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Discussion #6: Goodbye Gloria, Hello Noynoy

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(July 7, 2010)

Gloria has finally initiated her goodbye flag last June 23 on live T.V. I want you to read the transcript of her speech or watch the video and critique the many points she had raised and stressed.

In addition, watch the inauguration of President pro-temp Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino on the 30th of June and then post your thoughts about that event on this same thread.

Note: When posting, do not forget to include your name (surname, name), course year and section. Keep the discussion clean. Use either English or Filipino or both (whichever you prefer).



wizardrous said...
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wizardrous said...

it is good that PGMA made mention the past leaders in her farewell speech but i think it's a contradict with the tv ad by the administration, saying sa totoo lang, PGMA build more infrastructure than the past three presidents combined.

how come that she's thanking and at the same time criticizing?this is so ridiculous.

from:romel of bsa h1-2d

crystal beceril said...

With PGMA's farewell address, she has stated and stressed clearly the improvements of her projects for the country. It was a good thing that she has not forgotten to mention the past leaders and their works that guided her along the way. And also i think of it as a great point that she has not forgotten to thank the Filipino citizens because a leader will be literally useless if there are no one to lead. But it is a bit impolite of her, or so as i think, not to say sorry to the Filipino people for all the trouble in the government area that occurred during her administration.

over all, i pray to God that the next administration will be able to offer us better reforms.

-crystal beceril of bsa 1-2d

crystal beceril said...

As to the newly-seated President Benigno "noynoy" Aquino, III's inaugural address, he has focused on the value of the Filipinos in his new administration. he centralized his goals for the country with projects that prioritize the citizens. He promises to be honest and truthful to the Filipinos and that he won't waste the trust given to him. he also quoted, "kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap." and ensured filipinos that he will fight corruption as it is the theme of his address. He also said that he needs the cooperation of all the filinos with this fight. and he also thanked his parents in this address that were his guides to be what he is now.

After the new Predisent's address was the "Panata ng Pagbabago"...

I hope that the new administration may succeed upon accomplishing their stated vows to give our country a change for the better..

-crystal beceril bsa 1-2d

charisse said...

well.. about PGMA's farewell address, I would agree of what she had mention that our country's economy boosted from the time she began to take her position.She's a good economist.But the point is,she prioritized only in our economy leaving behind other major problems like poverty,education and health sector.She should have said sorry for her involvements in corruption and midnight appointment issues of her.I know that she had faced many problems when she came at the presidency but she should have done better and she must have fulfilled her promise so that we'll not be disappointed like this.It's just good to hear from her that she's encouraging us to help and support the new leaders of our country.
God Bless to her..

about the inaugural speech of pres. noynoy aquino>> I'm very happy watching his speech earlier this noon because he's my bet.He mentioned in his speech that he never dreamed of being our leader and inheritor of our country's problems. But since he is the one in the position now,he promised to bring the change that our country needs. I just hope that he'll be be able to fulfill his responsibility of serving us and our nation like what his parents did. I believe in his ability and I know that he's true to his words.Let's see if he can bring the best for our country.
God Bless to our p-noy..and to our country

Sarate,Charisse L. BSA 1-2d

rodel durante said...

Ang pahayag ni PGMA ay pawang mga kagalingan niya. hindi ko siya masisi dahil kahit siguro ako ay hindi magagawang siraan ang sarili. yun nga lang naging negatibo ang dating nito dahil sa bukod sa marami siyang kritiko, eh marami talaga siyang naidulot na kasiraan sa kanya at sa bansa.totoong marami siyang nagawa sa bansa kaya lang ang tingin ng marami ay wala siyang nagawa sapagkat hindi ito naramdaman ng mga pilipino.

sa mga pahayag naman ni PBSA, humanga ako sa mga plano niya sa bansa. kaya lang balewala ito kung hindi niya ito papanindigan. maganda ang layunin niya lalo na sa hustisya, pagkakapantay-pantay at pagkakaisa. ito ang labis siyang tinutukan. wala na raw "wang-wang", mga counterflows, at kotong. inamin niya rin na hindi lang siya ang kikilos kundi ang lahat. mahusay ang ginawang panunumpa ng mga pilipino na makikibahagi sila dito. bilang pilipino, umaasa ako sa ikauunlad ng bansa. goodluk sa ating lahat!

durante, rodel of bsa h1-2d

joyce said...
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joyce said...

arroyo said that she had created many jobs, many infrastructures, such as bridges, roads, and ports. and in fairness to that, i really feel the changes that happened, especially in LRT and in PNR. it really improved a lot!!:) but the bad side is that when she raised the taxes in order to have better healthcare and education DAW!? I didn’t feel anything of those! There are a lot of people who don’t have jobs, don’t go to school and cant even buy medicines even after having her cheaper medicine law. She also said that our economy is great, but yet, we feel the exact opposite of it.

on the other hand,, I hope that in Noynoy's administration., Philippines will change(in its economic aspect), that there will be no more poor in our country. Besides I think that he is not that kind of politician who is CORRUPT!...

Feliciano, Joyce G. BSA H1-2D

Averose said...

PGMA had stated on her farewell address the programs and projects she had made together with the other leaders under her administration. She enumerate different developments in our country even in the provinces. I can say so that she had been a good leader in some ways.She also call on everyone to unite with our new leaders. And its good for me to hear that she cares for our new elected president.

Hoping that she could be a better leader in Pampanga.

Averose Bautista BSA 1-h2d

o8adam15 said...
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Marie Francesca said...

Mrs. Arroyo's farewell speech, to me, was more on her, emphasizing the good works, the improvements that she did. It appeared somehow to me like she was boasting about what she has done. Well, we could be thankful to her for the roads,the infrastructures, the RORO and billions worth Iloilo airport. I also appreciated her, congratulating the newly elected leaders of the country. At least, she showed that she had no bad feelings, although it didn't show in the inauguration this morning. She mentioned there "Look around you". She wanted us to look around and see the things she has done. Well, I personally, didn't see the improvements she was talking about. Many are still unemployed. Budget for education is not properly allocated. A concrete example is the PUP itself. For me there were no improvements at all. The statement "Ang mayayaman lalong yumayaman. Ang mahihirap lalong naghihirap" is still true during her administration. Well, at least she thanked the people for giving their trust to her. I just hoped that she asked for sorry or for the inconvinence her administration has done to those who didn't experience the "improvements" she is talking about. During her term, many cases of corruption arose. Like the ZTE, and her involvement in the "Hello Garci" scandal, showing she, cheated on the elections. She even spent a big amount of money just for a dinner in another country. If you are really a kind and loving president, it would bother you to eat at such a place, knowing millions of people in your country are starving. For me it's a good riddance of her. Cause if not, nothing would happen to the Philippines. Thanks to her too for the roads, and bridges she has done.

Marie Francesca L. Revilla

o8adam15 said...

i really think that somehow, our former Pres. Arroyo made a good work during her term. but not good enough to say that Philippines improved to what Filipinos expected. yes, she did enter the administration with a "great turmoil", but instead of helping the country make it back to a more successful path, she had improved the unemployment rate of our country. well, the 9 million jobs that she created was half-truth. i happen to watch the "Pamana ni Gloria" segment of GMA news, and there, they revealed how our former president created 9 million jobs. for example, a short term job, such as a 10-man construction job was counted as ten jobs. but after the infrastructure was finished, the 10 men have no more jobs. and when they are given a new project, they are counted as another ten jobs. so, the supposed to be counted a ten jobs only became twenty.

on the other hand, she did improve in building infrastructures. it is true that she finished the past works of our former presidents. maybe, these achievements are less popular to us because we only look on the bad side of a person. she had lots of scandals during her term.

i just hope that our next president will not be taking the same steps as PGMA. maybe he could create a better Philippines like what he promises. and of course, ther's no success unless everyone unite as one.

Dalida, Adam BSA H1-2D

Averose said...

