Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Discussion #8 (for ABH 4-1 only): Mugabe and The White African

After watching the documentary, what is your opinion of Robert Mugabe's presidency? Do you think he is serving all of his people?

Also, quoting Ben Freethe, do you think a white man can be called an African and co-exist with other Zimbabweans?

ABH 4-1, what are your thoughts?

Note: Please leave your name when posting. Let's keep the discussion clean. Last day of posting will be on 28th of September.


AngPropesora said...

from Christopher Duque:

Robert Mugabe’s action as a president seems to be so annoying because of his impure movement and merciless exclusion against the people especially the outsiders who were inhabited for living and sharing the goods for others. Mugabe’s reign ...over the country seems to be selfish I guess because he really OWNS the entire land of Zimbabwe and FOR ONLY his people, the BLACK AFRICANS and not for the OTHERS… it’s like a TREASURE for him that would not belonged to others and not to let others entered into that particular zone. However, in the next question, a white man can be called an African… uhm… I guess a real African can be considered if he/she was born in Africa whether that person is white or black... it might really be possible to be referred as an AFRICAN... only my guess...

ang mananalaysay said...

In the early days of his reign as President, Robert Mugabe was the holder of torch of freedom and progress. Though a Marxist, Mugabe maintained a free market economy; and, though a former guerilla leader, he pursued a policy of conciliation with the white minority. Mugabe's moderation attracted substantial economic aid, especially from Western Europe. His reliance on persuasion rather than force made him one of Africa's most respected leaders.
But as history shows us, Mugabe has shift of attitude and relation to the Whites. Whites has continued to play an essential part in the economy of Zimbabwe. But the Mugabe is seizing their land from them for the 'benefit' of the black majority.
It is a question of identity and power. It is obvious that the days of Black discrimination is over. Yet, another kind of prejudice is surfacing.
Can white and black co-exist in Zimbabwe. Maybe. If Mugabe is dead.