Friday, October 3, 2008


Of the 16 questions choose only 7 (any of your choice). You may answer either in English/ Filipino (please stick only with one medium.) Place your answers on bond paper short, hand written/ computerized. Enclose your paper/s in a short brown envelope.

Deadline of submission:
October 11, 2008


1. Explain why the Filipinos had no unity before and after the arrival of the Spaniards.

2. What was the effect of the migration of liberal Spaniards on the educated Filipinos and mestizos?

3. How significance was the execution of Fathers Gomez, Burgos and Zamora to the Filipinos during the 19th century? Explain.

4. Why were the Spanish authorities in the Philippines opposed to the education of the Filipinos?

5. Why was liberalism in the Philippines short-lived? Why was a reactionary governor-general sent to the Philippines?

6. How did the socio-political status in Spain during the 19th century affect the Philippines? (you may mention at least 2 -3 areas/ aspects)

7. Who led the demand for the introduction of reforms in the administration of the Philippines? Can you explain why they led the movement?

8. Explain what is meant by secularization (note: refer your answers during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines)

9. What is R.A. 1425? Explain.

10. Explain how the opening of the Suez Canal affected the educated Filipinos?

11. Why did the Spanish authorities called the Cavite mutiny (of 1872) a rebellion?

12. Define the following:



Relate them as with regards to the status of the Philippines and abroad during the 19th century.

13. Name and explain at least 3 problems brought about by Industrial Revolution. How were these given solutions to?

14. How did Industrial Revolution change the lives of the people during the 19th century?

15. What brought about the American Revolution? How significant was this movement to Americans and Europeans during the 19th century?

16. What is principalia? Describe the Rizal family's lifestyle and values and how these molded Jose's mind.


Melody J. Cortez said...

maam c melody cortez po ito itatanong ko lang po kung kami ang magbubuo ng group o kau ang magbibigay ng mga pangalan na makakasama namin at tsaka maam pwede po bang iextend ung pasahan ng libro at book review? at tsaka maam kailangan po ba dalawa ang ipapasa namin ung libro at book review? MELODY J. CORTEZ

AngPropesora said...

Good morning Ms. Melody.
Kayo na po ang pipili ng mga kamembers po ninyo and as for extension, okay, until Oct. 13. Either you submit the books only or do the review, kayo po ang mamimili.

christina said...

ma'am..ung midterm ko po d2 po nkpost..
thank you po..c: