Friday, June 22, 2012

Discussion # 18: One moment with the President

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If you were given a privilege to ask a question to Mr. Noynoy Aquino, what would it be and why?

Note: Everyone is entitled to post their replies.DO NOT FORGET to put your name, course year and section first before posting your replies. There are no right or wrong answers however let's keep the discussion clean. Thanks!


Wynona Basilio said...

What are the actions that he is doing right now and will do to stop the dispute between China and Philippines?

karren arcilla said...

Arcilla, Karren, BBF I-5, Discussion # 18

How it is being a leader of our country?
Because I'm curious about the adjustment that he needed to fulfill his job well. It's almost 2 years since he became the president from being just a senator of the senate. Of course there is a greater responsibility that is given to him to lead a country.

Romyr Abraham Paladin said...


What are the steps of the government to maintain and conserve the environment and our natural resources and the economic status and growth of our country?
Because many of our natural resources are getting damage like the Boracay and also I'm curious about the issues of mining in Palawan

Kimberly Notarte said...

Notarte, Kimberly F. BBF I-5

What will he do about the places that is destroyed by the mining? What about the mining system?
Lot of mining companies were destroying our natural resources. They were signing contracts that they will be responsible in anything that will be destroyed by their mining but their not taking the responsibility. They just left the place after mining.

sylvester rosal said...
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jovelyn santural said...

Santural, Jovelyn P., BBF 1-5

What is he planning to do for the Hacienda Luisita Farmers ?
they have been waiting for decades for that little piece of land which they have nourished with their own sweat and blood. If those lands are distributed to them, there will be a substantial improvement on agriculture because the circulation of money will also be well distributed and not only settled to them, the Cojuangco-Aquino families. There will be valuable improvements in the economy when that happens.

pndccsloves said...

Atencio, Lilybeth DC. BBFI-5

If you're not the son of Late President Cory Aquino and Late Senator Ninoy Aquino, would run for the presidency?

~we all know that he is the son of the former legends in politics. i just to know if he is still willing to run and eventually serve the country :)

Raina Shane Ronquillo said...


I will ask him what is the status of his love life? Why? A leader without an inspiration is an emptiness to his all achievements. He must have a companion in leading his nation. Then, I'll ask the status of his nation. And what do you feel when people disgrace you? 'Coz nowadays, most of the Filipino citizens are protesting on your administration. What do you do to overcome those factors?

Daisy Arias said...

Arias, Daisy E. BBF 1-5

Is it true that the PNoy has an ulterior motive regarding Corona's impeachment?

because Corona granted the right of the Hacienda Luisita farmers to take possession of the lands

sylvester rosal said...
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sylvester rosal said...

Mr. President, what is your contribution in our country and how it can help to our environment and society?
this is my question because some president have their own contribution like the policy of Carlos P. Garcia the Filipino First Policy and Ferdinand Marcos who had made progress in agriculture, industry, and education, and the other presidents that have big contribution in out society.

Mark Joseph Panciles said...

Panciles, Mark Joseph F. BSA 1-9

what will be his future actions about the crisis in the Panatag shoal ? Because this crisis is still continuing and its affecting the relations of our country with China ..

Paul Rommel Ramirez said...
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Paul Rommel Ramirez said...

Ramirez, Paul Rommel L. BBF 1-5

Do you have any plans for increasing the National Budget for Education?

- Most of the schools here in the Philippines need the attention of the government for them to suffice the needs of many students. Teachers also protest that they should have better wages for their family and personal needs.

Jherinz Resurrecion said...

Resurreccion. Jherinz R, BSA1-9

Good day Mr.Presidident i just wanna ask you 2 questions.Mr. President, I heard from the news that our country will going to lend US$1 billion to the IMF after we successfully paid all our debts ( malaysia, sigapore and etc, will also lend US$1 billion to the IMF) .My question is How come that we can lend a great amount of money like that if we have many bigger problems in our own country like poverty,modernization in military forces,illegal settlers, high unemployment rate and insufficient budget for education?.these are problems that we haven't overcome yet.I just want to ask this because it keeps on bothering my mind that how come that we can lend the same amount on IMF like big countries like malaysia and singapore even though were not progressive like them. My second question Mr.President is, What more can the Chief Executive do to our country? I simply asked this beacause I want to know if How will the president perform for the rest of his terms. we have seen some improvements on our economy although there are some defects on his administration. Thank you Mr.President, More powers and Godbless !

carolyn daso said...


"how does he accepts or what are the action he is doing in all the issues and criticism rising against him?"

I know that being the leader of a country is very hard. There are people who will support you and at the same time people that will criticize you. Because of that criticism and issues I wonder how he accept all of this criticism and issue against him like the issue about the increasing rate of Filipinos suffering from hunger, increasing rate of joblessness ,the poverty here in Phillipines etc

shielayuuki said...


'Are you confident that you had done big changes to the philippines , even if our country has been encountering problems?'

Frances Lee Sanchez said...

Sanchez, Frances Lee G., BSA 1-8

In the continuing dispute of the Philippines against China, do you think that we can survive without relying to Chinese products?How will it affect our economy if ever their products will
be banned?

Because I just want to know how he will react in this issue as some people is suggesting to protest against China's product to show their strong objection to China's actions.We all know that mostly Filipino's trade industry is based on Chinese products.

emelia tuto said...

TUTO, Emelia Anne F., BBF 1-5

I know that we all have our territories and we also have our boundaries. We know that China is powerful when it comes to military forces. as you said in the news you believed in diplomacy. What if China doesn't want to cooperate "What are your plans and what are the actions to be done to give back what is ours, The Scarborough shoal or the panatag island? are you still believing for diplomacy?"

camille pastrana said...


Where are you leading your people, President Aquino?

This is my question because I'm curious of what he was going to declare on his upcoming SONA. We all know that there are many promises he made and as he continue with his regimen he must be aware of what predicament had resolved and what remains to be resolve.It’s hard to convince people to believe if they don’t feel anything about the economic growth being mentioned during SONAs. Isn’t it easier to convince people if there has been proofs of what P-Noy is talking about?

Lea Malubay said...

Malubay,Lea,BSA 1-9

What is he planning to do if the China will declare war because of the crisis about claiming the Panatag Shoal?

katleen joy cabanilla said...


What are you programs to improve our country and how you will solve the problems that society experinced today?

Filipinos experinced poverty and many children today can't go to school because of some problems and one of this is they are far in cities where there a school.These are some problems that society experienced.

harry_karl143 said...

Escurel, Karl Edison C.

BSA 1-9

"Mr. President, do you really think that implementing the K-12 program with the presence of millions of students, yet with the budget for education still insufficient, will make Philippines a better place to live in? And do you think that focusing more on other sectors rather than in education,instead of giving students better classrooms,school supplies,and attracting more teachers to teach, will help students in finishing their studies?"

I want to ask these questions to him because K-12 program doesn't sound amusing to me. Yes, I understand him, making better educational foundation for the youth adding additional years for them to acquire knowledge in studying, but his actions focusing more on other sectors like military and paying debts,is totally rubbish. I got his point training military for more incidences like the hostage taking in the quirino grandstand that obviously displays the unpracticed military men and outdated weapons, but why should focus more on buying deadly weapons than distributing more educational materials? Another is his intention of paying debts for the future of the next generations,what if it is not successful in his term and just add more debts to our country? If this fails, Aside from acquiring more and more debts, we'll have high population of uneducated people who will be unreliable to pay our debts. And how about the youth? how are they going to fight with the arising of more and more economic crisis. Youth is the hope of our country, but how could they be the hope, if elders don't give them hope?

harry_karl143 said...
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Josh Fajardo said...