June 30, 2010...As Quirino Grandstand become one of the most historical place in the Phil. , today is also the day of our duly proclaimed Presidant Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and Vice Pres. Jejomar Binay.
I just notice that the inauguration is quite showbiz oriented. Maybe it's because of the president's sister Kris. But, as the inaugural address is likely to begin, I really become excited. Actually, I give my 100% attention to it.
According to President Aquino,hindi nya inaasahan at pinapangarap ang nangyari, dahil simple lang ang pangarap nya..maging isang mabuting anak, kapatid at mamamayan.Totoo nga naman, simple lamang siyang tao. Pero, ngayong pangulo na sya, nagbitiw siya ng mga pangako sa bayan. Pero, isa lang naman ang hiling natin di ba? ang tuparin nya ang sasabihin lang..
Tulad ng naging tema ng kanyang inaugural song.. "Bagong Pilipinas". Sana nama'y magkatotoo ang sinasabi sa awiting ito.Nabanggit din niya ang tungkol sa RECONCILIATION na naging usap-usapan..Para daw sa mga nagkasala sa taong bayan...."There can be no reconciliation w/o justice". Patama ba iyo kay PGMA?? Di natin masabi...
Sa pagtatapos ng kanyang address, sinabi nya.."I am blessed by the legacy of my parents and I will torch it forward". Sana nga Pres. Aquino..Kung ano man ang magagandang nagawa ng mga magulang mo ay pagyamanin mo tungo sa tuwid na landas..

Pres. Aquino, Tuparin mo sana ang mga binitiwan mong salita..

God bless to your Administration!..
MAbuhay ka!

Averose Bautista BSA 1-2d

o8adam15 said...

the inauguration was kind of extravagant, contrary to what they first said that P-Noy wanted it to be simple.
on Aquino's inaugural address, probably the highlighted part of the program, he stressed that he became the president because of the people's support. i even laughed when he said, "Kayo ang boss ko." funny but true, a great leader is a great servant.
i wish that he would do everything he said on the inauguration and on the campaign, and that he would do everything to make our country's future a successful one. good luck P-Noy!!

Dalida, Adam BSA H1-2D

Rusell Cinco said...

rusell said that...
45,000 people are said to be attend the said inauguration of new elect President Noynoy Aquino tha ceremony lasts for almost 20 mins. he said many promises that we will be waiting for the his term of PRESIDENCY. Example of his promises are he will cut the red-tape issue, he will lessen the in needs of imfrastractures, he will also help the OFW's and the most memorable to me is his tagline that "kung walang korap,walang mahirap".And i think thats the only thing that can help our country because we do have the right amount of budget for our country but many people are just wasting it for a their personal uses, and if this really happens it will lead to our country's success.

Goodbye Gloria!

From her farewell speech i didn't agree with her because she said that compare to the three former president she built more imfrastracture compare to them. Because if we will noticed were not been successful under her administration otherwise we become more poor.

Cinco, Rusell B.(BSA 1 - 2D)

--aLl AbOuT Me-- said...

The 14th President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s farewell address proves that she is one of the best presidents in the Philippines ever had. She has successfully created infrastructures, good industries and also corruptions in the past nine years of her Presidency. I agree that she was able to do those things but they were not enough for her to be the best presidents as she convey and trying to deliver in her speech. I hope her farewell address comes from the bottom of her heart as she said, and I wish she will not come back in third time around in the Presidency, as she stolen the Presidency not once but twice and I don’t want her to steal the presidency thrice.I wish PGMA will be a good leader in Pampanga.

Panata ng Pagbabago: President Benigno Simoun Aquino III Inaugural. I think change has really come, President Noynoy could do more changes here in the Philippines. In his speech, address or whatever it calls I believe on him, he is so great delivering his speech. Imagine how truly he strives to make Philippines an uncorrupt country. Remember from his slogan campaign “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”, this slogan campaign from President Noynoy Aquino that touched every hearts of the Filipino people who believed in him and voted as the president of this country. And he said that it’s not only a slogan and poster, but it’s the defining principle that will serve as the based of his administration. I wish Noy will do a remarkable change in politics. Pres. Noy don’t believe that all of those who serve in our government are corrupt. I hope all he said are true and will come true. Today, the dream starts to become a reality. Pres. Noynoy bosses are us, so it means that we have the power and Noy can't ignore our orders.I hope Noy will implement an interaction and feedback that can effectively respond to our needs as he said in his speech. GUDLUCK President Noynoy as we join you in continuing this figth for change!! Best wishes to Pres.Noy and to us!

--Songco, Joel Jr. J. BSA 1-2D

telLai said...

I guess, former President Arroyo did quite a good job , but not so good as compared to our past leaders, during her reigning period. In my own opinion, she had tried her best to be the kind of president that anybody would have wanted. But because of many influences, she FAILED us. Yeah, we cannot deny the fact that many changes and progress occured in our nation because of her projects-the RORO, highways, bridges,etc.-, however, we cannot also put aside the reality that still, many Filipinos are suffering from poverty when in fact, the government has enough budget to help those who are in need. This matter must have been her PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITY. In her speech, she emphasized THE FACE OF CHANGE. When I heard this, I just asked myself," Are there any great changes? If there are, are those for good or not?".

She even said,"Each successive government must build on the successes and progresses of the previous one, advance the programs that work, leave behind those that don’t." Oh...did she do it? (sigh)

For now, what I can just say is GOODLUCK to our next leaders. Our current situation is surely a big problem to handle. May the Lord bless them and light their way for them not to take the wrong path n leadership. they must remember that as leaders, they must subordinate their personal interests for the common good.
And to us Filipinos, let's just hope that by the end of the day, we can conclude that we are right in placing those people on those positions in our government. May we not be sorry for choosing them and putting our trust onto them.


mir said...

sa pamamaalam ni PGMA kanyang binanggit ang lahat ng kanyang mga naging proyekto para sa kaunlaran ng ating bansa.Totoo na sa kanyang pagkaupo bilang pangulo ay marami siyang hinarap na suliranin.Hindi maiiwasan na hindi paniwalaan ng ilang mamamayan ang pagbabagong kanyang nagawa marahil na rin sa mga katiwaliang kanyang kinasangkutan habang siya'y nanunungkulan.Pero para sa akin,totoo namang marami siyang naiambag sa ating bansa subalit nakasira sa kanya ang mga anomalyang naganap sa kanyang administrasyon.Sa aking palagay,hindi na dapat niya itinuloy ang pagiging congresswoman ng Pampanga sa halip ay nagpahinga na lamang siya.Siguro'y ito ang kanyang naisip na paraan para makatakas sa mga kasong maaaring isampa sa kaniya.Nawa'y wala na siyang gawin na anumang katiwalian sa pag upo nya sa kongreso.

President Noynoy Aquino delivered his speech for 20 minutes instead of 10 mins only.Ang kanyang talumpati ay naging malinaw para sa lahat dahil na rin sa paggamit niya ng ating wika.Sa simula pa lamang ay napahiyaw na ang mga tao sa pagsabi ng "kayo ang aking lakas." Bagamat ako'y nanunuod lamang sa aming tv,ramdam ko ang mensaheng kanyang pinababatid at ang bagong pag-asang kanyang hatid.Sa kanyang talumpati,hindi niya naiwasang magparinid ukol sa katiwaliang nagawa ng nakaraang administrasyon na akin namang ikinatuwa habang nanunuod.Nawa'y maisakatuparanniya ang lahat ng kanyang plano para sa kaunlaran ng ating bansa.Siya na sana ang pinunong maglilingkod ng tapat at mag-aahon sa atin mula sa krisis na nararanasan ng ating bansa.GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS Pres. Noynoy!

-mir castro of bsa h1-2d

cyd.carisse.09 said...

After watching President Aquino's inauguration, I do hope that this would be the start of a new Philippines. The whole inauguration commenced and ended as what the organizers as expected. And according to them, it is as perfect as they want it to be. With regards to the inaugural speech of P-noy, it is brief and concise yet patriotic. He owes all of his triumph to his great parents. I felt glad to those words of hope and changes he stated and stressed out and at the same time, there's somewhat fear that maybe he cannot accomplish those many expectations coming from the people. But still we should look forward for the change. The outpouring support of Filipinos on his campaign until his inauguration shows that behind those criticisms that Noynoy incur all throughout, they still believe on his prowess to govern our beloved country.
God Bless P-Noy..

Arcilla,Cyd Carisse C.
BSA 1-2D

Michael Jim said...
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Michael Jim said...

“Malaking karangalan ang makapaglingkod sa sambayanan bilang Pangulo. Sa inyong lahat, na napagsilbihan ko sa mahirap ngunit makasaysayang landas, maraming, maraming salamat!” - PGMA

“You’re welcome Madam!”

