Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Discussion #11: What does 30th of December mean to you?

Few days from now we will be commemorating the death anniversary of someone perhaps you know very well (clue: one of the greatest Filipino ever to live).

The question is, does his death mean anything to you?


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Everyone is entitled to post their replies. Do not forget to leave your name, course year and section when posting. There are no right or wrong answers however let's keep the discussion clean. Thanks


bai nora said...

For me, the death of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, means a lot. He died for our country. And his death had a great impact on the Filipino pride and freedom.
--Bai Nora Q. Bandala

kerby_torres said...

kerby torres abh4-1d

mas mabuting gunitain ang kamatayan ni Dr..Jose Rizal dahil sa kanya nagkaroon ng kamalayan ang mga Pilipino upang lumaban sa kasamaan ng mga Kastila..:))

ruby said...

Ito ay ang araw kung saan ang mga Pilipino ay inaalala ang kabayanihang ipinamalas ng ating pambansang bayani na si Dr. Jose Rizal ng mamatay ito Bagunbayan upang ipaglaban ang harapatan ng bawat Pilipino.

cathybuzz said...

ang araw na pinatay si Dr.Jose Rizal na ang taong syang nagpamulat sa mga pilipino na dapat ng itigil ang pang-aapi ng mga kastila satin,kaya importante yun,kasi kung di sya nga-sacrifice..alipin padin tayo hanggang nayon.

LJ said...

December 30 is two days prior to new year!!

Just kidding.
December 30 is a National Holiday (yes walang pasok!) because it's the 149th death anniversary of our awesome national hero: Jose Rizal. He is one of the greatest Filipino ever. He is a catalyst of the Filipino patriotism. He is the reason why there is a J.P. Rizal Avenue in Aurora Boulivard, he is the reason that there is a monument in the Luneta Park, he is the reason we know who is Padre Damaso and Crisostomo Ibarra, he is the reason Filipino strive for freedom under the spanish regime. He is the reason December 30 is a very significant day for us. We should continue his legacy, love our country and be apart of the solution, not the problem.

Le Grand Jesse C. Busadre

aD Pineda said...

Jon Pineda of BSEE 1-3

we are going to celebrate the death of our National Hero, Dr. Josse Rizal. He has a great influence to our country and every life of the filipino's nowadays.

jen said...

jennylyn lelisa bbte 3-2n

december 30 ang death anniversary ng ating pambansang bayani na si Jose Rizal at mahalaga lamang na ating gunitain ang araw na ito sapagkat ito ang araw ng pagkamatay ng ating bayani para sa ating bayan. Ito ang araw na kung saan namulat ang mga Pilipino sa mga maling gawain at patakaran ng mga Kastila. Isa ito sa mga dahilan kung bakit nakamit ng ating inang bayan ang kalayaan na ating inaasam. Kaya marapat lamang na ating alalahanin ang mahalagang araw na ito.

ilovealmirajoy said...

Ito po ang araw ng pagkamatay ng ating pambansang bayani na si Dr. Jose Rizal at dapat po natin itong bigyan ng pansin dahil ang araw na ito ang nagmulat sa atin na ipaglaban ang ating karapatan bilang isang Pilipino.Marapat lamang na gunitain ang araw na ito dahil isa rin itong daan upang maipakita ng mga Pilipino ang pagmamahal sa ating bansa ang Pilipinas ;]

ilovealmirajoy said...

ay pahabol po Almira Joy B.Sumampong

Jeyps said...
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Jeyps said...


Rizal day, that's what December 30 is all about.114th celebration of rizal day was celebrated this 2010. It means a lot to me(although i did not feel it was rizal day)because he's the reason why we are experiencing finer things in life compared to his life.im just hoping that this 2011 more people would appreciate the important things he sacrificed for all of us.

Rinean said...

Dec. 30 is an important date that we must keep in our mind aside from Christmas day..That date is so memorable, it is the day when Dr. jose Rizal, our National hero, showed and proved his love for our country..His death was a life for every Filipino and at the same time the Nationalism grows!

The pride of the Malayan race is also the Pride of Pearl of the Orient Sea.
I admire him...

Happy new year po! ^^
-Charine Bancale
ABF 3-1D

AngPropesora said...

Discussion #11 closed.

AngPropesora said...

Happy New Year to all.