ng CHED ukol sa pagsuspendido ng klase ay may advantages at disadvantages. Isa sa dapat isaalang alang dito ehh, ang CHED lang ba ang may karapatang magsuspendido ng mga klase pag may bagyo; nandyan naman ang iba pang sangay ng gobyerno tulad ng DepEd, Pag-asa at ang mga nakakasakop sa lugar kung saan madalas maging prone sa baha. Wag nating isisi sa CHED ang lahat ng mga nagiging problema tungkol sa mga ganyang bagay. Hindi lahat ng bagay na ibinibigay ng CHED ay tama. Minsan nagkakamali sila kung kelan magsususpendido ng mga klase. Hindi ako sang ayon sa mga balitang dapat kasabay sa pagsuspedindo ng klase ang highschool at college. kasi ang mga college student kaya mas nauunang isuspendido ang highschool ay sa kadahilanang inihahanda na ang mag aaral sa kolehiyo para sa kanilang pagtratrabaho kasi pag nagkaroon na sila ng trabaho ay hindi na sila basta basta mag sususpendido ng trabaho.

tungkol naman sa mga social networking sites hindi ako sang ayon dito kasi ang kelangan lang naman ehh ang mas maagang paganunsyo kung may pasok o wala. mas maganda pa rin kung sa tv na manggagaling mismo ang anunsyo hindi sa kung saan saan lang na social networking sites kasi pwedeng may ibang taong mga nangloloko sa ganitong paraan.

jrnogi said...

Virgilio S. Capiral Jr. , BSCS 4-4.

Sa totoo lang, mahirap ang trabaho ng Ched sa ganitong sitwasyon. Unpredictable ang isang bagyo, may mga bagyong puro hangin lang. merun din namang bagyong may malalakas na ulan. May mga pagkakataon pa ngang pawala na sa area of responsibility yung bagyo, pero anlakas pa din ng ulan..

Lets all accept na hindi effective ang basis ng Ched sa NGAYON. Ito marahil sa kadahilanang kulang tayo ng kaalaman tungkol sa bagyo.

Coordination between PAG-ASA and CHED. Yan po ang sa tingin kong nararapat. Kailangang accurate ang gamit ng PAG-ASA. Yun po yung tipong nakakapag Simulate sila ng bagyo, naipapakita ang epekto nito.. at nagagawa nila ito a day before yung landfall ng bagyo (sana kaya yung ganito).
Sa ganitong inputs gagawa ang Ched ng BASIS na "Since ganito kalaki ang patak ng ulan sa ganitong lugar at may malakas na hangin... etc. etc..... Walang pasok bukas sa lahat ng antas"

So iwas disgrasya at hindi nag-aalala ang mga magulang.

Sa tingin ko po ok po ang paggamit ng mga Social Networking Sites sa pag-aanounce ng Ched, lalo na sa mga taong kagaya ko na hindi nanunuod ng tv. :)

Sweeney Todd said...

Argel M. Micosa
BSCS 4-4

I don't think CHED's basis on suspending classes are effective. Like the suspension of classes during a signal #3 typhoon only, mainly because typhoon signals here in our country (if I'm not mistaken) are based on the typhoon's impact of the winds. Meaning to say based on how strong the wind a typhoon can blow or is blowing. Therefore the amount of water the typhoon is carrying is not considered which is the main consideration of the students (and of parents) in going to school (or letting their kids to go to school) in those kinds of situations simply because (obviously) it causes flood. Like Ondoy, typhoon Ondoy is just signal #1 on NCR and on other provinces but because of the amount of water Ondoy is carrying it causes flood that kills many families, makes some people stranded (especially students who are already in school before the suspension is announced). On the other hand, these suspension can also be done by the municipal government officers or by the school president so I think they should just need to cooperate and have the initiative to suspend classes if they think the rain will cause much trouble to the students. As well as the students themselves, if they think that flood will rise then don't come to school. :)

In the social networking sites, it is not necessary but is highly needed of the students that they have a social networking (facebook, twitter) account for better and easier dissemination of the news about whether or not there is a suspension because remember, us, students rely most of the times in the internet for some news especially about class suspension. :)

dEniSsE_18 said...

Riselle Denisse G. Domingo BSCS 4-4
I think some of CHED's basis in suspending classes are not effective. But as they always say, the school head can suspend their classes if they want to. Therefore, CHED is not the only one to blame. The school heads should also decide whether it is safe for them to allow their students to still go to school or not.

About the "social networking site for announcement?, I agree that they should use the technology nowadays so that information or announcements can be easily disseminated. But if they will announce the suspension of classes in 6:00 in the morning, students that have classes as early as 7:30 won't be informed.

I really suggest that whenever you feel that it is dangerous to be outside your house. Feel free not to come to school.

Dizavil s. Peñaflor said...

Dizavil S. Peñaflor
BSA 1-24D

Sa akin pong pananaw, ang ilang mga batayan ng pagsususpende ng klase ng CHED ay hindi katanggap-tanggap para sa karamihan ng mga mag aaral. Isa sa mga batayan na ito ang pagsuspende ng klase kapag ang bagyo ay nasa signal #3 na. Tila nakakatakot ang ganoon sapagkat sa ang ganoong antas ng bagyo, ang ilang mga lugar ay kasalukuyan ng baha at delikado rin sa mga mag-aaral na nagmumula pa sa malalayong lugar. Nakakainis ding isipin na kung minsan ang pagsususpende ng klase ay huli na kung kaya't ang ilang mga mag aaral ay kasalukuyan ng bumabyahe o nasa paaralan na bago malamang suspendido na ang klase. Nakalulungkot lang isipin na kagaganap lang nitong nakaraang Martes, ika-2 ng Agosto.
Sa aking palagay, isang malaking tulong ang paggamit ng mga "social networking sites" na ito upang mas madaling malaman ng mga mag aaral ang suspensyon ng klase. Magiging patunay din ito sa pakikiayon ng bansa sa pagbabagong nagaganap pagdating sa aspetong pang-teknolohiya. isang malaking tulong ito.