This would definitely be my response with what Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had said on the last statement of her farewell speech. Why?? Simply because we cannot deny the fact that she became a good leader to us although there were lots of issues about her being involved in government corruptions. Yes, there were lots of negative feedbacks about her, but let us not take a look at these things. Why don’t we try to look at the side where she had done things right which helped us and our country a lot to achieve the development and the progress that we want to have?

It’s nice to know that her nine-year presidency marked by tough but necessary choices such as raising taxes to generate "new money" for more better health care and education and "new and better roads, bridges, ports, and a technology backbone to attract new businesses and investors to create new jobs."

She then stated in her speech that the gains she made were built on the efforts of previous leaders. Each successive government must build on the successes and progresses of the previous one, advance the programs that work, and leave behind those that don't. I agree with her. And I believe that what she had invested during her term would be of great help to the present administration and would also be a stepping-stone for the continuance of the progress ‘til the next, next administration.



Marie Francesca said...

Regarding President Aquino's inauguration earlier, his speech was remarkable. But what I noticed the most was when Former PGMA was going down the stage, Pres. Aquino offered his hand, but Former PGMA ignored it. It occured again when both of them were going to go down the stage. It's so obvious that Mrs. Arroyo was not that happy during the inauguration. Even her, shaking the hand of Pres. Aquino in the Malacanang palace, was somewhat "plastic" to me. I wondered if they even talked while inside the presidential car.

As to the speech of Pres. Aquino, he showed first, his being nationalistic, by using the national language in the majority of his speech. He was not my bet during the election. But what really got my attention and my respect for him was when he said this line. "Walang wang wang, walang counterflow, walang tong". He proved it already even befor he said it. While he was going to the Malacanang Palace, he stopped at the traffic light. Also, he was on time. That's why many numbers were given to pass the time before his inauguration.

In his speech, he made mention of his plans for the country. It was funny somehow, because some of the things he mentioned were about he past leaders that were corrupt, knowing one of them, which is Erap, was there.

I just really hope and pray that all his promises, and visions for the country would be put in to actions. May he continue the legacy of his parents, and not disappoint his fellow Filipinos

Marie Francesca L. Revilla

marlon.patal said...
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cyd.carisse.09 said...

With PGMA's world-wise knowledge on economics and politics, there is no doubt on her capacity as our president for the past 9 years. With great proud, she concluded on her speech all the country's improvements under her leadership. Despite of those, below-the-belt criticisms is what she incurs. Her administration faced so many dilemmas, as corruption is at par with her leadership. The Hello-Garci Scandal, the fertilizer scam, NBN-ZTE deal and all others, ruin her reputation as a great president. Her term as president kicked off with scandal and run with scams, and as her term ends with midnight appointments, hope that her words, "the face of politics on our nation has changed forever." would come into reality.

Arcilla,Cyd Carisse C.
BSA 1-2D

marlon.patal said...

sa mga pinani2wlaan ni gloria na naayos niya ang bansang ito>>

oo, maaring tama siya sa mga cnavi nya na nlampasan nya ang gnawa ng nging 3ng pangulo noon....

pero ang tanong lng n gxto kong mlaman???

spat ba ito???

maaring mrami siyang gnwa pra pglingkuran tayo, ngunit ramdam ba natin????

maaaring marami nga ngunit di pa ito spat dhil habang dumaraan ang pnahon mas mlaki ang panga2ylangan
ng ating ma2mayan...

at ang mga pingsa2vi nya na mraming trabaho??? puro contractual yon na wla png 1ng taon wla ng trabaho dhil kontrata lng>>>

ang tnong kylan ulet mgk2roon ng trbho ang mga ito???

2ngkol nmn sa address ni noy2x ....

khanga2x n hndi xa ngbuhat ng sriling upuan...

"kayo ang aking lkas" at "lkas ng byan" yan ang mga hnangaan ko s knyang speech....

sna nga lng ang mga ito ay maiksatuparan dhil posibli nmn n mngyari..

kng lht tyo..

kxama ptungo sa pgb2go

marlon C. patal BSA1-2d

lejanieechalas said...

I think PGMA really did well in her term,but still, it's not enough for the filipino people to be appreciated because until now filipinos still suffering cause of poverty.. But compare to the previous administration, I think PGMA did more improvements to our country,specially in the infrastructure side,I think all of you saw these ..But still there are several issues unclosed and waiting for answers..

regarding on Noynoy's inaugural speech, many people says it was a change for all of us because all the words he said is favor for all of us, like pushing through the investigations against poverty and improvements to our economy..isa lang sa pinangangambahan ko sa bagong administrasyon ay ang ilan sa mga bagong cabinet member, kundi si noynoy ang mango2rupt marahil ang kanyang mga cabinete..

hopefully..noynoy will not break all his promises..gudluck to the new administration!!.. :)

-Lejanie Echalas of BSA H1-2D

marlon said...
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marlon said...

it's nice to hear good things about PGMA's administration;things she have done for our country. she did contribute to our country. we are all just got blinded from the bad issues she had been involved.

but to look behind those things, she really can do such improvements but not that enough for 9 years of her in serving the country,not the normal 6 years of term. she said that she did a lot of improvements but the reality is only the upper-class society is the one who can feel it. (mayayaman, lalong yumayaman, mahihirap, lalong humihirap)

but all of this, it's not in the president, it's all in US.

marlon razo, BSA H1-2D

pupvangie said...

For our former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, i think she made a good job for improving our infrastractures and transportation that is very important in our country but the rest of her said "achievements" was not even experienced by the Filipino people. yes we do know that nobody is perfect and a great evidence is our former president Gloria, we can never forget the different issues and anomalies that she and even the first genleman was involved.

On the other hand, this day marks history. Its very amazing and astounding seeing the Filipinos united again for the inauguration of our new president, President Benigno Cojuanco Aquino III. The Quirino Grandstand was turned into a "yellow sea" because of the people wearing yellow shirts which was the color of the said president. his awaited inaugural speech was somehow long but is full of thoughts. The president also made history for being the first bachelor president of the Philippines,and even with the new vice president Jejomar Cabauatan Binay, who was tha first black vice president.
I hope and pray that these new leaders will do their promises to our country and make a change for good, be a good and responsible leaders of the Philippines.

From: Ma. Vangie C. Nuas of BSA h1-2D

Michael Jim said...

For me, our Newly-elected President’s speech seemed to be a campaign speech rather than an inaugural speech. Statemanship (Is this the right term? Please correct me if I’m wrong.) should be the forte in an inaugural speech especially for the first timer. We are beyond the stage of campaign, so mentioning any person in particular in an inaugural speech is not healthy.

On the other hand, I still felt the sincerity of Pnoy’s speech. I was touched and felt that the dreams of all Filipinos will soon come true. It may not be so fast but with our help it can be done much faster and easy.

It’s also nice to hear all of his plans for the betterment of our country. We all know that in order to achieve the progress that we all want, we should help the one whom we voted for. He said that we are his boss…so let’s support him and trust him.

Overall, President Benigno Aquino III’s “Panata ng Pagbabago” was good.
I would just like to add that, I hope, as a fresh start, let's help NoyNoy and other government officials. Let us not think negatively because it will not help us if we’ll always find something wrong with anybody else. The change will start from us. Being responsible Filipinos, let us stop pulling others down. Let us just help each other!



irishlagaras said...

I think PGMA's administration is quite successful especially in the aspect of infrastructure, But this is not enough to say that she has become a good leader. because the major problems of our country that she must have resolved during her administration is still there. Aside from that she was also involved in different controversies which made her image negative in the eyes of Filipino citizens. But in fairness to her, I think she is a very intelligent woman but she was influenced by the people who surrounded her.

Well... on the other hand , the inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino is star studded because of many celebrities who attended that occassion. But aside from that his speech is really good. I Still remember that he said, "Kung kailan tayo nanalo, ngayon pa ba tayo susuko? " which only means that he needs the support of all of us in order to make his administration successful. I also admired him when he said that there will be no reconcilliation with those who have done wrong in the country without justice,

I hope he will be able to fullfill his promises and changes will happen in our country not for the worst but for the better.

irishlagaras said...

