Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BSEM: HS100 S.Y. 2008-2009

Midterm Project:

Book project
This will be a group project. I'm giving you the liberty to choose your members (3 to 4 members per group).

Assignment: #2


Read and answer the following (questions that have already been drawn from the book for your first assignment need not be re-answered)

Ikalawang at Ikatlong Bahagi (all chapter questions) of Historia: Pag-usbong, Pakikipagtagpo at Pagbubuo
  • Place your answers on bond paper short.
  • Typed or hand written
  • You do not have to type/ write the questions; just indicate the chapter and page
  • Answers may either be in English or Filipino
  • Please do not lift all words directly from the book, otherwise, cite the source and the page number and then explain.
  • For questions asking the reader to bring an item at school, or visit a historical place, please skip that part.
  • Deadline of Submission: January 10, 2008, 1:30P.M. at E603.

Midterm Project:

Book Project:
This will be a group project (maximum number of members is 4). Kindly refer to the list below for books to download.

Furthermore, it is suggested that materials to be downloaded should be:
  • in book format;
  • Website address of the downloaded material should be placed on the first page of the book for citation purposes;
  • Soft bound (Red) each volumes and they should have the following on their cover page:

- Title of the Book (center)
- Date published, and publication
- Author

Same details will be placed on the Spine part of the book.
  • Date of Submission: January 17, 2008, 1:30P.M. E603

Once you have formed a group and selected from the list, kindly post on this blog the selected material as well and the group members' names.

List of Books:

Blair and Roberton, The Philippine Islands 1493 - 1803


Thank you and GBU.


Alicia M. Guerrero said...

Hello Maam Rose, We would like to inform you for our group names in regards to our book project.
Group 1
Alicia M. Guerrero
Sheryl May P. Dacula
VEronica O. Angeles
Jane Ann D. Lisondra
The Philippine Islands,1493-1803
by Emma Helen Blair Copyright2007 from

jhom said...

Gud afternoon po..
jerome po 2 from abh 1-1..
ask ko lng po kayo kung saan ko po makikita ung pinapasagutan nyo sa amin..
kasi ndi ko po talaga makita yung take home exam..naguguluhan lng po aq..pasensiya na po..
thank you po..

+MichaeL+ said...

as what my classmate jerome said, i cannot find the take-home assignment please ma'am, we need your help! please text me at these number= 09192617104. thank you and GBY. c=

=from alvarez, michael t. of abh I-1

destroyerofsenses said...

gud pm mam,

san po makikita ung i-papa book report sa BSIT 2-1? and ung mga details po ng book report. thanks.


rj villanueva
bsit 3-4 (irreg)


Gud pm po, we submit already our book project for midterm requirement:
Cecilia Mendoza
John Austria
Julie Selga
Domingo Basaysay

Mam just wanted to know if we can do the video presentation in group.

uo student said...

eto na po ung list ng aming group
Lendlle Ernest Capulla
Genevieve Jill Radaza
Princess Jaime