Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Attention: All AB History 1-1

Two more additional paper requirements in World History will be posted either later tonight, January 12 or January 13. Stay tuned! Bump!

ABH 1-1: World History Requirement/s: Re-modification of Requirements

As part of you requirement in my class, you will be writing a book review. Pick one partner for this project and begin scanning libraries, possibly even some local book stores ( second hand) or use this link to help research a book.

On how to write the book review: Refer to this search log

Re-modification: Instead of submitting a typed written book review, you will have to personally write your answers/ reviews on short bond paper with one inch margins on all sides.
Number of pages must be no less than 15 and use English as your medium. No erasures and write legibly otherwise, points will be deducted!

First Page- Title Page

- At the top center of your paper, write the following:

PUP (spelled out)
(your college)
(your department)
Sta. Mesa Manila

(several tabs)

This book review
(Title of the Book)
(followed by the publishing company and year it was published)

(several tabs)

is submitted to
(name of Professor)

(several tabs)
as partial fulfillment of the course requirements in (subject and subject code)

(several tabs)

submitted by:

Second Page

(Specific: Give a bird's eye view of what your paper/book is about, with paragraphs no less than 4!)
Third Page
Table of contents

Fourth page
Review proper

The following questions are your guide for the review otherwise refer to the link posted above:

I. Introduction (of what the book is all about. Give a bird's eve view of what the book is all about)

II. Author and his/her thesis:
- Give the author's background (you may possibly do a back ground search of the author on the net or which ever available source that you have. Cite your source) Were the given source about the author affect the main thesis of his book? Explain.
- What is his/her style of writing.
- What is the author's major hypothesis; what's the purpose for writing this book? What are the most important pieces of evidence to support it?

III. Your views (you may refer to this link )

* What is the quality of the evidence -- convincing? adequate? are the sources recognized by others in the field

*Are there other works on the same or a similar topic? Cite the other works and cite the points of comparison/ similarity.

*Does any of the author's information (or conclusion) conflict with other books you've read, courses you've taken or just previous assumptions you had of the subject? (refer to the given link repetitively posted)

*What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book? Be sure that upon mentioning the key points (strengths / weaknesses, you cite the page or quote)

IV. Recommendation:

- Has the book influenced, strengthened or completely changed your thesis/ idea about the book? Explain.
- Would you recommend the book to all types of audience? Why or why not?

Deadline of submission of title for your book review: On or before December 17

Deadline of submission of book review: Third week of January 201.
Specific: Place your papers in a short brown envelope with your name, course, yr. and section printed at the back (upper left portion).
Late submission will not be accepted!

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