Irish Diane B. Lagaras
BSA 1-2D

Fatima said...

after listening in our former President's speech, i do not know what to feel :D..for me, PGMA did her best in doing her responsibility as our she had said, our infrastructures really improved (roads, bridges,LRT, etc), she had created many jobs, and our economy improved..but still, these were not enough because many are still suffering from poverty...i think we just have to be thankful for the good things that she had done during her administration...

as to our newly elected president, Pesident Benigno "noynoy" Aquino III..i'm looking forward that he'll do what he had just said...
"kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap"... sana ay mapanindigan nya lahat ng sinabi niya..nasanay na ang ating bansa sa mga pangako na hindi natutupad...sana ay hindi siya tulad ng iba na puro salita at kulang sa gawa...


PURA, Gienna Fatima P.
BSA 1-2D

Fatima said...
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Niña Madia said...

former pres. said that they introduced taxes to have budget for health, education, infrastructures,.. etc,... but if i will be asked qng mer0n ngang impr0vement,... i can say,.."prng wla nmn",.. za health? nd bat npa2balita n mraming h0spital ang gini-give off n ung mga patients coz they cant support dem,.. in education? bk8 may mga mahi2rap pa din n kh8 guz2ng mag-aral is tambay lng? infrastructures and buildings? anung zav nia,... in cities dw,.. maki2ta nmn ung impr0vement za daan,..? why dont she try 2 ride on the train and look on the houses around,.. ma22wa kea xa,...

zav pa nia,.. they are focusing on the technology zo businesses will be available so they can pr0vide jobz,..... tinanung n kea nia zarili nia kh8 minsan qng bk8 madaming ofws?

hundred thouzands dw ang napagawa nia ng classr0oms,.. but what is is the essence of classr00ms if there are no supplies and equipmentz that can be used by the students,...

9 million jobs were created? bk8 prng nd nmn ntin nramdaman,...

she said n may nging econ0mic gr0wth dw,...... in GNP rate but,.... dpat ang basehan nia is the reality that our country is in poverty,...

nging successful dw ung pama2lkad ng g0vernment,... but why there are many intrigues about them,... e.g. scams

wag dw nting hayaan n mrami png bata ang ipanganak za hirap,.... bat nd nia yan gnawa nung xa pa ang nakaupo,..

cgur0 nga mahirap mamalakad ng isang bansa at wala aqng krapatan n mg-comment ng 2lad ni2 but,.. it0 kz ung nakita q at auqng mgcnungaling juzt 2 say that i consider her as a gud leader,...

pra k pres. noynoy,...

na22wa aq za kanya,.. because i see much better future from his management,....

tama ung cnav nia n ang pgba2go ay d lng dpat za atin,... kundi dpat mgcmula za kanya kz xa ung leader,... ka2lad ng ginawa nia knina,.. he is not using his authority in the wrong way,....

i think he is sincere,..

- Niña Madia of bsa h1-2D

geneva said...
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markpaulgecha said...

according to former President Arroyo, "the people of our nation are our greatest assets, they are the backbone that drives our country forward !"

true as it is stated, the people are the hope and the cream of the cup of our country.. they are the ones propelling our nation forward to reach our country's ultimate goal.. but, what is the use of having lots of industrious, hardworking and worthy citizens if the leaders, who are supposed and considered as models of our society, are the ones spearheading or if not, are criticized and alleged with malicious wrongdoings and midnight appointments?

" look around you !" was what PGMA also mentioned in her speech... yes, we have been looking around, and I personally has been looking around, but what is the sense of looking around you if what you see is the same as what you have seen nine years ago?

lots of crises during her governance evolved.. poverty crisis, environmental crises, graft and corruption in the government as well as the gluttony and greed of the authorities for absolute power, thus triggering the chances of chaos and disorganization..

however, we can't deny the fact that her governance also made some changes, we also felt some improvement; she also exerted great efforts on solving the problems that our country faced during her term.. and she also has been a good and thoughtful leader in some ways..

PGMA stated in her farewell address her projects, she stressed her accomplishments that she has done for our country.. especially those concerned on infrastructures and economy.. as she herself is a good economist.. yet, we can't deny that as some aspects improved, other concerns were left out and flunked.. such as education, poverty, and health; thus, creating an imbalance and triggered the chances of recession in our country!

but, on the other hand, I salute her, not only for the governance she offered our nation in her nine years of service, but also for the humility she showed when she thanked the past presidents before her and the people who believed in her as well as those ones critiquing her..

Congratulations, Thank you and God bless to her!

geneva said...
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geneva said...

...regarding the speech of P-Noy or the 15th President of our country, Benigno "noynoy" Aquino III, I admire him for using our own language in the majority of his speech.why? because he was delivering his speech to ordinary filipinos, so he must speak tagalog.

he mentioned in his speech how his parents sacrificed their lives in order to preserve the democracy of our country.

he told the people how,like them, he suffered in traffic jams because of these people acting like they are kings and queens.

the thing i like the most in his speech is when he acknowledged the current condition of the filipino regarding the government..he entrust himself to represent the PEOPLE, the filipinos.

he reminisce the slogan he used during his campaign, "pag walang corrupt, walang mahirap" he said it was not just a slogan, it was part of his platforms. i really hope so.

all in all, for me , his speech is "malaman"..i mean, its not just a speech but a promise we can hold on to. hoping for a better nation ahead of us, now that we have entrusted our nation to the new president..

P-Noy>> we, filipinos, look forward to a new and better administration. we hope that all the things you said this very day of June 30, 2010 will be put into action..

Goodluck..aja P-noy!!!

geneva almendarez of bsa 1-2d

geneva said...

"Discussion #6 : Goodbye Gloria, Hello Noynoy "

our former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo really did a good job during her presidential term. its true that she came into the rescue when our country is at great turmoil.. but the question is, "what did she do regarding this turmoil?

definitely, during her term, we experienced changes, innovations to be classrooms, more jobs, better roads and highways, bridges and many more. but, aside from these innovations, we cant set aside the fact that millions of filipinos are still experiencing jobs, no food or even shelter. in public places, we often see children begging for money.. when i see them, i ask myself, "if our president made our country better, why are these children still beggars?"
maybe, her effort wasn't enough..i know she could do more than that if she wanted to..
there are many people rallying because they are not in favor of how she runs our country.
but atleast, PGMA wasn't that bad as a president.despite the different controversials during her term, she still did her part as the president of our coutry..
all i can say is, "goodbye former PGMA, whether you became a good leader or not, i know you did what you can do to make our country better, but then again, we are still in that same situation when you first became our president."

geneva almendarez of bsa 1-2d

markpaulgecha said...

As for the inaugural address of the newly-proclaimed President of the Philippines, President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III...

All that I can say was that, "He rocks!" because he rendered his speech with great humility and pride...

Humble in such a way that he is treating himself not as a President, not as a boss, but as a leader that is willing to serve his colleagues in the best way he can.. as he stated in his speech, " Kayo ang boss ko!"

And proud in a way that he knows that the ordinary Filipino's as well as the whole nation believed in him, and chose him to be the one that will continue what our former presidents have started... and will also continue his parent's legacy..

P-noy also further stressed in his speech his slogan " Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap!" thus, this implies that his speech primarily focuses on diminishing graft and corruption, if not to totally vanquish it...and thus, will abet us to achieve what, for us Filipinos, has been very impossible... " to totally deteriorate poverty!"

His speech did expounded the need for justice and equality... and he also relayed to the people his upcoming projects and his plans for our country..

We salute you President Noy !.. And we hope that you will be a good and worthy leader to all of us .. we do also hope that your promises won't be broken...

Godbless Philippines!

charlene aloria said...
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charlene shine aloria of 1-2D said...
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charlene shine aloria of 1-2D said...

Ako po si Charlene Shine Aloria ng BSA 1-2D.