Unknown said...

Maricar de Vera
BSCS 4-4

The bases of CHED for suspending of classes are not effective for some reasons especially the suspension during typhoon signal number #3 only. Pero hindi naman kailangang sisihin ang CHED kasi unpredictable kung anung magiging behavior ng bagyo. Sa aking palagay kakailanganin nila ang signal mula sa PAG-ASA kung aling mga lugar lamang ang dapat magsuspende ng klase. Kelangan lang siguro maging centralize ng CHED para hindi nalilito ang mga studyante. Maraming studyante kasi ang nalilito kung meron o walang pasok sa kanilang University or College. Sana CHED na lang ang gumawa ng announcement kung aling paaralan ang walang pasok para maiwasan ang kalituhan. Pero sana iwasang maging late ang mga announcements.. :)

CHED should join those social networking sites. Mas mapapadali siguro ang pagkalat ng news kapag lahat ng types of media ay ginagamit nila. Most students na kasi ngayon ay hindi na nanonood ng news at babad na lang sa Facebook, Twiitter, etc.

jbcdeguzman05 said...

Justin Benedict C. De Guzman, BSCS IV-4

Unpredictable naman kac tlaga ang ulan. Siguro ang kaya lang ipredict ng PAG-ASA eh ung signal ng bagyo n which is ung lakas ng hangin. Xempre kapag signal #3 and up na, automatic wla n tlga klase. Kaso may mga tyms kac n signal #1 lang pero ung ulan ang malakas. Un mahirap tlga ipredict. Dun n pumapasok ang CHED. Magdedecide sila kung isususpend n ang klase dahil baka mahirapan umuwi ang studyante pag lumakas p lalo ang ulan.
Di ntin masisi ang CHED. Kasi siguro wala rin tlga taung sapat na facilities pra mas mabilis ang aksyon.
dun nmn sa isa pang tanong, OO klangan nilang magkaron ng site n mag-uupdate sa mga estudyante kung may pasok o wala. pra official at wala ng tanong ng tanong. Nkakarindi eh. :)

Lloyd Argonza said...

Lloyd Argonza BSA1-24D

For my own opinion, i think CHED is doing its utmost when it comes in announcing the suspension of classes in Universities and Colleges. It just so happen that they are not updating there bases of suspension because now a day even a simple/weak rain can drown the whole metro in floods unlike in the past few years. They should base the changes of cancellation to the experiences of the students not only with the proclamation of PAGASA.
Inlined with the usage of networking sites like facebook and twitter in announcement of suspension, I think that will be a great means of reaching out the students because facebook and twitter user is dominant among us. But on the other hand not all can open their accounts in time of emergency because of some reasons, like they don't have internet connection in there home or worst they don't have their own unit of pc.

Dennis said...

Dennis Tanuco, BSA 1-21
CHED's basis are unacceptable to us students specially to those who travel from far places just to attend their classes. One of the reasons why this is unacceptable is, College students are not WATER PROOF Students. We still get sick, (even the typhoon is signal #1.) some of us have weak resistance. Another is, it's UNFAIR. Like High School and Elementary students, College students also want to take a rest and announcing the suspension of the class earlier is an opportunity that we hope, SERIOUSLY.
And I agree that CHED should have a Facebook account. They can post announcements anytime, and it's a lot faster to spread the news if they are using social networking sites because all people use these.

ronald john insigne said...

ronald john insigne BSA 1-21D

para po sakin, hindi po nararapat ang paraan ng pagkansela ng CHED sa kolehiyo dahil pareho lang naman ang high school sa college, pareho in the sense that tao din naman po kami.hindi naman po dapat kaming bansagan na "water proof".tsaka mostly po sa lugar dito sa Maynila ay prone sa pagkakaroon ng baha, kahit na konting buhos lang ng ulan ay maaari ng maging dahilan ng pgabaha. tsaka ang iba din po sa mga mag-aaral sa kolehiyo ay mayroong mahinang resistensiya kaya't nagiging dahilan ang pagkabasa sa ulan ng kanilang pagkakasakit.dapat kung sadyang malakas na ang ulan ay nararapat na ang unibersidad na ang mismong mag-anunsiyo na walang pasok ng sa ganon ay maiwasan ang pagkaabala ng mga estudyante at para na din sila ay magkaroon ng pahinga.
tungkol naman po sa social networking sites nakakatulong din naman po ito in the way na magiging madaling malalaman ng mga estudyante ang mga anunsiyo ng CHED.

ray angelo jayag said...

