Friday, September 4, 2009

Attention EE 4-1!

My apologies for missing the class. We will meet this Saturday for the make up class (11:00 A.M to about 1:00 P.M.)

Also, kindly answer the following questions in English. Place them on bond paper short, hand written. The first page of your paper should look like this:

(center) PUP (spelled out)
Your college
Sta. Mesa, Manila

(skip several lines)

Assignment 1 in Rizal (HS 110)

(skip several lines)

Your name
Course and Section

(skip some lines)

Submitted to
Prof. A. R. S. F. Hull

Date of submission


1. Compare and contrast the American and French Revolutions.

2. How significant is the Industrial Revolution to nations nearby where it all began? What problems were caused by the movement and solutions or ideologies that arose from it? Expound

3. Was there a unity of church and state? Base your answers on the events in Spain during the 19th century.

4. What other developments came about in abroad during the19th century? How significant were they to nations nearby and to Filipinos (if there were any effects at all)?

5. What is secularization movement? How did this lead to Filipinization?

6. How significant was the unity of church and the state in the Philippines during the 19th century?

The following are questions for 'The Count of Monte Cristo'
7. What did the rolling of the waves of the sea mean at the beginning of the movie?

8. Name at least 3 characters from Alexander's The Count of Monte Cristo and give their symbolic representation.

** Note: Write your reference materials (be it book or internet) at the last page of your paper. NO LIFTING of statements directly from your resources otherwise without much ado your paper will be marked 5.0.

Date of submission: Tuesday, Sept. 8.

As for your final requirement in my class: You will have to do an individual book review. Further instruction will be given later today or tomorrow.



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