Sa nakalipas na siyam na taon na panunungkulan ni dating pangulong Arroyo,natunghayan ng bawat Pilipino ang iba't ibang pangyayaring nagbuklod sa lahat upang isulong ang pagbabago sa ating bansa. Marahil nga ay mayroong masasabing mabubuting bagay na nagawa ang Arroyo Administration sa Pilipinas at sa mga Pilipino ngunit hindi pa rin mawawala ang bahid na dulot ng sari saring kontrobersiya.
Nakikita ko namang ang ating bayan ay umunlad ng bahagya dahil sa mga IMPRASTRAKTURA na ipinatayo ng pangulo,mga MAKABAGONG KAGAMITANG nagdala sa atin ng dahilan upang ang bawat mga transaksyong ginagawa sa loob ng bansa ay maging madali, (gaya ng automation ng halalan). Maraming mga bagay ang nakapagpaangat ng pamumuhay ng tao sa pamamagitan ng mga PISIKAL na pag-unlad ng mga lugar NGUNIT ang kalagayang SOSYAL at EMOSYONAL ng mga tao sa administrasyon ay hindi maganda. Hindi man aminin ng pamahalaan, natunghayan natin ang ilan sa mga bulok na sistema at kurapsyon ng bawat opisyal na natakpan lamang ng kagandahan ng mga imprastrakturang ipinatayo nila.
Hindi pa rin talaga madaling uunlad ang bayan kung mayroong mga suliranin sa loob ng pamamahala hanggang sa pagiging ganid ng mga tao. Sa kabuuan, kahit na mayroong mga sistemang hindi maayos, mas mabuti nang ipaubaya sa sususunod na administrasyon ang mga nasimulan ng Arroyo Administration.
"Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap". Para sa akin mas mabuting sinabi RIN ng ating bagong pangulong "Kung walang TAMAD, walang mahirap". Hindi lamang dapat umaasa ang mga mamamayan sa pamahalaan gayong dapat bawat isa ay kumikilos at tumutulong sa kanyang sarili. Ang kanyang mga binitawang mga pangako ay hindi lang basta pangako, ito nga ay RESPONSIBILIDAD na niya. Nawa ay magawa natin iyon ng sama sama nang umunlad tayong lahat.

ailene said...

In the farewell address of the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,she insist that during her presidency,for almost 9 years,she had accomplish projects that had help improve Filipino living.Yes, she is really a great speaker.For me she has the ability to convince people with her words of mouth but not at all.And because we can see poverty in our environment, many of us can't see the improvement that happened during her presidency. For me she is an intelligent woman.

Catibog, Ailene C.
BSA 1-2D

jericbitchara said...

for 9 years as the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES;GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO truly done some changes in our country !

Sa kanyang FAREWELL SPEECH bilang pangulo: ang PAGTAAS NG BUWIS ay lalong naging UNPOPULAR CHOICE dahil tila hindi naman napunta sa TAMA ang mga BUWIS ska bakit pa itataas ang buwis kung uutang rin lang naman sa ibang bansa at sa WB o IMB ?

maituturing naman talagang good ECONOMIST si PGMA dahil kahit na nagkaroon ng GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS ay hindi naman naapaektuhan ng husto ang ating bansa

Eight-five percent of our people now have access to PhilHealth insurance - eh ang alam ko noong nabigyan kami nyan ay good for 1 year only lang naman peo malaking tulong na rin ito lalo na sa mga mahihirap .

hindi lang naman ang kakulangan ng mga classroom ang mas importante dapat mas pinagtuunan rin ng pansin ang mga paggawa ng libro at pagsasaayos ng pamamalakad ng EDUKASYON sa bansa

9 million jobs have been created pero mas marami pa rin naman ang mga "JOBLESS" na Pilipino

may mga nagawa rin syang nakatulong sa ating bayan tulad ng pagsasa ayos ng mga DAAN , paglaganap ng CALL CENTERS at iba pa pero hindi napagtuunan ng pansin ang pagsugpo sa KURAPSIYON sa loob ng pamahalaan.

TAMA naman ang sinabi ni PGMA na we cannot rest unless every FILIPINO child is born to a family free of poverty at We are all in a journey together as our nation moves forward. Let us all join hand in unity and walk confidently towards a better tomorrow. - na katagang aking aasahan kay PGMA bilang CONGRESSWOMAN na siya ay makiisa sa lahat ng TAMA na makakatulong sa ating bayan

Bitchara, Richard Jeric AB History 2-1

kat martinez said...

Madami naman talagang nagawa si Rep. Arroyo ah. Pati nga mga unofficial meetings or trips abroad nagawa niya di ba? at napaka Family-oriented niya dahil pati sila kasama.Inggit nga sa atin ang ibang bansa eh kasi nsa Top tayo sa mga bansang corrupt. O di ba?Basta madaming-madami pa ang mga naging achievements niya.

Hehe!pero honestly hindi naman ako opposition. Dun lang ako sa tingin kong tama. Lahat naman talaga ng pamumuno at namumuno ay nagkakaroon ng problema at anomalya. Kung hindi man, sabihin na lang nating wala pang pamamahala ang naging PERPEKTO at malayo itong mangyari.

Ngunit ito ang hamon sa ating bagong luklok na Pang. Aquino. O sige, babaan ko nang kaunti ang napaka ideal kong standard. Isang hamon ng malaking pagbabago at pagpapabuti sa ating bayan na pinakaasam- asam natin sa matagal nang panahon. Naku, medyo nakakakaba nga lang dahil ito halos ang kanyang naging pangako sa ating lahat, hindi lang sa ating mga Pinoy, pati na sa buong mundo. WALANG CORRUPT, WALANG MAHIRAP. tsk tsk. Napasubo itong si P-Noy.

Pero in fairness ha, kahapon, para akong nanuod ng ASAP.(haha!GO KAPAMILYA!)Ang daming artista sa Inauguration!Dahil dito ay mas kinakapanabikan ko ang administrasyong ito. THRILLING!EXCITING!

Basta, sana lang talaga ay matamo na natin ang TUNAY NA REPORMA sa loob ng anim na taon na kanyang pamumuno.Kung hindi lagot siya sa mga magulang niya, haha! Pero tulungan din natin siya dahil hindi niya ito makakayang gawin nang walang suporta at patnubay nating mga "boss" niya.


-kakahiya naman parang masyadong mahaba. hihi!(^^,)

jericbitchara said...

" Maraming Salamat Pangulong GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO "



at ang bawat PANGAKO ay may kaakibat na SANA.

Tunay na punong puno ng PAG-ASA ang Inaugural Speech ng ikalabinlimang pangulo ng PILIPINAS.

Ang kanyang katagang "kayo ang aking Boss" ang nangangahulugan ng sistema ng kanyang pamamahala bilang pangulong handang makinig sa hinaing ng lahat na sa akin ay napakahalaga upang malaman ng bawat PILIPINO na karamay at may kasama sila sa bawat paghihirap nila

Sa kabuuan, SANA ay kahit papaano ay matupad ang mga pangako kanyang binitawan sa loob ng anim na taon.

Hangad ko ang kanyang tagumpay at ng buong PILIPINO sa susunod na Anim na Taon at nawa'y pagpalain tayong lahat ng Panginoon

natalie fiestada said...

According to Ex President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo they made new and better roads,bridges, ports, and a technology backbone to attract new businesses and investors to create new jobs. Is this true? Maybe, but I don't think so. This infrastructure made by this administration so far needs transparency so that people or I should say we, FILIPINOS may satisfy. It happens that we didn't feel the progression of the administration of GMA. It's a big challenge for the new president,Presidebt Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III he must maintain the transparency of all the works that he will going to make. He must be a good leader so that the trust that people gave to him will still be there for 6 years.

Fiestada, Natalie Jane BSA1-2D

Rey Rusty said...

Our President GMA had bid her farewell speech to the Filipino people,and at the same time our country had closed another chapter of governance which is another event in the Philippine History... In the statement of PGMA, she stated her prominent projects under her governance in the past nine years.Well, I can say that she is slightly true, but then , after nine years in the throne,only these are all her products in her governance? Well, Even though she is an economist, I could say that she have not been an integrated leader that the people in the Philippines had sought.Many critics had reacted on the speech of PGMA because according to these critics, PGMA had just made these "little" improvements so that her wide corruption would not be too obvious.Well, I also agree to them, who would that heroic thief to make his doings be seen? However, let's still be thankful to her projects (not to HER) at least our country boosted on Economy though almost Filipino could not feel it...Well, GOODBYE Gloria,may you have more power to serve our country TRUTHFULLY because I heard that you still have plan to enter the world of public service...!!!