Ray Angelo L. Jayag BSA 1-24D

Para sakin po hindi po maaaring ibigay ang desisyon sa CHED tungkol sa suspension ng mga klase sapagkatang kanilang basehan ay hindi katanggap-tanggap,dahil nagsususpende lamang sila ng klase kung kelan malakas na ang ulan.Hindi rin dapat ito ipaalam sa pamamagitan ng ng mga social-networking site sapagkat hindi lahat ng estudyante sa ngayon ay may ganitong mga hindi naman maaaring lumabas pa ng kanilang mga tahanan para lamang magrent ng computer para lamang mag-update kung may pasok o wala.Salamat.

jerome alceso said...

jeromealceso BSA 1-21D

para sakin, ang dapat baguhin o ang dapat pagtuunan ng pansin ay ang kakayahan ng PAG-ASA na malaman ang tamang lagay ng panahon para masigurado ang kahahantungan ng mga estudyante kapag sila ay lumabas ng kanilang tahanan at tumungo sa kanilang paaralan.dapat accurate ang pagsususpend ng klase dahil maaring mahuli sa mga subject ang isang mag-aaral.dapat sa mga kalamidad tulad ng bagyong "kabayan" ay isabay na lamang ang pag-anunsiyo ng suspension ng klase sa high school at kolehiyo dahil hindi tulad ng mga estudyante sa high school na malapit lang sa paaralan ang kanilang college naman ay karaniwang malayo na umaabot sa isang oras ang karaniwan pang nagdudulot ng trafik ang mga pagbaha na nagdudulot ng pagkalate ng mga estudyante sa kolehiyo sa kanilang hindi dapat nag-aanounce ng suspension ng klase sa mga social networking site dahil maaring kahit sino lang ang magsuspende ng klase na maaring maging dahilan ng pag-absent dahil sa maling impormasyon na natanggap,nararapat na sa tv at radyo na lang ang pag-aannounce ng suspension ng klase.

allyssa said...
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allyssa said...

Allyssa Marie L. Cerda,BSA 1-24

.mam.for me, is not effective that the CHED announced the suspension of classes very late,..very late that most of the students had left for school,especially those who came from far places.And I think that they should not just based the suspension on storm signals always,Coz,sometimes,even though there are no signal in your place,you're experiencing heavy rain or flood,because we really don't know the wind strength of a storm,and it can change anytime.

But in other way,I agree that they were using social networking sites for the announcement because most of the students were using facebook or twitter so it is easy for us to know the announcements and for us to be informed about what should and should not to be done.Their mistake is just the late announcement of the suspension.!!!

..that's all mam,thank you for reading.!!:))

aileen c. cayetano said...
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aileen c. cayetano said...

Aileen C. Cayetano
BSA 1-21D

The policy and protocol observed by CHED is: automatic suspension of classes in higher education with storm signal number 3.Otherwise the decision is left to school heads or local governments. Their policies shows that college students should be treated differently from elementary and high school students simply because higher education institutions are different from the basic education institutions which are mainly owned and managed by the Department of Education.

The suspension of classes depends in the Universities that is based on the situations like floods. The responsible for this are the schools not the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Universities must announce the suspension of classes early in the morning before the students go to school because they usually suspend the classes when the students were already in their respective school.

Using social networking sites will help only SOME students. Not all students have computers with internet connection in their home. Announcements in TV news broadcasting is the easiest and most recommended way to inform the students for the suspension of classes.

Evangeline Garbosa said...
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Evangeline Garbosa said...

Evangeline G. Garbosa
BSA 1-21D

Good day Madam,
This past few weeks, I really felt a bit awful it's because in the past few days we're already in our designated classrooms when someone knocking to our door and have announced that there were no classes. The expressions in our classrooms were mixture of happiness and disappointment.

Happiness because often times we, students really like the thought of not having class and of course the idea of hanging out at malls or everywhere under the sun. :))

Disappointment because it was waste of time, waste of effort, wastes in transportation. Instead of we're still sleeping in that time we're at the PUP.

Typhoons are very dangerous especially if we're in higher signals, signal no. 1-2 states that pre-school up to high school has no classes or the class is suspended.
Signal no.3 says that all college level have no classes.
But I think it's unfair to the college students like us because while we're on the way to go to the PUP we're soaking wet because of the typhoon. I suggest CHED should announce the suspensions of classes a night before the class suspension because when they announced the suspension it's a bit too late.
Sometimes I felt irritated because of them.
Because it's too complicated to the students especially for the students whose place was a mile away from the school?
I think it's a good idea that they will announce the class suspensions in Social networking sites. Because the generation today really depend in internet.

Cedrick "kurt" Kanapi said...

Cedrick "kurt" kanapi , BSPE 1-1

para sakin ang mga karaniwang nag uulat o nag aanunsyo ng suspensyon ng klase ay ang mga nasa DepEd sa elementary highschool at even colleges everytime na may bagyo..
malimit o ni hindi ko na encounter na ang CHED ang nangasiwa para sa suspensyon ng klase sa colehiyo. at ngayun at meron na silang bases sa pag sususpinde ng klase.. at ang tanung ay kung ang bases ba na ito ay epektibo at kung hindi ay "what do you think must be done" .. to have a good suspension of classes kapag may bagyo..
gumamit na ang ched ng facebook . twitter at iba pang social networking site.. na para skin at isang maayos na kasangkapan sa pag sususpensyon ng klase sapagkat ..
.. alam nating madalas ang pag aanunsyo ng suspensyon ng klase ay naririnig natin sa media [ t.v. , radio, at iba pa..] pero bakit pa gumamit ng social networking sites ang ched kung may t.v. at radio naman?..
ang mga social networking sites.. halos parte na ng ating araw araw na buhay .. mayorya sa atin ang marunong at nakakaalam... nito tulad ng facebook.. na ang ibigsabihin sa oras na magsuspende ng klase dahil sa bagyo..
maari mo agad tong malaman.. dahil mas pinalawak pa lalo ang mga pamamaraan ng ched sa pagsususpende..

Cedrick "kurt" Kanapi said...
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Hazel Shane Cutin said...