China's power is growing steadily throughout recent years, not only in our country but in the US and European nations as well. In fact, by 2020 some researchers claim it may very well be the world's leading superpower. Economic, political and militant wise.
It is then very safe to say, that dealing with the sleeping giant demands a delicadeza, something you have given despite remaining firm over our claim. As the dispute over Panatag shoal intensifies, as they say, "sooner or later some thing has got to give" what does your administration plan on, if negotations fail?
Will we be the ones to "give" lest this escalates into a full blown territorial war?

Patrick said...


For almost 50,000 years na nakamit ng mga homo sapiens ang full behavioral modernity, wala pa bang solusyon sa drainage system ng Maynila at karatig na mga lugar?

Childish-like question but I want him to answer what he'll do regarding this matter or A BIG PROBLEM rather.

elijoy colarat said...

Colarat, Elijoy G. BBF I-5

Mr. President, what are your plans to help decrease the poverty rate in the Philippines ? We all know that poverty remains the most critical social problem our country is facing .

John Rey Bucad said...


Instead of focusing on your work, why are you spending some of your time dating with woman?

Kasi kung president ka,mrami kang responsibilities instead of makipag-date.dadagdag lang yan sa problem mo.dapat unahin ang problema ng bansa kaysa sa pansariling problema.that is a real public servant.

Angela Gener said...

Gener, Angela C. BSCOE II-3

First. Everybody knows that your father Senator Ninoy Aquino marked as a hero in our country. What is the pressure knowing that Filipinos will compare your works with your father's works?
Then, Why you cannot stop smoking?
Lastly. What is your opinion about the poverty of the Philippines?? About the bad education system of this country. The corrupt government? Do you think you have the "power" to at least lessen those problems before you leave your position. Do you think after so many decades the name Noynoy Aquino will be recognize not as Cory and Ninoy's son but a president who changed the PUPPET system of this country?

ian cristopher piloto said...


what do you think about the economic status of our country after your term for being the president of our nation?

do you think you've done a better job than your mother which is a former president of our country?

i'm just curious.. :D

Willie june Fernandez said...

Fernandez,Willie June F. BSEDEN 1-2D

Mr. President,what is your plan after implementing the K+12 Education?

I choose this question because I want him to answer the real question that I want to ask.

Where can the graduates of the program K+12 EDUCATION use the knowledge and skills that they've gained if there is no JOB open for them after graduating?

Catherine Almelor said...

Almelor,Catherine A. BBF I-5, Discussion #18

Mr.President,What have you done so far to fulfill those promises I've heard during campaign? Do you think that convicting CJ Corona is enough to be said that you've already cleaned up our corrupt judiciary?

As far as I remember you've said that you will provide us jobs. Well, I watched the television and it says that you already deal with so many investors to invest in our country but still there are so many Filipinos who doesn't have a job until now.Thank you and more power to your administration :)

Catherine Almelor said...
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AngPropesora said...

33 comments on the first day of this thread. I liked all your responses. It shows you're updated with the news and the questions you pose are very logical and significant. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

paolo ching said...
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paolo ching said...

Ching, Allan Paolo V.

First, i will ask him this:

"What kind of hardships have you already experience in your whole life?"

Then, i shall follow it with:

"How many percent do you think can you relate to the lives of every Filipino people?"

I will ask these questions to know if he really knows what the Filipinos need. If he can relate to the lives of then ones who he is supposed to serve, only by then can he really grant what the Filipino people needs.

Gizelle Anne Abela said...


dumating po ba sa punto ng buhay nyo na pinagsisihan nyong tumakbo kayo sa pagkapresidente dito sa ating bansa?

-gusto ko din malaman yung totoong dahilan ng kanyang pagtakbo. kung sya ba ay napilitan lang o gusto nya talaga ito

Lockhart Tifa said...

Patiño, Trishia Bianca A. BSA 1-11

"Mr. President, aside from the changes brought by your administration, what else can your administration do this 2012? What other changes can we expect from your administration that can uplift our country by this year?"

erickokun said...

Manantan, Erick James C. BSCOE 2-3

my first question to the president of the philippines and that is Mr. Noynoy aquino:

what are you doing? do you think you are being a servant leader of this country?

then why is there a lot of jobless people, a lot of people who walk and hold on the knife to desperation or cant even buy their basic needs? or being forced to sell their body in order to earn money just to support their family?

and about the education of the people of this country:

do you think k+12 will be successful?

then where can we use the k+12 system of education? to other countries? or to our country?

and how about those schools that lacks funds or budgets to improve their facilities, add more room and more chairs, can they even use the k+12 system knowing that they can't even afford to improve their classroom, a classroom that were being shared by grades 1 and 2 or grades 4 and 5 or grades 5 and 6 and a classroom that has a population of 80-100 students?

that is all the questions i want to ask.

makmak said...

Balilla, Krystal Airah Mae P.
BSA 1-11

"Being Aquino is in the blood. What if you're not an Aquino, Do you think you can attain the position?"

Ellen Mae Berboso said...
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John Nelvin Neil Angeles said...

Angeles, John Nelvin Neil F.
BSA 1-20

Do you really want to be a president at the first place? Or it just come up on your mind because your mother died before that election? I know you became determined for that sorrowful event mr. President but do you really expect to win if your mother didn’t die before that election ?

What is your stand on Panatag Island Issue ? We know your mother Mrs. Corazon Aquino and you is a part Chinese and a part Filipino, does it affect your descisions on this issue ? Hope you answer all my curiousity’s questions . Thank You and Godbless Mr. President

Lockhart Tifa said...

Patiño, Trishia Bianca A. BSA 1-11

"Mr. President, aside from the changes brought by your administration, what else can your administration do this 2012? What other changes can we expect from your administration that can uplift our country by this year?"

I ask this because we Filipinos usually expect from every president that their administration will bring a lot changes to our country before the end of every year. Thank you Mr. President.

Rel Joseph Martinez said...

Rel Joseph P. Martinez, BSA 1-20

Can he really transform this country into a better one?

mariz aguinaldo said...

Aguinaldo, Mariz P. BSA 1-20

"Besides implementing K12, what are your other plans to increase the quality of education in this country? And do you think we have the budget for these projects?"

Ellen Mae Berboso said...

Berboso, Ellen Mae G.
BSA 1-20

What are your plans to decrease unemployment and underemployment in the Philippines?

-I asked this because nowadays, finding a job that fits your course is still a big problem. Maybe we have many graduates, but we lack jobs in the country. In the first place we study for our future. How can we do that if job opportunities aren't enough? And also many Filipinos are experiencing poverty because of this problem.

Another question, how will you rate your administration based on what you've done for the country?

-I'm just curious about his evaluation on his own works. I want to know if he's satisfied with what changes he brought for the betterment of the country.

tetch said...

Abadines, Jessica T. BSA 1-11

"What do you think are the qualities that you have that the past presidents lack to give progress to this country?"

Anonymous said...

BSA 1-8

How can you help a student like me?

