Monday, April 4, 2011

Summer Semester 2010-11

Greetings everyone.

I want my students to perform very well in my class, pass the exams and comply with my requirements. Without much ado, let me give to you the grading system.



*University Grading System* *Distribution of Grade*

1.00 97-100 Excellent Mid-Term/ Final Term 30%
1.25 94-96 Excellent Quizzes/ Long Tests/
1.50 91-93 Very Good Seat Works 20%
1.75 88-90 Very Good Recitation 20%
2.00 85-87 Good Project/Report/Assign. 20%
2.25 82-84 Good Class Attendance 10%
2.50 82-84 Satisfactory 100%
2.75 76-78 Satisfactory
3.00 75 Passing
5.00 65-74 Failure

To learn more about the computation, download the computation table.

Grade Adjustments and Taskings
1. The corresponding percentage for every component of the grade is subject to change.

2. The Class Secretary is tasked to do the following:
  • Check the attendance diligently
  • Record the results of exams, assignments, exams and others.
  • Compute the grades
  • Provide the professor copies of class record (complete with computed grades) and gradesheets
3. All Students are obliged to submit 1/8 index card complete with the following details:
Name :
Course Yr. & Sec.:
Contact number (celfone and tel phone):
Position in the class organization:
Name of Scholarship Grant:
Parents' Names:
Parents' occupation and location:

The index card has to have a 1x1 photo attached.

4. Seating will be alphabetically arranged. The president of the class will provide the professor the class' seat plan.

6. Come to class on time.

7. Tardiness is a sin in my class.

8. Lastly, I DO NOT give special projects or considerations to students who would miss any of my requirements.


1. Quizzes are given almost every meeting.

2. No special exam is given to students who would miss the test or come in late during the examination.

3. I do not give special projects or exams on missed activities unless otherwise there would be a valid reason.

4. CHEATING during the exams means a grade of 5.0.

5. Students are required to submit their assignments, projects as well as other requirements on time. No adjustment for submission is given.

1. In most cases, essay papers will be returned to the respective class after 2-4 days. In any case, it will still be the class secretary's task to record the results and eventually help me computing the grades.
2. For class presentation / reporting, it would be graded as follows:

Content - 30%
Style - 30%
Ability to answer
the question - 40%

Orderliness and Cleanliness:
1. No littering in class. Before the class starts, everyone's expected to pick up litters on floor should there be any.

2. Celphone/s must be turned off or if expecting a very important call, kindly switch it to silent mode.

3. If a student is caught listening to an mp3 player or with whichever gadget in my class, while/ during class discussion/ activity, it will be confiscated. The student will immediately be sent to the guidance office.

4. Arrange the chairs.

5. Classes are given 10-15 minutes allowance before classes start. This is to give them ample time to prepare their presentation or have their meals.

Required books and other reading materials

Philippine History and Geography: Historia: Pag-usbong, Pakikipagtagpo at Pagbubuo by Dr. Amalia Rosales and Raul Sebastian

Rizal: Rizal Walang Hanggang Landas by Dr. Rosales

Ps: Class secretaries are requested to email me the list of their classmates names, records, gradesheets with names to this address:

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