Hazel Shane Cutin
BSA 1-21

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) authomatically suspending classes if the typhoon sygnal is number 3. However, these past few months, lower signal number causes heavy rains and flood. With those situations, it is dangerous for the studens to travel and explore outside their home. CHED has a high standard of cancelling the classes that makes sometimes irritating specially when they annouce the suspension very late. The hard-heading reality nowadays is classes suspends when everyone is already in school and the students are in hasle to go home to prevent traffic and stranded in their way.
I suggests to eliminate this situations, CHED must cooperate and seek advise from PAG-ASA a night before weekdays to warn and suspends classes if necessary or atleast earlier than regular classes hours. And also use social networking sites since we are in a high-tech world for the fastest update.
Prevention is still better than cure.

nikka cyril gonzales said...

Nikka Cyril A. Gonzales
BSA 1-24D
para po sa akin mam hindi maayos ang pag aanounce ng CHED tungkol sa pag sususpende ng klase dapat po kasi mas maaga ito na aanounce para hindi naaaksaya ang oras at ganun na din ang pera ng mga estudyante lalo na po yung mga estudyante na malalayo ang bahay sa kanilang pinapasukan..
tungkol naman po sa ideya na mabuti rin paraan ang pag popost ng ganitong announcement sa mga social networking sites, nakakabuti po ito dahil halos lahat sa mga estudyante ngayon ay gumagamit nito..

milanie milanes said...

I think the strategy made by The Commission on Higher Education (CHED)is not effective even though they are facebook, twitter, and otter social net working sites for further announcements. Yes, I agree that everyone has an account of these different social sites but the question is does everyone has an internet at home? like me, I have to go to the computer cafe just to have the internet connection.
last Tuesday , August 2, 2011 they suspended the class after I arrived at the school. I came from Caloocan and i spend 150 pesos, and 2 hours and 30 minutes for the transportation. I got wet because I hate to miss my class even though there is a typhoon and etc. without the announcement of suspension of classes but it is useless that they suspend because its too late.
Then, they suspend classes for grade school, signal #1 ; in secondary, signal #2; in tertiary, signal#3. Yes, we done from high school life that if their is a storm we don't have class but it's too harmful for the college students to go to school just to attend their classes.
I suggest that if there is a heavy rain at the evening or there is a low pressure area they will give a clue or announcements about the suspension so that everyone will be informed.

krise said...

Sumang, Kriselin Faye T. BSA 1-21

I think the announcements of CHED and Pag-asa on the suspending of classes are late, because in the past few days of having typhoons and low pressure areas, their late announcements affects us in a way that, some of us are already at the school when we knew that they suspend the classes.. even if the streets/roads are being flooded, we tried to get to school. when we got to school, our classmates said that there is no class.. what a disappointment..

they said that they will suspend the classes of college students in the basis that, when the typhoon is on signal #3. what do they think of us? waterproof? college students are not waterproof.. even if the typhoon is only signal #1 but the typhoon is strong, it is too dangerous for us to go outside in the rain. so they should suspend classes when the typhoon is strong, and they should announce it as early as they can.

CHED and PAG-ASA should use some networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc. for us to be able to get updated news regarding suspensions of classes and all about how strong the typhoon will be..

ararara said...

Ara Rafaella Razalan, BSA I-21

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) bases can sometimes be bias especially for college students making them wait until the typhoon signal reached 3, it may be the PAG-ASA's general rule but please be considerate."Hindi po kami waterproof" a common line that could be heard from college students when classes aren't suspended yet though there is a heavy rain I know that CHED is also having a hard time in deciding whether to suspend or not to suspend classes especially for college students due to their required number of school days. For this issue I'm recommending that CHED and different schools should not depend on each other in making the decisions rather they should come up with one decision considering the benefits and loss of the people involved.

Using social networks such as facebook and twitter seems to be a really good idea since most of the students nowadays are regularly checking their accounts for news and updates of the current issues, these "new media" could serve as a medium of communication between CHED and students. And I can say that news travel faster when it’s on the internet. In facebook, it could be in the home page wherein we can see the Tops news while in twitter, it could be in the Trending list. Through these students would be able to found out the announcement earlier.


ararara said...

Ara Rafaella Razalan, BSA I-21

Commission on Higher Education (CHED) bases can sometimes be bias especially for college students making them wait until the typhoon signal reached 3, it may be the PAG-ASA's general rule but please be considerate."Hindi po kami waterproof" a common line that could be heard from college students when classes aren't suspended yet though there is a heavy rain I know that CHED is also having a hard time in deciding whether to suspend or not to suspend classes especially for college students due to their required number of school days. For this issue I'm recommending that CHED and different schools should not depend on each other in making the decisions rather they should come up with one decision considering the benefits and loss of the people involved.

Using social networks such as facebook and twitter seems to be a really good idea since most of the students nowadays are regularly checking their accounts for news and updates of the current issues, these "new media" could serve as a medium of communication between CHED and students. And I can say that news travel faster when it’s on the internet. In facebook, it could be in the home page wherein we can see the Tops news while in twitter, it could be in the Trending list. Through these students would be able to found out the announcement earlier.


jessel nuñez said...

jessel D. nuñez,bspe 1-1

pra po sakin mmali nman po ung signal #3 na kung magsuspend ung ched ng klse sa mga colleges kasi po kami nman ung kwawa kung inaabutan ng malakas na ulan sa school lalo na po ung mga umuwi sa malalayo..ainaabutan po kami ng nag po naabutan ng ulbaha nung umuwi kami sobra lakas ulan lalo pa po ung mga mlalayo..maxadu pong dilikado..bka magdulot pa po yan ng disgrasya sa at sakit saming mga estudyante..kahit college na po kami,di po sa lahat ng oras kaya na po naming alagaan sarili namin..

dun nman po sa social networking ng CHED..malaki po ung tulong yan saming mga estuyante..kasi alam nman po nating lahat karamihan tlaga sa mga estudtante updated palagi pgdating sa computer..madali po namin mlalaman kung mgsususpend ung CHED ng klase..

un lng po..sna makatulong po 2 pra mas maintndhan ng ched ung sitwasyon naming mga estuyante..

elace cruz said...

