Sunday, December 16, 2012

Attention: BS Bio 2-1

NOTE: This has a subscription key. I advise that your president or secretary message me right away so I can forward the code.

Kindly sign up now for your virtual learning class.

Click the link to view the site or copy and paste the url on your web browser

The photo above is how the site actually looks like.

1. To register, click 'create user account.'
2. Skip the administrative code
3. Fill up the rest of information
4. At the bottom part of the page, check 'follow courses' as students.
5. Log in
6. Once you are logged in, go over to the 'manage course.'
7. Select, 'enrol a new course.' Once you have clicked this part, it will lead yo to another page where there are 4 courses presently served. The class you are going to enrol is labeled, "Hist1013-BS Bio- Philippine History and Geography"
8. Note that I may have to ask you to enrol a new course. The whole course ware is still in the works. Right now, I want you get used with the Claroline interface.
9. Deadline of registration is until December 17.

Let me know through pm at my FB account if you have encountered any problems.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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