Monday, April 26, 2010

Attention: BSA 1-16

As per requirement in my subject, the class will be divided into several groups. The task is to produce a comics of which will tackle any of the following topics:

a. Rizal and his childhood memories
b. Rizal and his travels and experiences
c. Rizal's education.

The comics could:
a. either be the size of long bond paper folded in half,
b. manually drawn or computer generated
c. the scripts/ dialogues of characters could either be English or Filipino
d. the drawings / pictures depend on how you interpret the topics

The front cover of your comics bears the following:
a. the chosen title of your work
b. the members of the group
c. the name of the professor
d. date of submission: May 7

IN ADDITION, per group will have to produce one box with the following specifications:
a. the height would be somewhere between 1 - 2 ft
b. width- a foot or so.
c. with cover (you could use old magazine or any old prints as long as it is presentable)
d. plastic cover
e. the box itself has to have a lid
f. on top of the lid should have the following inscriptions:
- name of professor
- your course yr. and section.
g. due date: Friday, this week - April 30



S. Patrick said...

ma'am im patrick salamanca from 1-26d. nalate po kami ng punta and hindi po nmen na pass in the right time. when we got there, 5;30, wala na po kami naaabutan. Nagpabookbind pa po kasi kami. pwede pa po ba magpass?

S. Patrick said...

ma'am yung comics po un. sori forgot to indicate.