Elace Cruz, BSA 1-21

For me, the CHED's basis in suspending classes is not really that effective, because sometimes they announced the suspension of classes late. That time,most college students are already on their respective room. College students are not waterproof students,so the classes of college students should be suspended eventhough the typhoon signal is no. 2.

CHED should also use facebook,twitter or other social networking sites so most of students will be easily updated because most of the students have their account in the said social networking sites.

That's all ma'am.thanks for reading my comment. :)

Myrr Kristel C. Gepolane said...
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Myrr Kristel C. Gepolane said...
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Myrr Kristel C. Gepolane said...
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Myrr Kristel C. Gepolane said...
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Myrr Kristel C. Gepolane said...

Myrr Kristel C. Gepolane BSPE 1-1

I dont like the way CHED suspends classes when it comes in college students. Hindi naman po kasi kami water proof na pagnaulana ay okey lang. Ang iba po ay umuuwi pa sa malalayong lgar. Mas delikado po kasi para sa amin yun, lalo n pagna-stranded kami sa daan at umuulan pa ng malakas.
Iconsider rin po nila sana ang pagbibigay ng suspension ng classes sa mga sociol networking site kasi mas maraming aktibo na college students sa mga site na yun. mas mapapadali at mapapabilis ang pagsusupend ng klase. hindi n rin po kami gagastos ng pamasahe tapos pagdating sa school ay suspended na ang klase. Sayang sa oras at pera yun.

milanie milanes said...

Milanie Milanes BSA 1-21D
I think that the strategy which is using facebook, twitter or other social sites made by the CHED(Commission on Higher Education) is not effective.why? First, Yes,I agree that everyone has an account of social sites (stated above)but my question is, does everyone has an internet connection at home? Like me, I have to go to computer cafe just to have the internet connection and its too expensive to me to rent a computer just to know classes are suspended.
Next is the suspension is too late. Like last Tuesday, August 2, 2011 they suspended the class after i got wet and traveled 3 hours. I came from Caloocan City and I expend P150.00 and 3 hours for my transportation. why is that they are too late to suspend classes in different schools as i watch the news in the television when I arrived at home. Some of the teachers and students were already in the school.
last, they said that if there is a storm the suspension for grade school is signal #1; secondary is signal # 2;tertiary is signal #3. But it too harmful to travel if there is a heavy rain. Yes, we've done in the high school life that it too easy to suspend classes but the point is our safety.
I suggest that if there is a heavy rain and storm signal they must be announce or give a cue if there is a suspension of classes early in the morning or evening so that everyone will be inform.

mark jim ibus said...

mark jim ibus BSPE 1-1

for me CHED should be more sensitive when it comes to the students welfare.they should be prompt with their announcements in order for the students not to take the risk of going to school. it is very much inconvenient considering that anywhere in metro manila could be a flood prone area.students might be stranded or worse they might met an accident.while about using networking sites for medium in disiminating anouncement, i guess it might help. it could be one of their option , but more likely, they should not rely with it 100% because still, a formal announcement on television or radio through media is foremost way of communicating to the filipino people.

Generose said...

Generose Ann B. Buenaventura BSA 1-21D

Nitong mga nakaraang araw, napapadalas ang huling pagsususpinde ng mga klase ng CHED. Marami tuloy sa aming mga estudyante ang napipirwisyo dahil sa matagal na pag-anunsyo kung may klase ba o wala. Sa aking palagay, hindi gano'n ka-epektibo o gano'n kabilis ang pag-aksyon ng CHED. Marahil, kailangan na nilang baguhin ang kanilang pamantayan patungkol sa pagkansela ng mga klase ng hindi na naaabala ang karamihan sa aming mga estudyante. Maraming dapat ayusin, baguhin, o idagdag sa kanilang mga panuntunan o regulasyon para mas maging mabisa ang pagsasagawa nito. Pagdating naman sa paraan ng pag-anunsyo katulad nga ng mga class suspensions, sa aking opinyon, mas makakabuti kung gagamit din sila ng mga social networking sites. Sa panahon kasi natin ngayon ay marami nang gumagamit nito at nagpapalipas ng oras sa paggamit. Maaari ring maging daan ito para mas mapabilis ang pag-abiso ng kanilang mga announcements habang hindi pa nila napapagtibay ang kanilang bagong pamantayan (kung sakali).

Nawa'y maintindihan ng CHED ang hinaing at nais na pagbabago ng nakararaming estudyante. :)

-KlaRa- said...

Ma. Klara Alcaraz
BSA I-21

Regarding the said topic Im qiute disappointed on how CHED responds to the suspension of classes. Lets face it, there bases are not that effective because if it is no one will suffer. The delayed announcement of suspension of classes affects many people like students, there efforts going to school are wasted because they didnt know that there's a suspension,like what happenned last tuesday August 2, 2011 .

Different universities should also take some actions about suspension because thay also know the situation in their respective locations, they are also responsible about it.