And to our newly elected leader President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III, who had just stated his Inagural address yesterday, may he set forth his heart to serve his countrymen with great integrity and compassion. The Filipino people expect better lives from him. May the votes and trust would not be wasted and may he proved the intimacy of the phrase "the Filipinos are worth dying for Ninoy" ...


Rey Rusty M. Gayuma BSAH I-2D
>> SORRY FOR THE LATE RESPONSE, I'M A LITTLE BIT BUSY.. Well, it is better late than never..

mike diaz said...
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natalie fiestada said...

According to Ex President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo they made new and better roads,bridges, ports, and a technology backbone to attract new businesses and investors to create new jobs. Is this true? Maybe, but I don't think so. This infrastructure made by this administration so far needs transparency so that people or I should say we, FILIPINOS may satisfy. It happens that we didn't feel the progression of the administration of GMA. It's a big challenge for the new president,Presidebt Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III he must maintain the transparency of all the works that he will going to make. He must be a good leader so that the trust that people gave to him will still be there for 6 years.

Fiestada, Natalie Jane BSA1-2D

ailene said...

President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Auino III had deliver his inaugural speech well using both filipino and english language but i did not appreciate his speech so much. In his speech, he give more emphasis regarding the things that he aim to accomplish during the term of his presidency but he never told anything on how he will accomplish those things. He keep on saying that he will help improve the lives of Filipino people but the big question is "How will he make that possible?". I am not against the president. I am just expecting a lot from him.
But still I admire our president's bravery of accepting this very great responsibility of handling our country.
I just hope that he will make it but ofcourse together with our cooperation. I hope that he will be worthy of the position and that he can find ways of helping the filipino people.
May god bless our president! MAY GOD BLESS US ALL!

Catibog, Ailene C.
BSA 1-2D

regine said...

kung ating susuriing mabuti, marami din palang nagawang kabutihan sa bansa si dating Pangulong GMA.
hindi maiaalis ng mga tao ang kanilang masamang tingin dito lalo pat sa mga bagay na di alinsunod na ginawa nya.
ngunit tignan naman din natin na may nagawang maganda sya, yun laman ay di natin ito pinapansin at puro pambabatikos na lamang ito.
di mo mawawari kung may sama ba sya ng loob sa bagong pangulo dahil binati pa nya ito.

magtungo naman s tayo sa inagurasyon ni P-Noy, mahigit 20 minuto tumagal ang kayang pahayag, na umiikot sa temang korupsyon at sa pag alis ng tiwali sa pamahalaan.
halos lahat na ata ng problema ng bayan ay nabanggit na nya,,
ang gusto ko na lang malaman sa ngayon ay ano ang solusyon na gagawin nya para dito,,

ang masasabi ko na lang ay suportahan natin ang bagong pangulo ng bansa,

regine orozco BSA 1-2D

natalie fiestada said...

According to Ex President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo they made new and better roads,bridges, ports, and a technology backbone to attract new businesses and investors to create new jobs. Is this true? Maybe, but I don't think so. This infrastructure made by this administration so far needs transparency so that people or I should say we, FILIPINOS may satisfy. It happens that we didn't feel the progression of the administration of GMA. It's a big challenge for the new president,Presidebt Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III he must maintain the transparency of all the works that he will going to make. He must be a good leader so that the trust that people gave to him will still be there for 6 years.

Fiestada, Natalie Jane BSA1-2D

Rose Ann said...

I think,GMA forgot to ask sorry to the Filipino people for all the troubles that she made after her long term and I think,she also forgot to ask apologize for her unmade promises during the election 6years ago..Well,it's nice to hear that she did not forget to mention the names of the past presidents of our country..About the status of our economy that she'd bragged in her speech,well,it's nice to hear it..But,think of it,bridges,LRT,MRT,and that roro are not our main needs..What Filipino people need is a bigger budget for education,need for an employment,medecines to safeguard our health-and those are the things that she forgot to do during her long term..But,well,GMA,thanks for those projects..We need them too.. Dalano,Rose Ann R.(BSA h1-2D)

Rose Ann said...

About the 10 promises of President Noynoy Aquino in his speech last June 30,well,I do hope that he could really provide jobs for Filipino,and do hope that he'll be able to eliminate corruption instead of joining the group of those corrupts..Well i think it would be better if he'd promise to allocate bigger budget for education..I just pray that he'll be able to perform his job with honesty and perseverance and he'll be able to put his promises into action..Goodluck to our new president.. Dalanon,Rose Ann R.(BSA h1-2D)

Rose Ann said...

About the 10 promises of President Noynoy Aquino in his speech last June 30,well,I do hope that he could really provide jobs for Filipino,and do hope that he'll be able to eliminate corruption instead of joining the group of those corrupts..Well i think it would be better if he'd promise to allocate bigger budget for education..I just pray that he'll be able to perform his job with honesty and perseverance and he'll be able to put his promises into action..Goodluck to our new president.. Dalanon,Rose Ann R.(BSA h1-2D)

mike diaz said...

"This is the face of change", a statement from PGMA's farewell speech which she has definitely emphasized in it to prove that there is something good that happened regarding her administration. Truly, there were multifarious changes and developments in our country and to its aspects under PGMA's administration. But, isn't it that there are still a huge rate of unemployment in our country up to the present even though she had created many jobs and opportunities during the past nine years?
She have also defended the issues about the raising of taxes since our government greatly needs a lot of money for the projects that must be made. To this, she has truly been reasonable and the ordinary people don't know this because they are certainly affected by the unfair misunderstandings to the image of PGMA.
The thing that somehow impressed me in the speech is when PGMA recognized the works and achievements of the previous Presidents as the foundation for the success of the new ones. She also have called upon us and stated that until every Filipino child is born to a family free of poverty, we cannot rest. This statement of hers is quite inspiring.
But still, when future comes, the history will definitely unfold the truth whether PGMA has really become become an effective leader?
“Walang maiiwan” ang pahayag ni Presidente Noynoy Aquino mula sa kanyang talumpati sa kanyang panunumpa sa bayan. Ang mga salitang ito ay nagbibigay nangg lubos na pag-asa sa mga mamamayan ng Pilipinas lalo na sa mga mahihirap. Pag-asa - ito ang tunay kailangan ng mga mamamayan upang maging mas determinado sila na makawala sa kahirapan. Ngunit hindi ba't tayo din ay mayroong pananagutan sa ating magiting na Presidente na magbigay din sa kanya ng pag-asa. Sa pamamagitan ng pakikilahok sa mga programa niya at sumabay sa pagpasan ng krus kasama siya upang ating mapagtagumpayan ang mga pagsubok na darating sa atin at sa ating bayan. Tayo daw ay magtulungan, hindi lamang tayo aasa sa ating Presidente, may gagawin daw din dapat tayo.
Kaagaw-agaw lamang nga ng pansin ang pagdagsa ng mga artista't mangaawit na dumalo sa panunumpa ni Presidente Noynoy na dala na din ng impluwensiya ng kapatid nitong si Kris sa larangan ng showbiz.
Para sa akin, dapat tayong magtiwala kay Noynoy at sa kanyang kakayahan pagdating sa pamamahala sa ating bansa. Siya ay isang Presidente na may mabuting hangarin, tunay na pagmamalasakit, at maganda at matatag na plano hindi lamang para sa kanyang mga kapatid, hindi lamang para sa kanyang mga tag-suporta, kundi para sa bayan at sa lahat ng mamamayan dito kahit na nakaapak sa kanyang pagkatao at nakatunggali niya. Kaya't kung ako ang tatanungin, sasama ako sa tuwid na landas na ihinaharap sa atin ng ating Presidente at hinihiling ko sa Diyos na patnubayan niya ang ating Presidente habang hinaharap niya ang mabibigat na suliranin ng ating bayan.

--- Mike A. Diaz of BSAH 1-2D

kim said...

obviously, PGMA farewell speech seems to be the summary of her administration's accomplishment. yes, many infrastructure, roads, hospitals and other facilities she had built but still many Filipinos suffer. those project were insufficient and I'm not totally impress to those accomplishment, nine years in presidency????

anyway, yesterday another event marks the Philippine history, the inauguration of the newly elect president, P-Noy..
half a million personally witnessed the the very historical event. and as I watch it on TV, I found it so awesome and truly star-studded but still its P-Noy and his vision and advocacy that shine most.
in P-Noy inaugural speech, it was so nice,i was so impress, he really caught my attention. he has a good ambition in our country..
his speech really impress the Filipinos..
I hope and pray that the 15th congress will be the victory of the Filipino!
Good luck and God bless Pres. Noynoy..

