Saturday, August 8, 2009

Schedule of Exams and others

Schedule for Long Tests

BPAG 1-1: either 11th or 14th of August
BSA 2-19: 20th of August (coverage, reports of group 3 and 4 and The Count of Monte Cristo)
ABH 2-1: either 11th or 14th of August
BHRM 4-1: August 18th or 25th (coverage: report of group 3 -4)
REM 2-1: for Philippine History, August 19
for Rizal, August 26
note: the first and second group of reporters for Rizal, be ready with your
BSA 1-22: either 14th (map test)

Schedule for Midterm Exam
BPAG 1-1: August 24 or 27th
BSA 1-5: August 24
BSA 2-19: either 20th or 24th of August
ABH 2-1: August 25th
BBTE 4-1: August 18
BHRM 4-1: August 25th
BSA 1-18: August 25th
REM 2-19: for Philippine History, August 26
BSA 1-21: August 20th or 27th
BSA 1-22: either 28th of August or 4th of September

*to be updated


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