Thursday, November 4, 2010

Discussion #9: Thoughts on Barack Obama's administration of the USA

Discussion #9 is open until November 15, 2010.

After two years and counting, do you think that Barack Obama has done his job very well as the president of the United States? If not, why? Should he just step down from his office or run for the second time as the highest leader of the state? Do share your thoughts about his administration.

Note: Everyone is entitled to post their replies. Do not forget to leave your name, course year and section when posting. There are no right or wrong answers however let's keep the discussion clean. Thanks.


CyKel :) said...

Goodevening Prof. Hull :)

When I read about your post, It's a little bit interesting because I heard about him in the news sometimes.

My answer is half YES and half NO. YES, because I think he did his job well to improve the economy of the United States. NO, because there are many issues like bomb threats, wars or anything like that. And also his lack of confidence to face the issues he's encountering.

that's all Prof. Hull.
Thank You for that wonderful question. :D
Garcia, Edrice Cyril A.

Ruby said...

blissful afternoon, Prof Hull :D

AS I've read the post regarding US President Barack Obama, i had this strange feeling of annoyance..

after his inauguration, many praised his intelligence. But some cracks are appearing between his regime. Because of the bad shape of his economy, many citizens there believe that their president was in out of touch.

He didn't perform that wel, but maybe let's just cooperate with his plans and hope for the best. :D

Hehe. that's my brave opinion, Ma'am. :]

Tequin, Ruby- Anne D.

maryrose said...

A great eve Ma'am,

Actually even he's not yet starting his administration, I mean not yet taking his oath. I could say electing him as their new Pres. of the US makes all the people conclude he could probably be a great and unforgettable leader.

His policy decisions have addressed a global financial crisis and have included changes in tax policies, legislation to reform the United States health care industry, foreign policy initiatives and the phasing out of detention of prisoners at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp in Cuba. He attended the G-20 London summit and later visited U.S. troops in Iraq. On the tour of various European countries following the G-20 summit, he announced in Prague that he intended to negotiate substantial reduction in the world's nuclear arsenals, en-route to their eventual extinction. In October 2009, Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."(

And because of that I could say, he can make a big change in America.

That all ma'am,
Rabina, Mary Rose R.