I think CHED should propose new or if not they should revise their bases about the matter. They should prioritize the safety of people before anything else. Like elementary or highschool students, we, college students are also human so we are also prone to illness coming from the typhoon.

Now is the right time for them(CHED) to take the social networking sites like facebook because theres a lot of students who have facebook accounts. So the next time we encounter same situation the important messages they'll be giving will be pass and spread to others. All of us will be aware.

Annavelle Fernandez said...

Annavelle Fernandez of BSPE1-1

hindi po kasi lahat ng bagyong pumapasok sa pilipinas ay matindi ang epekto sa bansa. kadalasan, puro hangin walang ulan kaya hindi rin natin masisisi ang CHED sa basehan nila ng pag suspinde ng klase sa kolehiyo. mas iniisip lang siguro nila na ang panahon na masasayang ng bawat syudyante sa kolehiyo kapag isuspinde nila kaagad ang pasok. kung sa usaping social networking, magandang paraan ang pag pasok ng CHED sa media tinatangkilik ng bawat kabataan. mas mapapabilis ang pag anunsyo ng bawat impormasyong kakaylanganin ng mga studyante.

Kristia Pagaduan said...
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Kristia Pagaduan said...

Kristia DL. Pagaduan BSA 1-21D

I think some of the basis or guidelines of Commission on Higher Education on suspension of classes during disasters are not acceptable. Like for example, the order that classes of tertiary level will be suspended if the storm signal is declared under number 3 or higher. Is this means that we have to wait until the storm signal rise to signal number 3? I think that was unfair for us college students. I suggest that if the weather is obviously not fine whatever the storm signal is, they must be the one suspend classes already because some colleges and universities are also relying to their announcements. They can use any means of communication including the social networking sites. It may also help a lot aside from announcing the suspension to medias.

iMean22 said...

Castro,Mary Anne, BSA I-21

Para po sakin, masyado naman po late mag announce ung CHED ng pagsuspendi ng klase, lalo saming mga college students. Sa totoo lang po ang hirap po manghula kung may pasok o wala. Tulad ko po, madaming pang ibang estudyante na morning po ung klase, na pagkagising sa umaga at pansin na hindi kagandahan ung panahon, makikibalita s t.v. at radyo, pero nakakadisappoint po dahil hindi kagad namin nalalaman kung kelangan pa po ba namin magbihis at maghanda para pumasok. Katulad nung nakaraang pagsuspendi ng klase, kahit po na malakas ang ulan at medyo lubog na po ang paa ko s dinaraanan, tuloy padin, susuungin ang ulan dahil sayang din po ung matututunan sa klase sa araw na yon. Ngunit pagdating sa klase, uuwi din po pala. In short, wala na palang klase. maiisip mo nalang, andaming nasayang. effort sa paggising ng napakaaga para makibalita, pero walang napala, sayang pamasahe at pagod s byahe ng ibang napakalayo pa ng inuuwian, sayang ung oras na pwede pang itulog kung nalaman lang agad, ung , ung pagsuong sa baha.. kawawa naman po kami, bakit po ba kasi kelangan hintayin pa na signal #3, dapat parehas nalng po s highschool, ganun din naman, kaya nga may ilan pa n nagsasabi waterproof ba college students?
pwede rin po kasi na payagan na ung september na opening ng klase para po maayos ung panahon.. un nga lang wala na pong summer vacation. pero mas ligtas naman po sa mga sakuna..

kung gagamit po ng social networking sites, ayos lang po, kasi madami n talaga ang gumagamit nito, pero sana updated po lagi, at parehas ng ibabalita sa tv at radyo para di nakakalito, at para din po aware ung iba tulad ko na walang internet subscription s bahay.

un lang po... SAlamat po sa pagkakataon na bigyang pansin ang saloobin naming mga estudyante.. =)

Danna23 said...

Danna Jane Yumul, BSPE1-1

CHED have done late suspensions these past few days due to their basis. In my opinion, I think they are being unfair to us College students. It's not enough reason to say that we're already grown-ups to manage such bad weather well. We, too find it difficult to attend classes when it's raining cats and dogs. Those who live far from school are the ones being greatly affected by following these basis. It was an inconsiderate act for some.

Social Networking sites would be a helpful asset to them. Sites like facebook, twitter will contribute to the easy spread of news and updates. Since students spend most their time surfing the net, they can immediately see what's going on and the decisions for classes through this.

Mary Joyce D. Villasanta, BSA 1-24D said...

Mary Joyce D. Villasanta, BSA 1-24D

Classes have been suspended in Metro Manila areas this past few days. CHED announced the late suspension of classes as torrential rains battered many parts of Luzon including Metro Manila. I know that suspension of classes on account of the weather has for the longest time been a touchy and iffy business but it's CHED responsibility to be aware regarding in our weather condition. I am petty mad in their late suspension because most of the students are in school and it's so hard to go home and to struggle in floods that occur here in our country. We all know that although there is light rain, there are some areas in our place that the water rapidly get high. Meanwhile, we know that this flood might cause several disease.
Being a college student, it's so hard for us to encounter late suspension of classes because some of us live in far places. The suspension of classes has not always meant that the adverse weather would continue. We all have stories of classes having been suspended only for the sun to come out blazing brightly as early as ten in the morning. And then we all go to the malls to waste our "baon" away. I know that its our fault if we waste our money but we are forced to go to some places especially when sun came out.
So for me, the best thing they can do, also its so hard to infer what will happen, if they want to have suspension of classes, please announce it as early as 6 o'clock so that we won't waste money and effort. And if they know that students are in school, maybe I prefer not to suspend the class unless if the rain is so heavy because it's so hard to have make up classes.
On the other hand, in terms of social networking site, I prefer that they should have an account to update the weather condition. but regarding of this situation, we all know that most of the students can't afford to surf the net due to financial condition. So for me, the best thing they can do is to suspend the class as early as they can for the sake of the people.
But people, we should also remember that this is nobody's fault because it is natural calamity. so don't blame them instead be cooperative and be aware in our society.

franzgamier said...