-I want to ask this question simply because I want to know what was his platforms that will help ordinary students like me.

Joselle Anne Intano said...

Intano, Joselle Anne B. BSA 1-20

I’ll ask him what does he feels about the declining of his approval and trust ratings. And what actions he’s planning to do with regards to this alarming issue. Of course, this is a “wake-up call” to the palace even though the majority of the Filipinos are still in favor to his performance.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Novio, Anne mae
BBF 1-5

If the Filipino people keep on resisting and disobeying your rules and regulation, are you going to declare a martial law?

jeffrey gonzalvo said...

Gonzalvo, Jeffrey G. BSA 1-11

With all the problems bombarding the Philippines now (unemployment, poor quality in education, inflation, corruption, overpopulation and etc.), do you think that focusing on former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's cases with her allies would do good to the Philippines and the Filipino people or is it the best thing for the Philippines?

Because I've just noticed that the government or the Pinoy regime on its 2 years is more focusing on former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and with allies' cases like former Chief Justice Corona. It became the highlight and big issues to our country . As I see , nothing big changes happened to our country but else more misery. But I hope that he could even change it with his 4 more years.

Catherine Fermin said...

Fermin, Catherine
BSA 1-11

I will ask him this question:

"What kind of president would you like to be remembered by the Filipinos?"
because right now, I don't really know where his administration is leading. and..

"When will the Philippines stop from hiding at the back of United States and be a really independent country?"

Jayson Mark Santos said...

Santos, Jayson Mark C. BSA 1-20

Most of us know the big issue about the waiver that the CJ Corona wants you to fill up, why is it that you, the president, disagrees with his deal while others agree? Is it better if you will approve for the said deal to clear that you're really innocent about the accusations to you?

Princes Lucas said...

Lucas, Princes S.
BSA 1-11
"Mr. President, another alarming controversy bothered our country this few weeks concerning a Jordanian journalist named Baker Atyani together with his 2 Filipino cameramen who were gone missing in Sulu a day after Atyani’s conducted interview with the mayor of Sulu in connection with the Islamist group, Abu Sayyaf. There are these speculations that Baker Atyani is engaged on conspiracy with the Abu Sayyaf, but for some angles, he and his 2 companions could also be a victim of kidnapping. Mr. President I would like to know your personal view regarding this matter because this is really a serious issue and what we are pointing here is the government’s capability to protect the press people/the media who jeopardize their life for truth revelation and for one, we are talking here of a large group of rebellion that our country must be aware of.”

gladys golingan said...

Golingan, Gladys S.
BSA 1-8

If I would be given a chance to ask the president, i would ask:

"How do you keep yourself positive and focus on your job as the president of our country despite of all the critisisms being thrown to you by your fellow countrymen?"

Anonymous said...

BSA 1-8

If i will be given the chance to ask question to our Pres. Aquino, I would like to know if the program of the DepEd-K+12 is helpful in the education of our country? And aside from that question is that I wanna ask what is his opinion about the humors that he enjoys the support of mass media as he attacks Corona that many people say and think that what he is doing is a kind of a show to distract attention from the growing economic and social problems?

I ask this questions for I believe that our country doesn't need more education but a better ones and to prove that we can do more in less time than the other countries and I also believe that on the issues about Corona, he is not enjoying about it but I know that he is still finding ways to solve the economic and social problems here in our country.

Beatriz Crisostomo said...


At this point of your term as the President of the Philippines, do you think you have surpassed the legacy and achievements of your parents?

I want to know his capabilities and potentials as a president and if he can live up with the expectations of his countrymen as the son of Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Sr. and the late President Cory Aquino.

Leah Camille Cabela said...

Cabela,Leah Camille C. BSA 1-11

"What will you do to lessen the unemployed people here & boost our economic situation?"

Because as we can see most of our fellowmen doesn't have work/job that can help them to earn income for their family .as a result of that, most families has financial problem and with that problem starts different problem .

Leah Camille Cabela said...

Cabela,Leah Camille C. BSA 1-11

"What will you do to lessen the unemployed people here & boost our economic situation?"

Because as we can see most of our fellowmen doesn't have work/job that can help them to earn income for their family .as a result of that, most families has financial problem and with that problem starts different problem .

mareyluwisrikaro said...

Ricaro, Marie Louise S. BSA 1-11

As an ordinary citizen of the Philippines, i would like to ask him:

"Do you think it's reasonable and fair that the Philippines lend $1 billion to the International Monetary Fund? Bangko Sentral said that it is one way of supporting the stabilization of the world economy, but, why not give the $1 billion to the Filipino people? I believe that what resources the Philippines has, should be enjoyed by the Filipinos. We're so lacking in terms of budget for example in education. It would be really helpful if that amount would be spend in the improvement of the lives of its people.

John Rey Niebres said...


Now that you're almost 2 years serving our Conuntry, what are your future plans that will make the Philippines to the top?

Iris Chiara Gosgolan said...

Iris Chiara R. Gosgolan BSA 1-11

"Mr. President, do you think you exceeded or exceed what your parents, late Sen. Ninoy Aquino and late Pres. Cory Aquino did in their terms for the progress of our country?"

John Rey Niebres said...
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ediza lustica said...

Lustica, Ediza C. BSA 1-11

One thing I would like to ask Mr. President is " How does it feel when you are giving your best to be a good and responsible leader but still your administration receives bad critics and how can you prove them that they are wrong? "
I would like to ask him this question because being a former CAT Officer, I also experienced receiving bad comments from my schoolmates but still I have my own ways of showing them how responsible I am to comply with my tasks.

marilou gutierrez said...

Gutierrez,Marilou Z. BSA1-11

Mr. President, Why is it that we can't feel the major changes that you promised ?

Kase kung natupad mo na mga pinangako mo bakit marami pa rin ang mga pamilyang below the poverty line & marami pa ring humihilera sa Mendiola para magprotesta?

Eliza Cardiño said...

Cardiño, Ma. Samantha Crisanta Eliza B., BSA 1-11

if you don't mind Mr. President, what is your biggest accomplishment you've done for the Filipinos especially when it comes to the number of unemployed people?

I just want you to ask this question because if you already did something to solve this problem, why is that the number of unemployed Filipinos are still increasing in lieu of decreasing its rate?..

Miguel Mozo said...

BSA 1-11

"When will the ordinary people of the Philippines can actually feel the economic growth that your administration is telling the public?"

Aquino administration always informs the people about the economic growth of our country, but according to some statistics, poverty has always been increasing. I believe that only owners of big companies are the ones who are getting the best of our economic growth, especially those who are engaged with foreign transactions. Economic growth is useless unless we, the ordinary citizens of the Philippines can actually feel it.

Jan Marie Fausto said...

Fausto, Jan Marie C. BSA I-20

Do you have upcoming programs that you think could help solve the problems (poverty, high crime rates, pollution etc.) of our country?

Do you think that you’re a more suitable president than our former Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo?

jewel pajarito said...
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jewel pajarito said...
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Cherry Lish Recosana said...
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Cherry Lish Recosana said...

Recosana, Cherry Lish M.
BSA 1-20

Bakit po ba natin kailangan magpahiram ng isang bilyong dolyar sa IMF sa gayong wala naman itong magiging epekto sa kasalukuyan? Bakit po hindi na lang natin ginamit ang ganoong kalaking halaga upang maipandagdag sa pondo ng mga bagong proyekto ng gobyerno o hindi kaya ay sa pondo ng edukasyon lalo na ngayon dahil inuumpisahan ng ipatupad ang K+12 program?

