Friday, April 9, 2010

Rizal Course Outline and requirement/s

Course outline:

I. Definition of Terms

National Hero
Requirements to become a national hero
Republic Act 1425

II. 19th Century Events: Abroad
State of nationalism and patriotism
Imperialism and Colonialism
Industrial Revolution
American and French Revolutions
Advancement of liberal ideas
Advancement of Science and Technology
Status of religion

III. 19th century events: Philippines
State of nationalism and patriotism
Philippines: before and during Spanish colonialism
Spanish Court Representation
Unity of church and state

III. Jose Rizal and his family
(family backgroud, included as well)

IV. Rizal's education
(from primary to tertiary)

V. Rizal's travels
and The Radical Rizal

VI. Rizal's Homecoming, trial and execution

VII. Literary Pieces

Selected Essays: *Philippines A century hence
*The indolence of the Filipinos

Letter to the young women of Malolos

Selected poems:
*Sa aking mga kabata
*mi primera inspiracion
* a las flores del Heidelberg
*Mi Ultimo Adios


- attendance will be checked
- reporting / presentation
- projects
- exams (Midterm and Final Term Exams)
- Assignments
- Quizzes

Required Book:
Rizal: Walang Hanggang Landas by Dr. Amalia Cullarin Rosales

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