-Kim Cristyl R. Tumbaga(bsa1-2d)

wizardrous said...

saludo aq sa inyo BSA H1-2D!!!!!

naway matupad ni pres.noynoy lahat ng kanyang mga pangako!!

tayo na lang ay makiisa sa kanyang layuning pagbabago at sa iba pa nyang layunin para sa ikauunlad ng ating bansa at ng sambayanang pilipino!!!

mabuhay ang pilipinas!
mabuhay si pres. aquino!!
mabuhay ang sambayanang pilipino!!!

-romel of bsa h1-2d

natalie fiestada said...

"Ang unang hakbang ay ang pagkakaroon ng tuwid at tapat na hanay ng mga pinuno." ayon kay pangulong Benigno Aquino III.

Tama siya dahil ang mga pinuno ay hindi susundin kung sila mismo ay wala sa tamang landas.

Maraming umaasa sa bagong administrasyon na ito naniniwala silang siya ang makakapagpabago sa bulok na sistema ng ating pamahalaan.Dahilan na rin na siya ang anak ng dating pangulong Cory Aquino at ng bayaning si Benigno "ninoy" Aquino ay naniniwala rin silang siya'y isang mabuti at tapat na pinuno. Paano kung halimbawa ay hindi siya anak ni former president cory at noynoy aquino ganito pa rin ba kaya ang tiwala at suporta na ibibigay ng mga tao sa kanya?? Mananalo kaya siya na pangulo??

Sana ay hindi nagkamali ang taong bayan sa pagpili sa kanya. Mapatunayan nawa niya ang mga sinabi niya sa kanyang inagurasyon.

Natalie Jane Fiestada
BSA 1-2D

jessica said...

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo gave her farewell address last June 24,2010.Her address was a neutral one, trying to cognition the minds of the Filipinos of what her administration had given to the people and the country. It was fine, at least for her and for those who believe that she did well in her regime.She summarized the accomplishments of her administration for the past nine years.She have done much but for me, its not good enough for us, Filipinos. We are not yet satisfied with what she have done because we're still in suffer.We didn't experience all her achievements(as she proudly said)and some of it didn't last. But thanks to her for improving the PNR(Phil. National Railway). It really help us, especially to those students and employees/workers who are always commuting.:)

"The gains I made were built on the efforts of previous leaders. Each successive government must build on the successes and progress of the previous one."

It was good to hear that she mentioned the efforts of the past leaders that guided her and congratulating the new leaders of our country.
I'm hoping that she will still work hard for being a congresswoman on her province.

On the other hand,President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III inauguration was really extravagant and star studded. The Quirino Grandstand
was filled by thousands of people, including famous celebrities, singers, etc.
He stated on his speech that he will bring changes for our country's needs.
I'm looking forward that he will fulfill his promises to us.
God bless to him and to our country's best.

-- Jota, Jessica M.

jessica said...
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paolo said...

Despite all criticisms,we cant deny the fact that arroyo still remains to be one of the best Presidents the Philippines ever had. She was efficient and has created jobs, industries, good relationships with other countries. She was not popular like Cory, but she was effective as a leader. Decades from now, we will see this part of history as that in which people judged her unfairly..... Aquino's inaugural speech,I'm happy while watching it.Noynoy sure is in a lot of pressure to preserve dignity of the family name. But in my personal opinion, I don’t think he would actually steal. But of course, it is a possibility. The main concern is if he would actually achieve anything as president. Based on his record… I’m highly doubting it. But I do hope he does make something happen or at least make something START to happen before his term ends. Good luck Mr. President.=)

-magbuhos,paolo nikko c._BSA H1-2D

telLai said...

Actually, I'm not a supporter of Noynoy. In fact, for me, he only won in the previous election because of his parents. And if not for them, he won't be our new president now. Pero wala na naman po akong magagawa eh. Nanalo na sya, and I'm not yet a registered voter.

Commenting on his inaugural speech, I salute him for his so-called "DOABLE PROMISES".
These include:
*No one will take advantage of his fellowmen;
*No one will be allowed to use his power or influence to get promoted, get away with any wrongdoing, corner government contracts, etc.;
*Nobody in power will be allowed to throw his weight around in the streets using sirens; and
*Graft and corruption will never be allowed.

I just hope that he can do all of these things. 'cause I'm sure, he doesn't want to disappoint the Filipino citizens whom he refered to as his POWER. He won't like it if the whole mass' revolt against him.

Every new President, of course, makes statements for the betterment of his constituents. Now, the accomplishment of these is Noynoy's greatest challenge. Let's see if his reigning time will bring heaven here on earth.


cutie_aybi03 said...

maraming ngawang mganda si former pres.Gloria MAcapagal-Arroyo thats why she have mentioned her projects in her speech.masama lang ang niging publicity ni PGMA because of those who doesn't agree with her and doesn't see her efforts for the the improvement of our nation.most of us filipinos criticize her and focus in her failures only.iniisip nlang ng mga Pilipino na walang nagagawa c PGMA aya iyon lang nakikita nila.

in fact PGMA has made lots of imfrastractures for our easy access in international and domestic purposes.

otherwise,i am an anti-PGMA kasi naging useless lang para s bansa ung talino at galing nya sa pg-aaral ng economics.ininuna p nya ang malalaking projects kesa unahin ang bawat mamamayang Pilipino on how we can improve ourselves apti na ng ating pamumuhay!

from: ivy varilla-bsa h1-2D

cutie_aybi03 said...

maraming ngawang mganda si former pres.Gloria MAcapagal-Arroyo thats why she have mentioned her projects in her speech.masama lang ang niging publicity ni PGMA because of those who doesn't agree with her and doesn't see her efforts for the the improvement of our nation.most of us filipinos criticize her and focus in her failures only.iniisip nlang ng mga Pilipino na walang nagagawa c PGMA aya iyon lang nakikita nila.

in fact PGMA has made lots of imfrastractures for our easy access in international and domestic purposes.

otherwise,i am an anti-PGMA kasi naging useless lang para s bansa ung talino at galing nya sa pg-aaral ng economics.ininuna p nya ang malalaking projects kesa unahin ang bawat mamamayang Pilipino on how we can improve ourselves apti na ng ating pamumuhay!

from: ivy varilla-bsa h1-2D

john mark said...

sa halos sampung taong pamumuno ni president GMA sa ating bansa masasabi kong magaling siya sa kanyang pamumuno kasi bilang presidente i think she has done her part but not that too much good...madaming mga programang ipinalabas niya sa kanyang pgkapresidente .,halimbawa na ang programa niya para sa edukasyon..ang scholarship progam niya sa mga private at public school ay malaki ang naitulong nito para makapag aral ang maraming kabataan,, at sa maraming kabataang iyon isa ako nung nabigyan ng scholarship na yun ang programang ESC o educatinal srvice contracting...... isa pa ang programa niya sa infrastracture ... nagawan niya ng maraming job ang mga mamamayan at nagpatayo ng pabahay ..pati ang LRT AT MRT..
kaya sa isang babaeng presidenteng katulad niya dahil kahit babae siya siya ay matibay ..normal lang sa mga namumuno ng bnsa na hindi nagustuhan ng iba kaya sa posisyon niyang iyon ..nakaya niyang mamuno sa bansa.. alam kong mahirap magpatakbo ng bansa kaya naiintindihan kong may mga ayaw sa kanya pero sa aking part ..sinasaluduhan ko siya sa kanyang mga bago pa man siya non umalis sa kanyang pwesto..hindi niya nakalimutang magpasalamat sa mga nagdaang presidente na siyang sinundan niya para mapatakbo ang sa lahat ng pilipino.nagpasaamat siya sa mga suporta at pagtitiwala..
kaya to end this topic i just want congratulate her for a job well done..


para naman sa sumunod na presidenteng si noynoy aquino ,unang una kinocongratulate ko siya sa pagkapanalo sa eleksiyon..
hindi ko alam ang paraan kung pano niya pamumunuan ang bansa pero binibigay ko ang buong suporta ko sa kanya sa pamumuno sa ating bansa.. inaasahan ko na magiging tapat siya sa pamumuno sa atin para sa magandang kinabukasan ng mga susunod na henerasyon at sa kasalukuyan lalong lalo na sa mga kinahaharap na maraming suliranin natin,magawan niya sana ito ng solusyon kasama ng mga tao,ng mga pinuno ,ng sambayanang pilipino at ng bansa.. sa mga binitawang salita niya sa kanyang inogurasyon, madaming mga pilipino ang umaasa kasama na ko na pagsisilbihan niya ng tapat, maayos at taos puso ang buong pilipinas.... inaasahan ko na sa kanyang 6 na taong panunungkulan at pamumuno sa bansa.magagawan nya ng paraan ang mga problema ng pilipinas at matutupad niya ang kanyang mgabinitawang salita....... kaya muli ,


Richter said...

Sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas, si dating pangulong GMA ay isa sa mga may pinakamatagal na panunungkulan.Siya ay isang ekonomista kaya't marami ang nagtiwalana kayan-kaya niyang palakasin ang ating ekonomiya. At totoo nga!Ayon nga sa kanya, lumakas ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas. Bilang patunay, marami siyang napatayong mga matatayog na gusali, mahahabang tulay at daan,expressways atbp. Ngunit ang tanong ramdam ba natin ang kanyang tinutukoy na pagunlad?Hindi! Ang totoo'y silang mga nasa tuktok ng tatsulok lamang ang nakararamdam ng nito na sanhi pa nit'y alng lalo pa nilang pagyaman!

Kung ga'nu karami at kalaki ang mga nagawa niyang proyekto, katumbas naman nito'y ang mga iskandalong kinasangkutan niya, gaya ng Fertilizer Fund Scam, NBN-ZTE deal at, lalo na, ang Hello, Garci Scandal.Oo. Marami siyang nagawa para sa ikauunlad ng ating bansa, ngunit sa puno't dulo nito, siya pa rin kaya ang ating naging pangulo 2004-2010 kung hindi siya nandaya noong nakaraang halalan 2004? Marahil ay hindi.

Kaya ngayon, SALAMAT! At umalis ka na. Dito na nagtatapos ang lahat ng kasinungalingan mo sa taong bayan. Paalam Gloria, mas marami ka pa sanang nagawa para ikabubuti ng ating bansa kung 'di mo lang inuna ang pagbubulsa ng kaban ng bayan.


-->Richter Delos Reyes ng BSA 1-2D

Richter said...

Siya ang napiling ika-labinlimang pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas na pinananiniwalaan ng taong-bayan na magpapatuloy ng naiwang adhikain ng kanyang ama at ina at sinasabi ring magtataguyod ng demokrasya ng bansa. Siya ay si Pangulong Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, na kilala sa tawag na P. Noy.

Sa kanyang inagurasyon noong ika-30 ng Hunyo, marami ang humanga at naaliw sa kanyang mga sinabi at isa na ako roon.Sa lahat ng kanyang mga sinabi, isang salita ang tumatak sa aking isipan- “pagbabago”, Pagbabago sa bulok na sistemang iniwan ni daating PGMA. Kalakip ng kanyang mga sinabi ang mga pangakong masolusyunan ang mga problema sa ating bansa. Sana'y gabayan siya ng Diyos at ,isa pa'y, kailangan din niya ang ating kooperasyon upang makamtan natin ang matagal na nating inaasam na kaginhawaan at kaunlaran. Sama-sama nating tatahakin ang tuwid na daan, 'di nga lang sana baku-bako, tungo sa kaunlaran. Sa iyong mga pangako, sana'y di ka mabiktima ni Ginoong Pako. Ang buong Pilipinas ay umaasa sa'yo P. Noy!

-->Richter Delos Reyes ng BSA 1-2D

roann fernandez said...

after hearing the inauguration speech of pres. Noynoy Aquino, I felt happy because I found out that he knows the condition of the ordinary filipinos today and also experiences the same problems we experience.I really like his speech because it shows his concern for us and his ideal plans for our country.I am glad when I heard these lines,"Kayo ang boss ko, kaya’t hindi maaaring hindi ako makinig sa mga utos ninyo" and "Kayo ang nagdala sa akin sa puntong ito ...." because he acknowledged that he will not be able to be the president of our country without the support of the filipinos.He knows that he have to listen to the people so that he will be able to know their plead.

I hope that P-Noy could do all his plans and will not involve in corruption or issues that will embarrass him and his parents.


from: Roann fernandez of BSA H1-2D

criz said...
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criz said...

Personally, i see GMA's farewell speech as if she's delivering her SONA. The fact,that again, she cited her achievements during her term made me say so. However, I laud her for those projects she initiated. In fact, those infrastractures are really helpful to us- ordinary people and businessmen alike. Long before, items such as vegetables and fruits arrive at the market rotten because of their very long trip which is an effect of undeveloped roads. Now, it goes to the market as if it was freshly picked! Thanks to RORO and innovated highways.
Moreover, GMA thanked the past presidents, as I rephrase it, if not because of them, those goals wouldn't be realized. It is logical, of course, if those past presidents had thought of the improvement of such infrastractures and performed it eventually, what achievements would she mention and brag about ?

criz said...

I commend President Aquino for using the Filipino language mostly in his speech. His words are definitely for the thousands of Filipino addressees and not only for those few intellectuals. For me, he was like thinking that the inauguration day was not only his moment, instead, it was also the day of millions of Filipinos.
Noynoy's agenda throughout his administration is very apparent in his speech. The reform and change he wants which he always stress out during campaign. As he said it, he'll eliminate the “wang-wang”, redtape and the like which is very popular during GMA's regime. He also cited his slogan which runs “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” and the phrase “ kau (Filipinos) ang aking lakas. It makes me think that Noynoy really offers his victory to the people – those who put him in the presidency slate. The promise that he'll treasure the legacy the late Aquino couple fought for – democracy !
I'm looking forward that he would execute these things wholeheartedly and that he wouldn't disappoint his constituents. I hope that everybody would be triumphant with the reform they've been dreaming of. But I think, the nation should not only depend on him but also in themselves. For John F. Kennedy claimed, “don't ask what the government could do for you,but ask yourselves what you can do for the government”. Change is within us, let's look at Noynoy as a leader and someone who'll guide us. And we shouldn't completely depend on him. Let him do his job and let us do our part.
To President Benigno C. Aquino III, kudos ! Good luck and Godbless !

crisilda pidlaoan of bsa h1-2 ..

Julius Erwin said...
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Julius Erwin said...

"Ang pagtayo ko dito ngayon ay patunay na kayo ang aking tunay na lakas" -President Benigno Aquino III

Iyan ang panimulang linya ng ating bagong pangulo ng Pilipinas. Dito pa lang ay humanga na ako sa kanya. Hindi dahil sa gusto ko siya, kundi dahil talagang pinatunayan niya na siya ay karapa-dapat na maihalal bilang pangulo ng ating bansa.

Sa kabila ng kanyang pagkapanalo ay nananatili pa rin siyang isang mapagkumbabang tao dahil sa sinabi niyang ito: "ang layunin ko sa buhay ay simple lang.. maging tapat sa aking mga magulang at sa bayan.. bilang isang marangal na anak, mabait na kuya, at mabuting mamamayan."

Si Pangulong Noynoy ay isang salamin ng simpleng Pilipino kaya't ramdam ko na sa kabila ng kahirapan ng ating bansa, tayo ay hinding-hindi niya iiwanan. Maging sa kahit anumang suliranin ay di niya tayo hahayaan.

"Kayo ang boss ko..."

Isa pang kataga na tumatak hindi lang sa isip ko kundi pati na rin sa bawat Pilipino na nangangarap ng pagbabago.

Hindi natin matatamo ang tagumpay kung walang tunay at karapat-dapat na mamumuno sa ating bayan. Kaya'ngayon pa lang ay binabati ko na si Pangulong Aquino sa kanyang pagkapanalo.

Pinapasalamatan ko rin ang ating Ex-President na si Pangulng Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sa kanyang pagpapakita ng lakas ng loob na harapin ag problemang kinakaharap ng ating bansa.

Nawaý marating natin ang rurok ng tagumpay sa panunungkulan ng ating bagong halal na Pangulo ng Pilipinas na si Pangulong Benigno Aquno III.


Cunanan, Julius Erwin P.