Gusto ko lang po kasing malaman kung bakit inuna niya ang magpahiram ng pera kesa solusyunan ang mga problemang hinaharap ng bansa.

jewel pajarito said...

Pajarito, Jewel Shenette T. BSA 1-9

"Mr. President, who do you think is the deserving one that can take your place as a president on the 2016 presidential election and why?"

-Because I want to know if his presidential bet has the same principle like him and will continue the projects of the President in the future.

Arvin Lanuevo said...


If our president would give me a chance to ask him, I would ask him this question: Mr. President , what can you do to prevent or at least lessen the brain drain or colonial mentality of Filipinos ?

I want to ask that question because we all know that we lack in professionals so I want to know what will be his solution or action to that problem.

Mike Angelo Zapata said...

Now that Corona is impeached, are you confident that you can now implement your plans to improve the economic status of the country?

Rachelle Laureta said...

Laureta, Rachelle Mae L.
BSA 1-20

Mr. President, naipapatupad din ba ang pagtahak sa matuwid na daang ipinangako mo noong nakaraang eleksyon? Kung oo, ano na ang mga proyektong iyong ipinatupad at ipatutupad pa para sa ikauunlad ng ating bansa?

Tingin mo ba, kaya mo pang ibalik ang tiwala ng mga Pilipino sa ating pamahalaan?

ryan jay tadeo said...

BSA 1-20

as a ordinary student, I will ask him:

Mr. President, if you don't mind, What do you think will happen in this country by the end of your term?

gusto ko lang pong tanungin kung anong maikocontribute niya sa ating bansa sa pagtatapos ng kanyang termino

John Christopher Amante said...


"Mr. President, How can you stop the Filipinos on saying that the Republic of the Philippines is not on the bottom of the other countries ?" Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Resuello, Judith C. BSA 1-9

Overpopulation is one of the major problems here in our country. Our government is lacking in programs to prevent it. So, if I were given a privilege to ask a question to Pres. Noynoy, I would ask him this question, "Mr. President,what do you think are the other solutions to prevent the overpopulation in our country aside from the RH Bill?"

Angelica Merced said...

BSA 1-11

"Now that k+12 was already implemented. Do you think that the students that finish their 5th year is actually ready intellectually to serve for our country? "

Philippines is a 3rd world country. So for us to be progressive country, we have to have skilled and trained workers to improve our labor force. Well labor force is a big factor to the flow of our economy. So i think its not that good idea to let students who just finish 5th year to work.

Jeff Levie Leona said...

Leona, Jeff Levie E. BSCoE II-3

Kung ako ay mabibigyan ng pagkakataon na makausap si PNoy, marami akong katanungan sakanya. Una na dito ay kung sakali bang hindi sumakabilang buhay ang kanyang ina na si dating Pangulong Corazon “Cory” Aquino, tatakbo ba siya sa posisyong ginagampanan niya ngayon? Ito ay dahil sa naniniwala ako na wala sa kanyang isipan noon ang pagtakbo bilang pangulo kung hindi lamang dahil sa pagpanaw ng kanyang ina.
Ang pangalawa kong katanungan ay ano ang magiging aksyon niya sa mga mining companies na patuloy na sinisira ang Pilipinas at walang iniiwang mabuting bakas sa mga residente na nakatira malapit sa kanilang pinagmiminahan? Nais ko ito itanong sakanya dahil nakikita ko na hindi nakikinabang ang sambahayang Pilipino sa kinikita ng mga international mining companies na naandito sa Pilipinas.

jennifer labayne said...

Labayne, Jennifer D. BSA 1-11
Why did you run as a president ?
Is it only for popularity or for the sake of the Filipinos?


lilibeth de guzman said...

DE GUZMAN,Lilibeth A. BSA 1-11

Mr, president, after your term as the president of our country, do you think there would be a big economical development and attainment of national goals for common people?

lilibeth de guzman said...
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lilibeth de guzman said...
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lilibeth de guzman said...
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jehrliten salvador said...

Salvador. Jehrliten, BSCoE II-3

Mr. President, papayag ka ba na ang kalikasan ang maging kapalit sa kagustuhan mo na umunlad pa lalo ang ating bansa?

Anonymous said...

Apuad, Kimberly M.
BSA 1-20
..Bkit po nagpautang pa ang ating bansa ng napalaking salapi sa ibang bansa habang naghihirap pa ang mga mamamayang Pilipino??

Michael Natanawan said...

Natanawan, Michael Angelo B.

Maraming salamat po sa inyong katanungan. Kung ako po ay mabibigyan ng isang pagkakataon upang makausap ang ating Pangulo, una sa lahat itatanong ko sa kanya kung anu-ano ang mga plano niya para mapaunlad ang ating bansa. Ikalawa, kung handa ba ang pilipinas sa anuman digmaan na maaring maganap. Ikatlo at huling katanungan, alam nating lahat na may mga pangako ang ating pangulo na binitawan sa atin. Nais kong itanong kung nagawa na ba niya ang mga ito.

ito po ang aking mga katanungan kung sakaling magkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na makausap ang ating pangulo.

Michael Natanawan said...

Natanawan, Michael Angelo B.

Maraming salamat po sa inyong katanungan. Kung ako po ay mabibigyan ng isang pagkakataon upang makausap ang ating Pangulo, una sa lahat itatanong ko sa kanya kung anu-ano ang mga plano niya para mapaunlad ang ating bansa. Ikalawa, kung handa ba ang pilipinas sa anuman digmaan na maaring maganap. Ikatlo at huling katanungan, alam nating lahat na may mga pangako ang ating pangulo na binitawan sa atin. Nais kong itanong kung nagawa na ba niya ang mga ito.

ito po ang aking mga katanungan kung sakaling magkaroon ako ng pagkakataon na makausap ang ating pangulo.

Christine Regines said...

BSA 1-9

What is his next move or plan for the growth of the economics of the Philippines?

Because it seems that the government focuses more on the anomalies of the previous administration. Yes it’s good, but we have to face it, that there are still people who are really unfortunate that needs attention, who can’t afford education, and can’t even fill their empty stomach. But then, six-year-term is too short, so they have to focus more on the development of the economic.

Rea Ann De Jose said...


"Last two years, when you're still running as president, you opposed to the idea of reviving the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Now that you're already the president of our country, are you still against of reviving it and why?"

Since one of the biggest problems in the Philippines today is the insufficient supply of energy, the revival of the BNPP can help in supplying the energy needed by the country.

camille sureta said...

Camille V. Sureta, BSA I-20

Mr. President, what can you say about Vice President Binay urging you to give the National Artist Award to the comedy king, Dolphy? Do you think Mr. Quizon Sr. really deserve the said award?

Lexter James Alegre said...

Alegre, Lexter James M. BSCOE II-3

How does it feel to be the son of two great people?
Because being in this situation is hard for President Noynoy carries tons and tons of expectation from the people of the Philippines and other people in the world. I want to know how he deals with times when he is achievements are compared to the great achievements of his parents.

Xena Koo said...