Franz Gamier BSPE1-1

i personally think CHED' s basis for class suspension are fine as well as using social networking sites for the announcement of suspension but I must say that the problem is with the slow process of verifying and announcing the suspension. It does not only risks the student's safety but as well as their time,efforts and money. I suggest that they should find ways to make the process of assessing wether they should suspend classes and announcing it even before the start of classes. the schools and universities might as well take actions if they personally think there's a need for suspension. it's their right after all and their responsibility to secure safety for their students.

Raven F. Ponce said...

I think that the basis of CHED in suspending classes during signal #3 for the tertiary level is definitey unacceptable.In addition to this, using facebook, twitter and other social networking sites in announcing suspension of classes are not enough in informing students in tertiary level.

We are on the fact on modern technology generation but some college studes have no computers in their homes, some still have no acounts in the social networking sites, and almost all are not always online. There could be some instances that "some" students will still come to school not knowing that classes are suspended 'coz they are not informed.

I suggest that CHED should have a regular communication with PAGASA in suspending classes. They should announce it as soon as possible and as early before college students is about to go to their respective colleges and universities to avoid wasting of time and also money. They should use either televisions or radio broadcasts because almost all students have these appliance in their homes and they will be fully informed about the said matter.

marjel said...

marjel carlos, bsa 1-24d
para saken ay hindi epektibo ang kanilang batayan at paraan, unang una, bakit kailangan pang hintayin na umabot sa signal # 3 bago suspendihin ang klase? samantalang nasa signal # 1-2 palang ay hirap ng pumasok ang mga estudyante sanhi ng malakas n pag ulan at nagkalat na baha sa mga daanan nila papuntang eskwelahan. pangalawa, ang pag gamit ng ched ng social networking sites para sa mga anunsyo ay ilan lamang ang nakikinabang, dahil hindi naman lahat ng mag aaral ay may kanya kanyang computer o laptop sa bahay na mapagkukuhanan nila ng impormasyon ng mga anunsyo, ikatlo,madalas din na huli na sila sa pagbabalita ng pagsuspinde ng mga klase, kadalasan ay nakapasok na o kaya ay nasa daan na ang mga estudyante pag inanunsyo na walang pasok, ikaapat mapapansin din na pag idineklara n walang pasok, ay magiging maaraw ang panahon samantalang pag may pasok ay halos wlang tigil ang pag ulan.
pareparehas tayong napipinsala at nagagambala tuwing dumadating ang panahon ng tag ulan minsan pa nga ay nagiging sanhi ito ng pagkatamad sa pagpasok ng mga estudyante.
sa aking palagay ang mainam na sulosyon ay ang maayos na pagaanunsyo ng mga bagay bagay na may kinalaman sa eskwelahan sa telebisyon sa pinaka maagap na panahon, sapagkat mas makasisigurong matatanggap ng madaming mag aaral ang anunsyo kaysa sa social networking. ngunit tayo mang mag aaral ay may kaakibat na tungkulin, na mag abang ng mga impormasyon o mahahalagang anunsyo sa telebisyon, radyo, o social networking sites.
nasa atin namang pagtutulungan at bukas na komunikasyon ang ikaaayos at ikagaganda ng ating ugnayan at buhay!

Claudelle Bertos said...

Claudelle L. Bertos
BSPE 1-1

Regarding this matter, I totally disagree with some of the bases they have. I know that these must be followed before the announcements of suspensions, but as we can all remember, most of the time, these bases fail. it maybe hard to accept, but it is the truth.

Students of the tertiary Level, are not supposed to be treated as "robots". In times of bad weather, as we step out of the house while it is raining so hard, half of our lives are at stake, and that really make our parents worried. knowing that a lot of streets in Manila are prone for having floods.

To give us such important announcements are one of CHED's primary role, but it seems like, they weren't doing anything about this matter. Suspensions are mostly announced later than when it should be, and that make students go to school for nothing. (just wasting their money for useless fare."

Those SNSites may help. I agree with it. :)

I am sure it will help students like us, a lot. Announcements will be made faster and access to the sector will be easier. Comments and suggestion may be given straightly to them and I guess, knowing our stand about this matter will make them realize everything.

NOTE: it is also our part to use these sites responsibly. "Think before we click.." As GMA news TV reminds us.

Grace Leguarda said...

with regards to CHED's suspension of classes during the recent typhoon we've experienced few days ago.. i could say that i do agree with it.
I'm not into contradicting other's opinions (opinions that I've read just recently concerning this topic) mine is just to give some emphasis with regards to other's stand on those bureau which are ought to give such announcements..
let us also be reminded that although CHED doesn't usually talk or give much stance about this kind of issue (issue regarding typhoon...etc. (e.g. class suspension due to bad weather).. CHED still has the authority to suspend classes in the college level because we-as college students, and all other stuffs in relation to tertiary education are still under its we must recognize also its announcement..most especially because they have their reliable basis to suspend classes..
Now, how about the question? it really effective if CHED will be announcing some public declarations via various social networking sites?
Again, I do believe and do agree that it's awfully EFFECTIVE. yes! and why not?
Spreading out such announcements through different kinds of social networking sites is truthfully effectual..why?
Simply because, almost all creations [=)allow me please to use the term just for some sort of jest :)] had already an access to it..and most of us are even addicted to it that every moment and then, there pretty faces are always in front of the computer--keep on using these various social networking sites.
so with this, we will be able to know and be aware on what is happening around us.
so that's it! :)
i do AGREE with what CHED had done in announcing the suspension of classes because it's doubtlessly favorable to most of the PUPian students who suffer unimaginably from that undesirable and annoying flood in our way school(specifically in theresa street) every time a heavy downpour of rain occurs..
once again..i do concur with the effectiveness of announcing significant public declarations by means of various social networking sites... :)
that maybe all =) thank you and GOD BLESS US all! :)

Rina Cionie Leal said...

