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BSEM Open University: Life, works and writing of Rizal

1. Course Outline: Life, works and writings of Rizal:

I. Definition of Terms
R.A. 1425

II. 19th Century Events: Abroad
State of nationalism and patriotism
Imperialism and Colonialism
Industrial Revolution
American and French Revolutions
Advancement of liberal ideas
Advancement of Science and Technology
Status of religion

III. 19th century events: Philippines
State of nationalism and patriotism
Philippines: before and during Spanish colonialism
Spanish Court Representation
Unity of church and state

III. Jose Rizal and his family
(family backgroud, included as well)

IV. Rizal's education
(from primary to tertiary)

V. Short discourse: Rizal's travels
The Radical Rizal

VI. Rizal's Homecoming, trial and execution

VII. Literary Pieces

Selected Essays: *Philippines A century hence
*The indolence of the Filipinos

Letter to the young women of Malolos

Selected poems:
*Sa aking mga kabata
*mi primera inspiracion
* a las flores del Heidelberg
*Mi Ultimo Adios

2. Midterm Assignment:
Visit any museums/ historical sites (of which list appears below) and make a reaction paper out of it. Your reactions would have to be based on the following:
1. National Museum
2. Fort Santiago, Intramuros
3. Lights and Sound, Luneta
4. Paco Cemetery
5. National Historical Institute

1. What was the museum / historical site all about? Give its historical back ground
2. How important is the historical site specially to students undertaking the life, works and writing of Jose Rizal.
3. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of the site? Please give your recommendations.

Place your answers on bond paper short
- either typed written or hand written
- you may either use English or Filipino as your medium
- kindly attach the certificate of attendance and/ or entrance ticket.
- enclose your papers in a short brown envelope
- write (at the top left) at the back of your envelope the following:
a. Subject
b. Your name, student number
c. course
d. Midterm Assignment
e. date of submission

Date of Submission: October 4, 2008

3. Final Term: Assignment: To be announced at a later time.

4. Final Requirement: Group Project.

note: The maximum number of members in a group is 5 (no more, no less)

As for your final requirement, I'm giving you the liberty to chose (it has to be a collective agreement among your classmates) either to make a book review and submit the book you've made the review about or donate history books instead to the department of history. In any case, either options will be submitted on the 11th of October at E603, 1:30 P.M. Materials (books only or reviews with the books) will have to be enclosed in a short plastic envelope.

Note: As to what kind of book you'd have to make a review about / donate, you could either visit the National Historical Institute and check their Rizal book catalog and let me KNOW first before you purchase the book you've chosen to make the review / donate. One book per group.

Here are the questions for the book review:
I. Introduction (of what the book is all about. Give a bird's eve view of what the book is all about)

II. Author and his/her thesis:
  • Who is this author? Is he or she considered an expert in this topic?
  • Does the author's background, time, or place affect the conclusions reached? Do you find an obvious bias?
  • What is the author's point of view or frame of reference
  • What is the author's major hypothesis; what's the purpose for writing this book? What are the most important pieces of evidence to support it?
III. Your views:
  • What is the quality of the evidence -- convincing? adequate? are the sources recognized by others in the field?
  • Are there other works on the same or a similar topic?
  • Does any of the author's information (or conclusion) conflict with other books you've read, courses you've taken or just previous assumptions you had of the subject?
  • How might you resolve any conflict?
IV. Recommendation:

  • Were any previous ideas you had on this subject changed or abandoned due to this book? were they reinforced?
  • Would you recommend this book or article to others? Why?

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