Koo, Princess Lois Xena F., BSA I-11

"Mr. Noynoy Aquino, what would you do to the people who would ask for your financial support, especially the illegitimate children unrecognized by their parent/s?"

- I could see a lot of children who are in this kind of situation where his or her parent/s and the legal family do not give the proper support for them. I am just curious on the things that he would do in the said situation.

camille sureta said...

Camille V. Sureta, BSA I-20

with due respect MR. President, what if you're not the son of the late Benigno Aquino Sr. and late Cory Aquino, do you think you're the President of our country now?

Gladys Mataac said...

BSA I-11

If I were given a chance to ask a question to our President, it would be, if our country is really cultivating and developing, why does we, citizens of the Philippines didn't feel the disentanglement of it? This might be the question that we would mostly prefer ask to our President. Simple reason, as an exemplary citizen of our country, I didn't even feel the improving of the Philippines. Our President used to say that our country is growing, we will believe in it if we see or feel it. As what the saying goes, to see is to believe. So simple, right?

Jeffsey Legaspi said...

Legaspi, Jeffsey C., BSCoE 2-3

Simula ng umupo ka sa iyong pwesto bilang pangulo, nakapagsinungaling ka na ba sa taong bayan? Kung oo, ano-ano ang mga ito?

Ito ang nais kong itanong dahil na rin siguro sa nabasa kong isyu tungkol kay Pastor Jeremiah Wright Jr. ng Trinity United Church of Christ sa Estados Unidos na nagsabing lahat ng gobyerno ay nagsisinungaling lamang sa tao. Alam kong napakababaw ng katanungang ito pero naiisip ko rin kung ano ba talaga ang mga bagay sa likod ng mga nagawa niya na hindi alam ng karamihan. Ano ba ang mga isyu na nasa likod ng impeachment trial ni Corona? Ano ba ang totoong plano sa K+12 program? Ano ba talaga ang katotohanan sa likod ng kanyang "tuwid na daan"? Isama na rin dito ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw niyang pirmahan ang "waiver" upang makita ng taumbayan ang nilalaman ng kanyang SALN. Kasi kung walang masamang bahid ang kanyang administrasyon, dapat ay walang reklamo ngayon ang karamihan ng mga Pilipino. Nararamdaman ko kasi na may mga bagay na hindi natin alam na patuloy nilang itinatago sa taumbayan simula ng siya'y maupo. Hindi naman kasi tayo kokontra sa mga ginagawa niya kung wala tayong tinatawag na "masamang kutob" na kumakabog sa ating kalooban. Kung talagang nagawa niya ng tapat ang kanyang katungkulan, hindi siya mag-aatubiling sagutin ito ng diretso na may paliwanag. Kailangan niyang isipin na konsensya na lang niya ang makakalaban niya kung magsisinungaling siya sa katanungan kong ito.

Armendo Delos Reyes said...

deLos Reyes, Armendo B. BBF I-5

Kung magkakaroon po ako ng pagkakataon na makausap ang ating pangulo, isa lang po ang itatanong ko ..

Meron po ba talagang magbabago sa katayuan ng ating bansa ? will there be real change ?

Glaiza Asadon said...

Asadon , Glaiza Jane B. BSA 1-9

Mr. President,do you think you're better than your mother as a president?
Because it's hard to imagine that many Filipinos are not satisfied with the way you lead our country.

Gaudioso Agus said...

Agus, Gaudioso Jr. E. BSA 1-9

Mr. President, as you have implemented the K+12 and since according to you we were left behind by other Asian countries in the field of education. Would the government provide jobs for the K+12 or senior high school graduates over the college graduates?

Genel Delos Santos said...

Delos Santos, Genel L. BSA 1-9

If I were given the honor to ask the president a question, this would be my question, "What makes you different from all the former presidents of our country?"

i wanted to know his answer on this question because i can't see any difference in our nation under his governance which makes him similar with our past leaders.

lovely ann roxas said...

Roxas, Lovely Ann B., BSA 1-11
To be given a chance to ask the President it would be a great and exciting experience yet a a heart pounding experience as well. Anyway my questions will be:
1. Do you think you fulfill your duties and responsibilities as being the President? How?
2. To be honest, are you in favor to the Supreme Court's decision by disseminating the Hacienda Luisita to the tenants and farmers? Why?
3. If ever a genie would grant you a power, what specific power you would ask for? Why?
I want to know if he is satisfied from the contributions he had done to the country and his answer to the recent issues about the Hacienda luisita since everyone is curious about his opinion regarding this issue.

Gilbert Clemente said...

Clemente, Gilbert F.
BSCoE 2-3

Pangulong Aquino, nabalitaan ko po na magpapautang kayo sa International Monetary Fund (IMF) ng isang bilyong dolyar dahil sa inyong palagay ay mas mainam itong gawin kaysa hayaang nakatenga ang pera bilang gross international reserves dahil hindi naman ito maaring gamitin sa mga programa ng gobyerno na naayon narin sa batas. Nais ko lang po itanong kung pano nyo po nasisiguro na kikita ang perang "ating" ipapautang? at kung kikita o tutubo man ito, san nyo po balak ilaan ang perang malilikom?

Kevin Jasper Bahia said...

Bahia, Kevin Jasper BSCOE II-3

Kung ako po ay mabibigyan ng isang pribilehiyo na makapagtanong sa ating mahal na pangulo, ako ay magtatanong patungkol sa ginawa ng gobyerno na pagpapautang sa ibang bansa .Para san ba ang ginawang pagpapautang ?Ito ba ay para lamang magpabango sa ibang bansa ?Bakit hindi na lamang inilaan ang pinautang sa mga mahihirap, edukasyon ,pagkain ,damit at iba pang suliranin na ikinahaharap ng ating bansa ?

Marahil kaya ko ito natanong ay dahil na rin sa napaisip ako kung hindi nyo po ba nakikita ang suliranin ng ating bansa at mas binibigyan nyo pa ng importansya ang pag.uutang sa iba.

Roselyn Monforte said...

Monforte, Roselyn, BSA I-9

Do you think the Budget in Education that you made is enough for the Filipinos who is studying and want to study ?
-- because I just want to know his opinion about this matter . As you can see even though we had a budget in education still there's a lot of youth who's not entering school because of the reason they can't afford the tuition fees,miscellaneous fees,books and other materials that they must use in school. And also the facilities of the school is not enough to hold many students who want and who is studying.

Grace Loraine Borres said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ceasar Justin silo said...


Maybe I'll ask him if how would he probably deal with the Issues about the China-Philippines Dispute, It's the Problem I'm most interested with..

Jonalyn Cagomoc said...

CAGOMOC, Jonalyn S.
BSA 1-11

" Mr. President, there are many OFWs in China that could be sentenced with death penalty and on previous cases like this, you sent the vice president to China in order to fix the problem. But then, the penalty is still pushed through. My question is, why not you go there and fix the problem because you are the president and the Filipinos trust you so much?"

I asked this question because I think it will be effective if the president will go there, not that I am saying the vice president is not effective in dealing in this kind of problem. After all, President Aquino gave his word that he will protect us.

jonel cunanan said...

ang itatanong ko po ay ano po ang gagawin nya ukol sa panayag shoal o scarborough shoal, kung ipaglalaban ba nya ito o ipauubaya nalang nya ito sa china?
yun lang po thank you!!
jonel cunanan BSA1-8

Onibal Estrera said...