Rina Cionie Leal BSPE 1-1

para po sa akin..tama naman po na isinuspende na po ng CHED ang klase dahil na nga po sa baha..
siyepre po, kung hindi yun sinuspende,, kami din pong mga estudyante ang kawawa..
masusuffer po kami sa malaakas na ulan at baha..
kung ung mga malalapit nga lang po ang bahay sa xkul ay madalas pang mgreklamo pag nasusuong sa ganitong sitwasyon..edi mas lalo na po iyong mga nagmumula pa sa malalyo na kagaya ko po. .

patungkol naman po sa pggamit ng SNSites para sa pagpapakalat ng mga ganitong announcements,
para po sa akin ay isa po itong napaka epektibong pamamaraan. .
lalo na po sa mga katulad kong hindi hilig manood ng tv at mas preniprefer panf mg net para makasagap ng mga balita..
tsaka halos na naman po ata ay may access na dito..kaya helpful and advantageous po kung itong pamamaraan po ang gagamitin :)

un lang po..
salamat! =)

Glenda Taylan said...

Ma.Glenda L. Taylan,BSPE 1-1

In own opinion, the policy or basis of CHED to declare suspension of classes to every colleges and universities, not perfect but it works..
We all know that some parts of Metro manila is prone to flood but we must look the other side, that some areas where other universities and colleges located are not affected by the bad weather and floods. We must consider that it rains 6 months in a year and college has a required number of class days so we dont afford to miss classes. We have to work with the rain, we have to deliver education rain or shine. we cannot blame Ched for not announcing class supension earlier.
The CHED order said the authority to suspend classes falls on heads of universities and colleges if either signal number 2 or 1 is hoisted over an area. The colleges and universities must trained to make decisions and better equipped to communicate with the students, they can use social networking site like facebook or twitter to update their students if there are further announcements like suspending the classes.It may help a lot :D

Shiela said...

Shiela Marie E. Deimoy BSPE 1-1

Automatic suspension of classes with storm signal # 3, this kind of bases is not really effective and acceptable!!! . In my opinion, it’s unfair for us, college student’s to experience late suspension , because they always reason out that we are “matured enough to take care of ourselves” But I think they must consider that it is very perilous, and inconvenient , and maybe an accident may happen in this kind of situation. I want to recommend that CHED, at least do their jobs for the sake of the students. Regarding to Social networking sites, it is a very good initiative, aside from televisions and radios, it will really help the students to inform, immediately about the suspension of classes or other announcements.

jennelyn bacus said...

Jennelyn Bacus
Bachelor in Banking and Finance

* Ito po'y isang napakagandang katanungan para mapag-usapan ng mga estudyante at mga kinauukulan. Para po sa akin, may ilang mali ang CHED sa pagsususpend ng klase. Una, hindi nararapat na hintayin pang magsignal #3 bago isuspend ang klase. Marami po sa amin ang umuuwi pa sa malalayong lugar at nakikipagsapalaran para lamang makapasok sa magandang unibersidad tulad ng P.U.P. Kung ang pakikipagsapalaran naming ito'y ang kapalit ay ang aming kaligtasan dahil lamang sa maling pagsususpend ng klase, hindi na ito nararapat. Isa pa po dito ang mga mag-aaral na pumapasok ng maaga pagkatapos ay isususpend ng late ang klase. Sayang po ang aming pamasahe. Kaya kami nag-aral sa P.U.P. ay dahil hindi namin kayang gumastos ng malaki para sa matrikula. At alam naming mas makakatipid kami sa gastos araw-araw. Paano na lamang ang mga mag-aaral na pumapasok nang naka-uniporme. Isang malaking pahirap ito dahil hindi lahat ng estudyante ay nakakabili ng kumpletong uniporme para sa kanilang buong klase sa isang linggo. Maglalaba nanaman muli at hihintayin pang matuyo. Ito lamang ay isang realidad para sa ilang mga mag-aaral. Maraming oras, pagod at pera ang nasasayang dahil sa ilang maling ito ng CHED. Kaligtasan namin ang nakasalalay dito kaya ito'y dapat hindi ipinagwawalang bahala.

* Pabor rin naman sa akin na gamitin na rin ng CHED ang modernong pakikipag-ugnayan tulad na lamang ng paggamit ng facebook, twitter, at iba pang social network kung tawagin. Mas mapapadali nito ang pakikipag-ugnayan sa mga mag-aaral. Mas maganda rin sana kung mas papalawigin ang paggamit ng mga cellphone, halimbawa na lamang nito ang pagkakaroon ng PUPitext kung saan doon malalaman ang mga importanteng anunsyo ng unibersidad. Ito ay para na rin sa mga mag-aaral na walang computer sa bahay.

* Sana'y maging daan ito para malaman ng CHED ang mga hinanaing ng mga estudyante. Yun lamang po at maraming salamat.

aira said...
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