Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No classes tomorrow

ADVISORY: Classes in PUP Sta. Mesa are suspended on January 9, 2013 (Wednesday) in celebration of the Feast of the Black Nazarene. Please be guided accordingly. (Source: PUP Communication Management Office)
Wednesday class 10:30-1:30- A note to remember. Advise the first 3 groups to prepare for reporting next Wednesday. Thank you. 


Cynthia Aitana said...

Good day Ma'am, this is Joy Fabriag of BSIE 2-1.

I was just wondering about your post last December 8, 2012, it was the books from Ateneo. I want to ask if it is required for the whole class or is it just for the ones who were not able to watch the film in UP?

Thank you.

AngPropesora said...
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AngPropesora said...

I believe none of you has watched Haw-ang as per text by your president. As a substitute, I am requiring the whole class to write book reviews. The format is yet to be uploaded but the list is official.