Estrera, Onibal Marion A. BSA I-9

Ang gusto ko lang itanong sa ating Presidente ng Pilipinas na si Ginoo Noynoy Aquino na kung tayo po ay pang lima sa hanay ng mga bansa na kinilalang may pinakamalaking pagbabago sa pagkakaroon ng kapayapaan sa bansa, sa tingin niyo po ba na malaking pagkakataon na maraming dayuhan ang pupunta sa bansa dahil sa kapayapaan at seguridad sa ating bansa, kahit minsan meron pong mga nangyayari na hindi nila alam sa ating lipunan, yun lang po at maraming salamat po...

-Hindi nakakapaniwala na tumitinding kapayapaang pagsisikap na ginawa ng administrasyong Aquino sa ngayon sapagkat sa pagkakaalam ko na puro bad news lang naririnig ko sa kanila.

trina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
whendell velarde said...

Velarde , Whendell , BSA 1-20

What action will you do for stopping mining , specially in Palawan?

This is my question because mining projects there causes destruction in our environment and to the lives of the people who lives there !

Michelle Bernardino said...

BSA 1-9

If i were to ask our present leader, i'm going to seek an answer about approving and agreeing with the implementation of K to 12 program in the Philippines. Here is my point why i've chosen this question; We all know that K+12 can elevate and raise the quality of education of every Filipino as well as their lifestyle but there's a hindrance that will not make sense of this program. Poverty, Lack of Government's Budget, Few Facilities to use out, Economic Crisis and personal Triumphs. Aquino's administration should be well prepared before doing any step.

Jasrel Ilagan said...

Ilagan, Jasrel B.,BSA 1-11

I would like to ask this question to our president:
"President Aquino, do you have plans on how to improve the education in some remote areas?"

As we all know, low quality education is being teach in these local areas. Aside from that, education facilities is a must in these areas. I would like to know if there's still a chance for them to have a better education.

elizabeth buencamino said...

Buencamino, Ma. Carmela Dolores Angela V., BSA 1-20
If I will be given the chance to talk with President Noy I will ask him about the giving of award as one of the "National Artist" to Dolphy.This is because of his contributions to the Philippine Movie/Cinema. It is about time that we paid tribute to all these contributions and give this award while he is still alive so that he will be able to accept it personally and feel his importance as a Filipino Comedian/Artist through the National Artist Award.

wayne iwarat said...

Iwarat, Wayne SJ. BSA 1-11

"Bakit nyo naman po naisip na ipatupad sa Pilipinas ang k+12? Bukod sa dahilang tayo na lang sa Asia ang hindi ganoon ang kurikulum." Alam naman po nating lahat na maraming mga bata ang hindi nag-aaral dahil sa kahirapan at marami rin po ang mga eskwelahan na kulang sa rooms and facilities. Bakit hindi na lang po ang pagdaragdag ng mga classrooms at mga guro ang pagtuunan ng pansin? Baka po mas maraming bata ang mawalan ng gana sa pag-aaral sa dami ng taong kailangan nilang pumasok.

Jasrel Ilagan said...

Ilagan, Jasrel B.,BSA 1-11

I would like to ask this question to our president:
"President Aquino, do you have plans on how to improve the education in some remote areas?"

As we all know, low quality education is being teach in these local areas. Aside from that, education facilities is a must in these areas. I would like to know if there's still a chance for them to have a better education.

Angeli Kristine Sollano said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judy Anne Caballero said...

Caballero, Judy Anne A. BSA 1-9

If I were given a chance to asked a question to our president,I would simply say..

" Mr. President Aquino, as you said to your SONA last year and when your still campaigning, do you think that our economic growth is going to the right path? Do you think that there's an improvement since you became the President of the republic of the Philippines?

thank you.

Angeli Kristine Sollano said...

Sollano, Angeli Kristine BSA 1-9

Mr. President, if you are going to choose the next chief justice, who would it be?

Why? Because Chief justice's position is a long term position in the government office, so the president must choose the most qualified applicant to that position. Chief Justice must be fair to all cases,just,humane and God fearing person so he will not lead the people into wrong decision. People of the Philippines should not suffer by the wrong chief justice so the president must choose very carefully.

trina said...

Agres, Trina Marie B.

When your term ends, are you confident enough to say that you helped our country to be more stable economically?

Erika Florencio said...

Florencio, Ma. Erika M. BSA 1-20 Discussion #18

As a graduate of BA Economics, what are your projects concerning the finding of solution in our problems
in terms of finance, business and money?

I want to ask this question to Pres. Aquino because our country, Philippines, is still under the Third World Countries. Meaning we are still a developing country and we must use our budget in our own needs like our poor education and not lending $1B to IMF.

Grace Loraine Borres said...

Borres, Grace Loraine M. BSCOE 2-3
Nasa maayos daw na kondisyon ang ating ekonomiya kaya kayang magpautang ng 1 bilyong dolyar. Ano bang mas magandang maidudulot ng pagpapautang na ito kaysa sa ilaan na lang ito sa edukasyon lalo na't pinatupad na ang K to 12 program?

GOGUMA~choding said...

dela Cruz,Myrnadeth M.,BSCHEM 1-2

I would like to ask if what are his plans about our agriculture?Does he really believe that capitalism would make everybody rich?

joshua falsario said...

Falsario, Joshua S. BSA 1-11

Are you willing to accept Corona’s challenge? Are you willing to show all your assets?

gusto ko lang malaman kung gaano kayaman si Pnoy

kyla megan said...

Aguila, Kyla Megan BSA 1-9

This question for you is regarding our economic status. Do you think that our economy is stable enough for the country to lend a very large amount of money?

I simply ask this question because nowadays, it is obvious that we are not that capable to help other country because our own country needs more attention. A good exaple is the situation of our Education and health in the country

cynthia mae pama said...

Pama, Cynthia Mae BSA I-9

why do government kept on forcing illegal settlers demolished their houses without proper relocation?

because lot of them are complaining why they need to relocate immediately to the place without proper electricity and water as well as sufficient business and lifestyle.

Nikki Mae Banga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nikki Mae Banga said...


Kumg mabibigyan ako ng pagkakataon na magtanung sa ating Pangulo,,ang aking itatanung ay "kung hindi po ba namatay ang ating dating Pangulong si Corazon Aquino ay tatakbo po ba kayo bilang Presidente ng ating bansa?

Dahil alam naman nating lahat na nagsimula ang panawagang tumakbo bilang Pangulo ng ating bansa si PNOY ng mamatay si dating Pangulo Corazon Aquino,,napaisip lang po ako na kung di po ba namatay si dating Pangulo Corazon Aquino ay tatakbo kaya si PNOY bilang Presidente ng bansang Pilipinas?

Emmanuel Daryl Umali said...

Umali, Emmanuel Daryl E.
BSCoE II-3, Discussion # 18

mr. noynoy aquino, anu ba ang mas aatupagin mo, ang pangliligaw b? o ang pilipinas? kasi naman po palaging binabalita na nanliligaw ka sa pa-iba't ibang babae. pwede naman po na walang asawa ang presidente,diba?? ang importante ay ang pagtahak nang tuwid na landas at makatulong sa iyong mga nasasakupan. bakit pa kyo naghahanap nang inyong mapapangasawa? siguro ang nasa isip nyo'y para magkaroon nang katuwang at inspirasyon sa buhay, subalit datapwat pwede namang bayan ang inyong gawing inspirasyon at katuwang sa buhay.

