Sunday, February 21, 2010

Attention: Schedule of Activities

ADVISORY: In view of the 2010 CHED National Games in Metro Manila for the period February 20-28, 2010, all undergraduate classes in PUP Sta. Mesa Campuses, except classes in the Open University System, College of Technology, College of Law and the Graduate School, shall be suspended from February 20 to 28, 2010. -

ALL CLASSES: Presentation of report will resume starting the first week of March

BSIT 4-1
Presentation of play, March 1

ABH 1-1
Quiz, Ancient Civilizations of Greece and Rome and submission of assignment, March 1

BSM 1-1
Submission of assignment, February 25 and quiz, March 1

Submission of assignment, February 25 and quiz, March 1

BJ 3-1
Presentation of report, March 1
Midterm Examination, March 4 (coverage, from definition of terms to trial and execution of Rizal)

ABH 4-1
Presentation of report: Reformation and subsequent topic, March 1
Presentation of paper, March 4

Development of Science and Technology
The French Revolution
Industrial Revolution
The Tudors
The education of women (Specifically during the Renaissance period)
Spread of Christianity
Roman Catholicism and Protestantism in Modern Europe
The Spanish Inquisition
Impact of European disease to the New world
The history of the Welsh
The development of Capitalism in Modern Europe
18th century: The status and societal roles of women
Joseph Stalin
The European Balance
European Union
Powers of the European Parliament

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (except for selected class scheduled for exam or specific reports) classses: Presentation of reports resume

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