Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ABH 4-1: Schedule of group reports

Note: It would be helpful if you make an outline of your report and get straight to the point with your presentation. We ARE going to stick with the schedule otherwise you will be obliged to attend make up classes.


February 10
Inception and Formation of nationalism
The American Revolution

February 14
Internal Chaos and Social Predicaments
Westward Expansion of the United States

Economic Development of the United States
Rise of the United States as World Power

February 17
World I and II
Political Stability and Economic Growth Efforts

February 21
USA since WWII
Political and Economic Condition
Urbanization and Rural Development

February 24
Social Stability and Instability
Achievements in Education, Science and Technology

Relationship within the continent and other countries of other continents in termsof
- political

March 1
Dominance of USA in world affairs

March 4: Lecture - Forum
Presentation of papers

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