Patricia Dela Cruz said...

Dela Cruz, Patricia S.
Pres. Aquino. Sa nalalapit po na pagtatapos ng nyong termino bilang pangulo n gating bansa, ano pos a tingin nyo ang pinaka malaki o ang pinaka mahalangang bagay na inyong naitulong o naiambag para sa ating inang bayan sa at mga mamamayan nito? Sa inyo pong palagay, sapat na po kaya ito upang aming masabi na natupad na ninyo ang mga binitawan nyong salita noong kayo ay nanumpa sa ating republika? Natahak nap o ba talaga naten ang sinasabi nyong matuwid na landas?

Pinky Pal-lingayan said...

Pal-lingayan, Pinky S.

Bago matapos ang termino mo Bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas, ano o anu-ano ang mga bagay na maaari mong maiwan o maipamahagi sa mga mamamayan na iyong pinamumunuan upang masabi na ikaw ay nakapag-iwan ng pangalan hindi lamang bilang Ika-15 Pangulo ng Pilipinas kundi para mapabilang sa isa sa mga mahuhusay na Pinuno sa Pilipinas?

Sa papaanong paraan mo maihahantulad at mapagkakaiba ang iyong sariling istilo o pamamaraan ng iyong pamumuno sa mga naunang Pangulo ng Pilipinas?

Mababago mo ba ang pananaw ng mga tao na ang Gobyerno ng Pilipinas ay kurakot?

Sa palagay mo, anu ang pinakamalaki mong proyekto ang iyong napagtagumpayan na nakapagbigay ng magandang pagbabago sa Piipinas na matatamasa ng mga mamamayan sa loob ng mahabang panahon?

Patricia Dela Cruz said...

Dela Cruz, Patricia S.
BSCoE 2-3

Pres. Aquino. Sa nalalapit po na pagtatapos ng nyong termino bilang pangulo n gating bansa, ano pos a tingin nyo ang pinaka malaki o ang pinaka mahalangang bagay na inyong naitulong o naiambag para sa ating inang bayan sa at mga mamamayan nito? Sa inyo pong palagay, sapat na po kaya ito upang aming masabi na natupad na ninyo ang mga binitawan nyong salita noong kayo ay nanumpa sa ating republika? Natahak nap o ba talaga naten ang sinasabi nyong matuwid na landas?

john gabriel mina said...

Mina, John Gabriel C. BSA 1-9

kailan pa ba masosolusyon ang problem sa palawan na kung saan ay sinisira na ng ibang mining companies ang likas yaman ng palawan?

madalas ko kasing naririnig at nakikita sa tv ang nagyayari sa palawan.. nagtataka lang ako kung bakit hanggan ngaun wala pa din nangyayari solusyon sa problem sa likas yaman ng palawan

Saskia Malayka Marzan said...

MARZAN, Saskia Malayka G., BSA I-8

"Mr. President, what are your plans to strengthen the economic status of the country... and the trust of the people?

Kingsley Cariaga said...

Cariaga, Kingsley BSA I-9

What was your stand and reaction about the proposal of PNB for the foreign country, which intended to lend a money at a price of 1 billion pesos as a form of financial assistance?

As a president, he is the one who shoulders all of the nations burden including the peoples' violent reaction about the issue, for me, he has the right to defend himself to have a sense of fairness on his side and to get a right criticism from the people around him.

John Gabriel Mina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Gabriel Mina said...

Mina, John Gabriel C.
BSA 1-9

Good evening Mr. President, what can you say about the present situation in our country regarding the education of the youth in public schools? There are many problems like lacking of classrooms, books and even teachers. How can you secure the future of this youth? How can they study and learn when everything is lacking? I want to ask this question because i heard that you are willing to lend some money to IMF, why don't you just use that fund to give this youth the brighter future?

Jhai Santos said...

Gravador, Mariah Joy M.
BSA 1-11

As of now, people are not satisfied in terms of the programs that you are implementing. It seems like there is no reformation happening. If you were given a chance to stay longer in your position, how will you correct and prove to all the Filipinos that you have done so far and good especially that they have expected a lot from you because of being a son of Former president Cory Aquino and Benigno Aquino?

We all know that all "CHANGES" requires a lot of time. It is not like a magic that in just a snap of our hands, then BOOM! We should listen to his explanation. Maybe, he has better plans.

rollene ricamora said...

Mr. president do you think the implementation of k+12 will help to raise the education in our country?

Myrafe Malpal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Myrafe Malpal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clarisse Cortejo said...

Cortejo, Clarisse, BSA 1-9, Discussion #18
How sure you are that implementing K-12 will make the education system in the Philippines better? Or will produce more educated Filipinos?

Don’t you think that it’s not merely the number of years, but rather the standard of learning that is being fed by the students? I’m not against the K-12 program but I think the school’s facilities and the needed reference materials especially the public schools and those in the provinces, should be given attention first. Not all can study well because their schools are not in good condition or they lack materials for teaching.

Bakit magdadagdag pa ng panibagong aasikasuhin kung yung mga simpleng problema di pa naman nabibigyan ng solusyon, hindi pa naman naaaksyunan. Kung sa tingin nila makakaangat na ang Pilipinas sa kalidad ng edukasyon dahil sa isang magandang panukala na nagmumukhang panakip butas lang naman sa tunay na suliranin, hindi ba dapat na pag-isipan muna nila.

Myrafe Malpal said...

Malpal, Myrafe T.BSA 1-11

What is his opinion about lending of Philippines $1 billion loan to the IMF?
Because it is now being questioned by many economists and even simple citizens. I want to know his side about it. Is it good for our country or not?

rollene ricamora said...

Ricamora, Rollene, BBF 1-5, discussion # 18

MR. president do you think the implementation of k+12 will help to raise the education in our country???


Manuel, Marjorie S.G. , BSA I-11
Our country is still under the Third World, but what is your reason why did you lend $1B to IMF?
Isn’t it more important to use that money as our budget in our own needs?

jhon jourel flores said...

Flores, Jhon Jourel M, BSCoE 2-3

Kung ako po ay mabibigyan ng pagkakataon upang tanungin si Pangulong Noynoy Aquino, ang aking itatanong ay kung ano ang kanyang magagawa sa mababang kalidad ng edukasyon ng Pilipinas bago matapos ang kanyang termino, sapagkat kung ikukumpara natin sa ibang bansa, ang mga paaralan sa doon ay napapasama sa mga pinakamagagaling ng paaralan sa buong mundo samantalang ang Pilipinas, kung minsan ay nasa ika-100 na pwesto pataas.Anong rebolusyon o pagbabago ang magagawa niya sa edukasyon ng Pilipinas?

Charlene said...

SANTOS, Charlene S.C. BSA 1-11

Recently, you as well as your administration had been discussing about a certain plan of lending money to International Monetary Fund. My question is "What are your intentions on pursuing such a plan considering our country's obviously having a financial problem?

I'm just being curious because I don't even see a positive outcome of doing such plan. The money that they are about to lend to the IMF would probably be a really big help to the people more especially to the less fortunate ones. Seriously, I am thinking that Noynoy is just trying to be notice or snotty with the IMF as well as the other countries since we're obviously left out again in the development race.

jhon jourel flores said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AngPropesora said...

Kudos to everyone. If I were Mr. Noynoy, I would most likely feel intimidated with your questions. What you have posted are very stimulating in the mind and issues of morality as well. This only proves that students are not only into leisurely things but are certainly also aware with the latest socio-political developments in our country.

MC Bares said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MC Bares said...

Bares, Maria Carry BSA 1-11

Within his two-year in position,how much of his promises to the country had he fulfilled? Can he make great changes in spite of the continuous scant number of people satisfied by his works?

Janet Visaya said...

Visaya, Janet L.
BSCoE 2-3

Isang katanungan para kay Pnoy, anu-ano nga ba ang kanyang mga balakin o plano upang masolusyonan ang ibat-ibang suliranin ng bansa tulad ng walang katapusang kurapsyon, masamang epekto ng di makatarungang pagmimina sa bansa, kakulangan ng trabaho, kapos na pondo sa edukasyon at iba pa.

Dahil nais kong malaman kung paano nya ginagawan ng paraan upang maayos ang mga suliranin ng bansa at kung paano nya papatunayang karapatdapat s'yang pagkatiwalaan ng sambayanang pilipino bilang isang presidenteng daan ng pagbabago.

seth sesalim said...

Sethalou Mae Sesalim
BSA 1-9
"ano po ang maaring nyong maging aksyon tungkol sa mga janitors ng PUP na kasalukuyang nagpoprotesta dahil sa pagkakatanggal sa trabaho?"

dahil para po sa katulad kong estudyante, mahirap pong matuto kung maraming ingay sa aming paligid na nagdudulot ng hindi pagiging komportable sa aming pag aaral.

Edsel Roldan Magura said...

Magura,Edsel Roldan E.
BSCoE 2-3

Mr. Noynoy Aquino, itatanung ko lang po kung ano po ang plano ninyo sa pinag-aagawang Panatag o Scarborough Shoal?

Kasi matagal na usapin na ito na hindi pa rin natin alam kung ano ang kahahantungan.Akala ko po ba idudulog na ito sa International Tribunal for the Law Of the Sea (ITLOS)? eh bkt hanggang ngaun, mukhang wala pa ring nangyayare? Oo nga't umalis na ang mga barko natin at ng Tsina, eh anu naman? wala pa ring kasiguraduhan kung kanino talaga mapupunta ang islang ito.

rollene ricamora said...

ricamora,rollen BBF 1-5. discussion # 18

Let's recall the shocking happened on August 23, 2010, the Rolando Mendoza hostage taking at the Quirino Grandstand which 8 HK were killed by the you think that media did wrong in this situation because of having live coverage that let Mendoza to know and see what are the police and the swat are planning to do outside?

I"m just curious in your answer to this question. . .

May Casimiro said...

Ma. May D. Casimiro BSA 1-11
Since K-12 was already approved, do you have plans in increasing the budget for education?

Because I've been hearing issues about low budget for education. Since K-12 was approved. they should raise fund for education or either stop the what we called "budget cut". We, Students must not suffer from this kind of situation.

Joey Aries Nera said...

Nera, Joey Aries A. BSCOE 2-3

Ano po ba ang mas mahalaga sa inyo ang pagbayarin ang mga taong may kasalanan kung bakit naghihirap ang lipunan o ang lipunan na naghihirap para mabayaran ang mga kasalanan ng mga taong may gawa nito?? Kasi po gusto ko lang malaman kung ang tungkulin ba ng presidente ay magpahuli ng mga may kasalanan o ang tumulong sa lipunan.

jeorge bulado said...
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jeorge bulado said...


Mula sa araw ng iyong pamumuno hanggang sa kasalukuyan, masasabi ninyo po ba na ang bansang Pilipinas ay nasa "tuwid" na landas/daan na?

Elaine Cortez said...

Elaine Cortez BSA 1-9

Sa tingin niyo po, talaga bang nakatutulong ang programang K+12 sa ating paaralan? O lalo lang nitong dinadagdagan ang problema ng ating mga guro?

Edward Angelo Reyes said...


Good Afternoon!
As an ordinary student, I just want to ask our beloved President Noynoy:

"After two years of your service, what happen to your promise of giving us the straight path(good governance)? You have said to your speech that FILIPINOS DESTINED TO LIVE BETTER LIVES! but why can't we still feel it? our country is still suffering from poverty and being bullied by other countries. Many people believes that placing you to that position is the right choice, and they trust in you. I understand you, in your condition, being a leader is not an easy job, it takes lots of responsibilities, but how many years are we going to wait? Where is your promise? We are still waiting!!! Thank you

Hipolito Jr Cutamora said...

Hipolito C. Cutamora Jr.

Mr. President, why did you chose to become a leader of our country rather than a good follower?

Mikee Lesley Ochavillo said...

BSA I-20

Good evening!

Mr. President, what will you do if China declares a war against the Philippines because of the Scarborough Shoal?

I asked this question because I want to know if Mr. President, with all due respect, has the capability to protect our beloved country as well as the citizens.

Thanks for the opportunity. :)

almabp flores said...

BSA 1-20

Mr. President, bakit po ang focus lang ng inyong job oppurtunities ay industrials sa ibang bansa? Is it better if we also focused on agriculture because this will improve Philippines and not other countries.


Irene Velasquez
BSA 1-20

Paano po malulutas ang mga katiwaliang nangyayari sa ating bansa?

Ruffel Ann Caryl Hornilla said...

Hornilla, Ruffel Ann Caryl H.
BSA 1-20

I would ask Mr. President about our money lending to the IMF. It's just so surprising that we have that big amount of money yet the people are still poor. Why not attend to the Filipinos' needs first before lending them the money?

John Edwin Ibe said...

Ibe,John Edwin M. BSA 1-20

Sa tingin mo, ano na sa mga naging programa mo ang nakatulong upang mapababa ang kalagayan ng kahirapan sa bansa, na kung tutuusin ayon sa isang survey ang antas ng kahirapan sa bansa ay lalo pang tumaas?
Nasaan ka na sa daang matuwid?

John Edwin Ibe said...

Ibe,John Edwin M. BSA 1-20

Kung ang desisyon mo na ang susundin, sino ang itatalaga mong bagong chief justice?at bakit?

geoffXx08 said...

Silvederio, Jeffrey A. BSCoE 2-3

Ano po ba ang iyong pangunahing dahilan kung bakit ninyo pinatalsik si CJ Corona?

Mayroon pa po ba kayong tatanggalin na mga politiko?

argie samoya said...
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argie samoya said...


as the president of the Philippines, what are your plans or ways to help restore the so-called PILLARS of the society?

Kia Parilla said...
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Kia Parilla said...

Parilla, Kia Mari R.
BSA 1-20

"Why don't the government venture into oil and natural gas exploration?"

We depend largely in imported oil. The government seems not interested into it. Our oil and natural gas resources are being tap. We let other foreign companies do that. If only we're resourceful enough to use or explore our natural resources in Palawan, Cebu, Leyte and other places in the Philippines, our country will not submerge into poverty..

aris cunanan said...


Paano niyo masasabi na kayo ay isang magaling na Presidente??



Mr. President I would to ask, are you satisfy with the system of leadership that runs over to our country?.Do you think that you did your part as a leader of the Philippines?